Hotel Story, Stockholm

I’m still in that zombie like state that comes from no sleep, no time to eat and no talking to other grown ups for weeks… But I did find time yesterday to read some blogs, and I found this post on the blog Solid Frog about a new to me design hotel in Stockholm, and I thought it looked too good to not post here as well.

The hotel is called Story, and it’s situated right in the city center, in the ”posh” neighbourhood called Östermalm.


It’s filled with modern art, due to a collaboration with Wonderwall, a Swedish company specializing in affordable art prints from cool artists. Between the lobby and bar they have tucked a small boutique with carefully chosen clothing labels  and accessories from Milan and New York. And of course, the rooms are to die for!

”The philosophy of Story Hotel is to combine design and innovation with an attractive location in downtown Stockholm. Our mission is to offer a smart, stylish and new kind of hotel for today’s traveler.”


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  • Welcome back Emma, let's enjoy these °°nightless time°° for blogging!!! and thanks for this new address, I'm found of this kind of place!!

  • Oh, I love Story Hotel! I'm most likely going to Stockholm next year, and I'm hoping I can stay there, seeing as the rooms aren't crazy expensive like other design hotels tend to be, unfortunately.

  • Hello Emma! I just found your blog and I really love it – so much that I wrote about it in my blog (see Hope that's OK.

    Thanks for a nice blog! 🙂

  • siw

    Ja Hotellet ER fantastisk, har allerede blogget om det, og gjett om jeg skal overnatte der, når jeg reiser til Stockholm neste gang 🙂
    Miksen av produkter og materialer er helt fantastisk……..

  • Lovely ..

  • And she is BACK! 🙂
    Vilket helt skönt & vågat grepp – verkligen!

  • Hello!
    I've been to Stockholm last summer, with your Stockholm guide 🙂 and we spend about 5 days at the Story Hotel, it's such a beautiful place, the best hotel I've ever seen, as beautifule asi it is on the pictures!
    Congratulations for your really nice blog!

  • Hejhej! Jag bodde på detta trevliga hotell för ett par veckor sedan när jag var i Sthlm. Very nice! Lite klen frukost tycker jag men härligt.
    Om man bor i stockholm kan man gå till restaurangen eller baren. Då får man ju förmånen att använda toaletterna och tvätta sig i de LJUVLIGA handfaten. /Ylva

  • Wow I can't believe that's a hotel and not somebody's home! It's lovely. It would be amazing to stay there. Congratulations again, on your little girl. xx

  • very clever use of the space and the decoration is so eclectic and gorgeous!! Very homely.

  • faith

    interesting concept. the sameness of hotels may have been intended to be comforting, but it is starting to give me the creeps. something different might distract me from the fact i am staying in a hotel, which would be a good thing. that purple is beautiful, a color one doesn't often see in a hotel. unexpectedness might work.

  • Jag var där i fredags och åt middag. Kan verkligen rekommendera stället! God mat, bra service och urhärlig lokal.

  • Oh! Det ser kjempeflott ut! Da vi bodde på Nordic Light Hotel i sommer, trodde jeg at jeg hadde funnet mitt favoritthotell i Stockholm. Men nå skal jeg definitivt bo på Story neste gang jeg skal til Stockholm. Takk for tipset!

  • God this decor is amazing!!! Loving and getting inspired by every single image!

  • Congratulations Emma! I have been AWOL for many weeks(obviously) because I just found out today that Elvis arrived more feminine than you expected! Congratulations on your the birth of your girl! Hope you are having the time of your life!

  • It's so coooool!

  • what a cool looking hotel – love the purple dining room and the eclectic rooms. And of course the eyes everywhere…

  • Looks so cool!!!

  • Looks interesting. I would give it a try next time I am in Stockholm.

  • Hej !

    Jag och min kollega var och fotograferade Allan Webber på Story Hotel
    Bilden finns på

    Kul att återse den fina miljön + rummen, så tack emma !

  • Tjusiga bilder, jag har också varit där och det är verkligen ett originellt hotell med en spännande inredning!

  • I just stayed at The Story hotel, after reading your guide to Stockholm, it was lovely – very cool and inviting place – with a fabulous breakfast room and bar. Also very affordable compared to other "design" hotels in Stockholm – great small restaurant next door I would recommend – PA & Co, not sure about the singing flower seller I met but never too old to be given a flower I suppose!

  • Looks like a very pleasant stay! I will keep in mind before my next trip!