Trend preview from Sköna Hem

Swedish deco magazine Sköna Hem just published a guide to the biggest trends of 2009, and two of them really struck a cord with me:

1. Raw Blonde, a style defined by simple raw, locally produced materials.

2. Sense & Sensability, with keywords like calm & harmony, see-but-don’t-touch feeling and fragile & sheer.

The other trends are Serpentine Growth, Soft Cubism, Factory Shapes and Structured Textiles. See them here.

Here is what Sköna Hem’s decorators are saying about the current trends:

Marie Wärme:
A new kind of city style taking shape, with low furnishing and large pieces claiming it’s space. Soft, textile and cozy, in saturated, almost black colors. Textiles tempt your tactile sense with interesting structures and monochrome patterns generated by different weaving techniques.

Per Wennberg:
The locally produced, organic, pure and simple is the taste of the year. The Scandinavian minimalistic environment presents a purity and simplicity in style and material. In contrast, there is a playful, industrial Bauhaus-inspired decor with bright primary colors and geometric shapes.


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  • Hittat hit till din blogg o va fin den är! Mycket inspiration! Hit kommer jag komma tillbaka.

    Ha det gott!


  • I love that blonde local design. Very yummy. I love raw materials (I work with undyed felt and wax and pencil mostly). I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. When I first came across it, I went back and looked at ALL of it. And I enjoyed every bit of it. I'm an avid follower now! I noticed you took a request recently and showed children's rooms (which I LOVED) and I was wondering if you ever come across attic-type spaces. My office/studio is in a space with lots of angles of pitched roof and it's hard to organize. Everything triangles! Love your blog, thank you Emma!

  • WOW vilken skiitt snygg blogg du har!.

    Om du har tid så logga gärna in hos mig och skriv en komenatr sprid gärna min blogg du andra!