City planning in 60 sqm

When designer and architect Victor Vetterlein bought his apartment in New Yorks Chinatown, he decided to split it in two and sublet the half facing the hustle and bustle of the street. His own part is more quiet and peaceful, and when renovating his 60 square meters, he decided to look to the streets of New York for inspiration:
– I can not control the city outside my door.


Therefore, it feels nice to create a smaller city in here, that I can shape and be the souvereign master of.

Look closely and you can see that he even painted street lines on the floor!

The massive wooden kitchen table is actually a piece of flooring from a bowling alley.

All white, understated kitchen, just mixed with some wood to warm it up. The pendant lamp is Victor’s own design. The toilet was put on a raised platform, to make it feel more like it’s own room.

Loft bed and office solution. Floor made of plywood.

Gas and water pipes and wiring are all hidden behind this low shelf.


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  • wow! great apartment , LUV the white interiors that you are showing lately..

  • What a tiny, beautiful place–I’m loving the white interiors too.
    (Oh, and I’m crazy about your blog and I’ve added you to my blogroll as well.)

  • det är så snyggt när allt går i vitt!

  • Ann

    Mmm, snyggt!

  • sia

    Great use of a small space {wasn’t it one of the finalists in Apartment Therapy’s Small Spaces?}…

    And I really like that pendant lamp!

  • i’m loving the white rooms!! so so much. i can’t believe what similar taste we have! i loved these ones so much i had to repost them on my blog. so inspirational and just generally amazing.

  • Wow, such nice rooms! I love white and bare wood, never grow tired of it. You find such inspiring photos, excellent. I’m adding you to my blogroll, hope that’s ok.

  • Such a beautiful apartment!

  • zee

    Emma, I love how you always find these perfect little white apartments!