Trine Thorsen is blogging!

I don’t know why I haven’t found Norwegian photographer Trine Thorsen’s blog So Mee blog before, because it’s been around since February, and she is one of my favorite photographers. But I finally found it yesterday, through the blog on


Elle Interiør. Trine blogs about both her own work and other photographers, designers and products and also shares some recipes and shows the process of decorating her house. Trine was the one who shot the top picture in my post from yesterday, for an upcoming article in Elle Interiør. Here is some more from that feature, and a few more pictures.


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  • This is a great info! I'm gonna visit her blog right now 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning!

  • Hey Emma! Thanks for the tip! Although the blog should become nicer and bigger. But I will be a follower!

  • Hey Emma!
    I like !!!

  • Emma! We have been so inspired by your blog here in the States. You always show the best photography and styling ANYWHERE! Trine's work looks great and we are going to check out her blog.
    Many thanks for the inspiration. Edie & Rhonda

  • Hi Emma, I just discovered your blog and I'm reading for hours now. It is great! Finally a good design blog!

    Maybe you can take a look at my lifestyle blog?

    Good luck!

  • love these shots! i appreciate all the white neutrals with pops of skyblue and purple. its such a great soothing palette.

    <a href="">CLOTHESURE</a&gt;

  • Takk for et supert tips! Fantastiske bilder!

  • Ben

    Looks great !

  • What a beautiful blog!!!

  • I love your blog, Emma! It's so inspiring. Do keep it up!

  • WOW! De turkosa stolarna var alldeles underbara, speciellt den som ser ut som en korsning mellan sjuanstol och en mussla. Vart kommer de ifrån??

  • wow those blue chairs are fantastic!!!

  • Is also an entertaining place to see some creative shots of household objects… I like it!