Bo-Bo Gallery opening in Stockholm

I just recieved an email from Géraldine Le Buhan who is opening up a whole new kind of gallery on Svartmangatan 10 in Gamla Stan here in Stockholm on December 1. The gallery is called Bo-Bo Gallery, from the French "Bourgeois-Bohème" (Bo-Bo) movement, which Géraldine explains like this:

"Bobo, or Bo-Bo, refers to an individual who: lives in an urban area, is considered to be cultivated, enjoys shopping, and is also something of a non-conformist.

The Bo-Bo person is someone who is regarded to be a chic and trend-conscious person, and at the same time maintains a relaxed approach to life.


Environmental protection and ecological lifestyle is also closely linked to a Bo-Bo person.

To be Bo-Bo also means to find and acknowledge young emerging artists and creators before everybody else does it, and before they become too famous and too commercial for the Bo-Bo people. Also, to be Bo-Bo is to create your own personal style by not having the same thing or the same taste as everyone else."

The Bo-Bo Gallery will present clothes, accessories and art from French and Swedish artists and creators such as Corinne Dalle-Ore, Marianne Peltzer, Sofia Antonovich, Smallstep, Gili et Cie, Anne Hubert, Martin Tallvid, Veja and Kavel Rafferty.

Géraldine Le Buhan used to live in Montmartre, Paris, working as an event organizer in the world of art and communication, arranging parties for most of the French tv and film production companies, and at the Cannes Film Festival. But then she met a Swedish man, fell in love and moved to Stockholm, and is now a gallery manager. Good luck with the Bo-Bo Gallery Géraldine!

Mixed media collage by Kavel Rafferty

Cushions by Anne Hubert

Fabric prints on silk paper by Marianne Peltzer


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  • do you have any more info on this gallery.Is there a website? I couldnt find on online.

  • There will be a website in the future, but for now, this is all the info I have. If you have any questions, please contact Géraldine at [email protected]