Saturday Sweets

These are actually my favorite blog posts, totally free to show you whatever I want! Once I find a nice picture I just go from there to build a theme around it. Sometimes I end up somewhere totally different than I thought from the beginning, and that is one of the things I love most about composing these posts…


Today I was thinking about morning routines, inspired by one of Holly’s posts about how to relax when you work from home, over on the simply stated blog.

And I’m happy to see that it seems you like the Saturday Sweets posts too, as they usually get quite a lot of comments!

Ps. Don’t get all jealous now, my mornings are nothing like this, especially not when the kids are here… But I wish they were!


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  • d.

    Tthat dog looks exactly like mine! Allways nice to see a Duitse Brak, they're pretty rare you know.

    Anyway, it made me feel all sweet now. Thanks!

  • Vilken kul idé med flera vita lampskärmar på varandra. Jag spånade på en liknande idé här hemma idag, flår se vad det blir. Och jag kan relatera, jag önskar också att mina barn var här.

  • wow- that third picture is perfection! thanks for sharing that 🙂

  • Siw

    Nydelige bilder, mixen av alt fra mat-interiør-hygge, ga meg en veldig god følelse

  • i love these images. they are all beautiful. i really enjoy visiting your blog.

  • Lovely post! I check your post daily and really love it. I liked the post about how to relax when you work from home. I drink my yerba mate tea every morning before I start working. It helps me start my day full of energy!

  • Beautiful photographs!

  • i LOVE this post.

  • Complete agree with Joanna — this post is beautiful. The top image is so lovely and calming.

  • Kul ide med grenen!

  • Vilka fina bilder!

  • your posts always leave me so inspired!

  • I love this post too thanks a lot.

  • Hello dear emmas

    I love your pictures so so so much!

    They have gave me many beautiful mornings as well,

    I'm wondering …May I post some of your pictures on my blog to show to my friends this wonderful space you've made for us and hope you enjoy my blog before you answer to me…

    Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend!

    PS.I am a cup maker and I am sorry for the text of my blog that you may not understand but PLEASE enjoy the photos!!