Fantastiskt papper!

Hittade de här fina pappersprodukterna med asiatisk touch från Joy by Mel Lim hos Oh Joy! (Nej, de båda Joyarna hänger inte ihop på något vis, annat än att de båda har lika bra smak.)



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  • Yes, fantastic paper indeed!
    How’s work coming along? 🙂

    BTW, what does ”Kom ihåg mig?” mean?

  • Hi Eloisa! Work is going ok, I’m assisting a freelancing stylist right now, and also building theater scenography for a big musical show. How about you?

    ”Kom ihåg mig” means ”remember me”, why do you ask?

  • Wow! Theater set designer? Another one of my dream jobs that one. You must have lots of fun with that one.
    I love watching movies and paying attention to how the books are arranged or how a napkin is placed on the table just so.
    Do you notice those things?

    I’m teaching atm, and it’s gotten quite busy as I most of my students are on vacation and are too lazy to do the work assigned. But it’s fun nonetheless. I love the kids 🙂

  • *l* No, I’m not the set designer, i’m just building it from his directions. It’s hard work, but you work up a great tan and might find out you have som muscles you’ve never seen before. 🙂

    I actually try hard not to get too hanged up on the scenographic details in films the first time I see them, as I can loose myself totally in that, and miss everything else about the film. But I often go back and watch movies both two and three times, just to really see and remember all the little details.

    I’m off to the archipelago in a couple of hours, so blogging will be down for the next week or so. Is it summer where you are, or why are they on vacation?

  • susan

    ooh! Those are such pretty colors! I love the blue and yellow! And I love the theme of the cards…yum! I’m off on vacation, too….4th of July here!

  • Most of the kids I teach are study in international schools and the follow the foreign schedule for summer vacation.

    Sorry about that, so you do handle some carpentry? Would love the muscle building bit of that one!
    Hehe, I get what you mean about getting so caught up with tv/movie sets and I do exactly the same thing. I’ve to watch the movie again to observe the little details.