Monday Mix #28

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This collage is my comment on last week’s EU elections, where nazis and fascists were voted into the parliament in huge numbers. If you follow my personal profile on Facebook, you will have seen that not only am I very engaged in this question and in the fight for an equal society for all, but also personally affected as I am a part of the trans community, whose members are on the nazi’s lists of people to exterminate. Being genderqueer isn’t a choice, it’s how I was born, and for me standing up and taking the fight isn’t a choice either. It’s either that or letting them win and stop existing. While many of you actually do have a choice in whether or not to get involved in this battle for equality, freedom to express who you are and a society free from racism, I sincerely hope that you are on my side. Because in this case the old saying is very true; you’re either with us or against us. I’m ending this post with a quote by George Orwell, and that is all I have to say here about the subject so I am closing the comments for this post. However, feel free to comment on Facebook, just know that I will remove any prejudice or oppressive statements!


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