Happy Weekend!

Go enjoy your weekend now everyone! I know I will! After almost a week of cleaning the house to get it to really shine for the real estate pictures, I definitely need and deserve some rest. I’m going to do absolutely nothing all weekend! Well, not really.


I’m hoping for nice weather, so I can lay in the hammock reading a book I’ve longed to read for a long time now. I’ll give you review next week, as I think it’s something you are going to love too! I’m thinking of going to a picnic tomorrow too, and perhaps I’ll have a cup of tea with a friend. So, not really nothing, but absolutely no work!

I’ll leave you with these photos from Swedish paint manufacturer Alcro‘s new collection. The interior shots  looks like something from the Dutch deco magazine VT Wonen to me. Perhaps they have used the same stylist? The collection is called ad.10, and was developed together with trend guru Li Edelkoort. She was inspired by birds and their colours, and incorporated this with her expert knowledge in the coming trends. This is what Li says about colors in the year to come:

– An army of dark neutrals will revolutionize interior design, which will become abstract and minimalist like a Japanese stone garden.

The end of the individualistic era has come. We lean more on eachother, networking and cooperating. This important change in society will give us uniform hues inspired by doves flocking together in dark, gray environments. Green, blue and violet accents bring life to the base color. Concrete gray will be a key color in interior design.


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  • Therese

    Sälja lägenheten/huset? Kul! då har ni hittat något nytt alltså, blir nyfiken… berätta och så småningom visa! Tack för en så inspirationsrik blogg!

  • I love the color combinations, especially in the first picture. Have a restful and relaxing weekend!

  • I love the concept! It's very interesting, actually, how we conceptualize our living envirnments and what it can show about the state we're in….
    ps. I love your blog and check it out almost every other day. thanks for blogging. 🙂

  • Therese, vi trodde vi hade hittat det vi ville ha, men det verkar inte som att vi kommer få det tyvärr. Men hursomhelst ska vi flytta, nu ska vi bara hitta ett nytt hem! Jag lovar att visa bilder när vi kommit så långt att det finns något att visa.

  • Wow – the shelf on the third picture look great – from which company / designer is it? And the lamp with the orange cable is nice – great shoots and great colours!

  • I love the concept.

  • Crystal Flynt

    I was just wondering if the artist who did the words and bird paintings is Nathalie Lete. It looks exactly like how and what she paints, but there is no mention of her name… unless I just didn't see it. Just curious. Thank you.