Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend everyone! I heard it’s going to be warm (well relatively, around 10° C) and sunny here this weekend, so I’m hoping to spend most of it outside. I really need some time off from the computer, where I’ve been spending way too many hours this week trying to start up a big (and so far secret, sorry) project.


I’m very excited about this, and I’m hoping to be able to share it with you soon!

I’m leaving you with a picture of a great weekend morning, with a newspaper and a cuppa’ on a Piet Hein Eek table and an Eames chair. Looks like a dreamy morning to me! What’s your ideal morning like?


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  • … am wondering if anyone knows who the painting is by?

  • Cool mix of styles!

  • Hej!
    Hade du velat hjälpa mig med en sak. Förra gången jag var inne hos dig tror jag att jag läste ett inlägg om en diskbänk som var gjord av lego? Var detta hos dig? Och var hittar jag det i så fall?

  • this picture is one of my favorites it has been on my desktop fot some weeks, have a great weekend!

  • Gud vad fin blogg!

  • Fernanda

    Look how odd things are when we see them under a different light: for me, 10°C is cold, REALLY cold!!! I don't think someday I will consider it differently!!!

  • perfect and gorgeous as always! just an fyi, i gave you a wee award over at urban flea, to pass on to others as well. i'd love for you to swing by and check it out sometime and share the design blog love. Here's the link: have a wonderful week my dear!

    xo urban flea 🙂

  • looks quiet ideal to me like this

  • Anonym

    Nice, very nice. The picture is by the amazing Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen.

  • Perfect morning? 😉 possibility to sleep longer and home-brewed cafe latte in bed! Love it!