Loose teeth

I know, this has nothing to do with design, but since many of my readers are mums and also very good cooks, I thought I’d ask anyway. My youngest son tripped today and hurt his teeth (he slipped while playing and landed on his face), which means he is not allowed to chew for two weeks, and now I can’t think of any food that would suit him! Sure, I could serve him mashed potatoes and porridge for two weeks (he doesn’t like soup), but I’m afraid that would result in him never wanting to eat any of those foods ever again.


Does anyone have any ideas on good, healthy food that doesn’t have to be chewed? How can I get him some proteins? Sure, just using a mixer and making all of our regular foods into purées is one option, but he would most likely consider that "baby food" and not eat it, since he is almost five years old and considers himself pretty much grown up…

(Yes, this was the most boring pic of mashed potatoes I could find)


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  • katie

    homeade apple sauce is good,scrambled eggs, you could make fruit smoothies with frozen fruit and add silken tofu for protein like the recipe here
    You could probably even add flax oil for omega 3 and maybe even sneak some spinach in there. good luck!

  • Poor little guy.
    Maybe drinkable yogurt.
    Does he like paté?
    What about omelettes with little bits of ham in it?

  • Hi emma,

    My son the athlete eats a fruit smoothie everyday. Tell your son you are giving him the athletes drink.
    1 cup orange juice
    1 cup berry yogurt
    1/2 cup frozen rasberries, strawberries or bluberrie
    1 or 2 banannas depending on if you want some also
    4 ice cubes
    blend in a blender

    This is so good and healthy for life.

  • imolly

    din blog är grym!! Kram

  • när jag var 5 åt jag jippikräm, men det är sött och kanske inte finns mer. annars har jag faktiskt ingen aning, synd att han inte gillar soppa!

  • J

    Hommous (kikärtsröra)! Många nyttigheter där! Olivolja, vitlök, kikärtor, persilja, tahini, citron!
    Lätt att mixa ihop själv, alternativt finns det i kyldisken i många livsmedelsaffärer.

    Kan lätt varieras med till exempel lite rödbeta i = rosa hommous för att pigga upp tillvaron… 🙂

  • Thanks everybody for your advice! I’ll definitely make scrambled eggs, that solves some of the protein issues. I thought of hommous as well, but that doesn’t taste so good when you have to eat it on it’s own, with a spoon, right? Fruit smoothies is also a very good idea, maybe I could just buy some protein powder and mix in? Thanks for the recipes!

    Och imolly: Detsamma!!

  • Hi! Problems with teeth are always horrible. What about some pea or chick-pea puree? You can mix some carrot in. Chick-pea puree is delicious and healthy – also for the adults. So is red lentil (?), available mostly in bio stores, it´s prepaired very quickly. Good luck!

  • Hello
    Put sojamilk in the fruitsmoothies, that will give him some extra protein.
    Good luck!

  • Pia

    Mashed carrot and parsnips… our boys (aged 3 & 4)love it. They also like soyamilk smoothies which we have almost every day. They even like drinking pure soyamilk (the chocolate version) which I must say I can’t do myself! Good luck. Hope he’s ok again soon.

  • Kesella innehåller mycket protein! Kesella naturell är god att blanda med lite kryddor och färska (väl mixade här då..)örter, kanske kan funka till potatis som bakats riktigt mjuk? Kesella finns också med vaniljsmak, helt galet god och skulle passa fin-fint till mosade bär 🙂 Finns också med jordgubb/lime smak, också gott. Rotmos är jättegott… Och stuvad spenat… värt att testa? Lycka till i köket 🙂

  • Stackars liten, soppa är ju inte så roligt i två veckor. MIna barn är helt galna i fiskbullar, äter ni det? Dom behöver man ju nästan inte tugga alls bara dela i små bitar.
    Hoppas det går bra jag skulle stå helt rådvill.

  • Prêt à Voyager

    I had a friend in college who was in a bad accident. Luckily the cafeteria ladies were sweet and put everything in the blender for him (just add milk)[ie. blended lazagna]. Probably not the tasiest, but it worked. Otherwise, my mom always fed me applesauce (and ground up my medicine) with all my dental drama.

  • jkl

    Stackars Nemo!

    Går ju att göra en massa goda puréer på linser och bönor och krydda upp. Eller sötpotatismos som kan piffas upp med linser för mer protein. Sojamjölk såklart (ge honom sötad, annars smakar det lik). Köp mjuk tofu på Kina-Li och mixa i smothies. Sufflé på ägg? Vägrar han all soppa?

    Hälsa sjuklingen från Årsta-falangen.

  • Tack Linda, Johanna och jkl, där fick jag lite nya tips och inspiration! Jag försökte köpa sojamjölk idag, men på vårt sunkiga ica fanns det bara med extra kalcium och den kunde man inte ha i varm mat stod det? Och ingen sötad eller med chokladsmak.

    Han vägrar inte soppa egentligen, men hittills har han mest käkat det för att få äta det nybakta brödet jag alltid serverar till, vilket innebär typ en halv dl soppa och sedan inget mer. Kanske går det att få honom att äta mer soppa om han inte frestas av brödet, men jag vet inte… Får väl försöka.

    Idag fick han äta mixad korvstroganoff, och det gick väl ner, mer inte mer än så. Och jag hade försökt vara smart och köpt apelsinjuice med extra vitaminer, men hur skönt är det att hälla citrus i sår?! Nä just det.

    Imorgon är det ”fredagsmys” på dagis, då brukar de käka salta pinnar, varmkorv och popcorn. Tugga tugga. Vi får väl se hur det går med det. Han fick vara helt utan frukt på fruktstunden idag, för de hade inte kommit på den smarta idén att man faktiskt kan mosa/mixa frukt… Ska skicka med en banan imorgon, och instruktioner.

    Linspuré säger ni… Hur då? Koka linser, så långt är jag med, mixa och krydda med vaddå? Tur att han faktiskt gillar kikärtor, kidneybönor och sånt!


    I wish you could read spannish so you could read a great blog by a spanish grandfather (apicius, la coicina paso a paso) who prepares lot of different dishes for his grandaughter, with lot of vegetables, beans, fish, …(all smahed and vey soft, because she is a baby). i don´t know if you are vegetarians or not, but if you are try to cook different vegetables with potatoes, beans and rice (the mix is a good source of proteins) or if not cook vegetables with white fish (if you don´t know what espices to use a bit of stock,salt, pepper and olive oil would do for a nice taste). Cook until soft and then smash or pass through the mixer/blender. If you don´t know how to do it buy some baby food (they should have an equilibrate composition)and add some salt if your son finds it not enough tasty (normally they are low salt). I hope that you find it usefull!!!
    This website could help!!! I think is the best website in english i could find …

  • Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate all your help. I have decided to let him eat mostly regular food that I put in a blender, but some days that just isn’t an option (like when we ate pasta with meatballs) so then he gets porridge, which is fine with him. So everything is working out for the best!

  • Funnily I am almost in the same situation right now. I had two wisdom teeth taken out and cannot chew either. I hate this situation! I had semolina pudding (it was more a soup) with mashed (frozen) rasberries for breakfast and later some yoghurt with shredded cucumber and a little lemon juice and salt.(thats probably nothing for a kid…?) also eggs cooked and then mashed are good if you want something more hearty. But I see you have already worked it out!