Ikea’s Christmas blog

Ikea just started a Christmas blogg called Gilla Julen (=Like Christmas), and judging by the first post it looks like it’s going to be great! I love the messy styling in this picture styled by Hans Blomquist, it feels very relaxed and welcoming, and a bit chaotic which is how Christmas usually is with my family.


We also do the improvised seating thing every year since we are so many that there just isn’t enough chairs for everyone. Here they have solved it by putting a cushion on a pile of books. I believe the big centrepiece with the silver baubles is made of this KALLT Decoration, and if it’s not you can make something similar of it anyway.

Have a great weekend everyone! Perhaps it’s time to start decorating for Xmas at your place?


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  • wonderful!

  • Santa Glas

    Ett ordnat kaos!

    En annan ovanlig juldekoration (apropå formationen av julgranskulor) är små julbockar gjorda av glaspärlor. Vet inte om de finns i butik, men jag köpte dem här:

  • Love the photo! Our kids are dying to start decorating for the Holidays.

  • wow gonna have a look , thanks for the link.. here it is a bit early still as we have this tradition of sinterklaas 😉 but I am looking forward to the little christmas lights around the house.

  • Looks like it will be great! Thank you for sharing!
    xoxo Heather

  • As we celebrate advent sundays here in Sweden, and the first advent is next sunday, we get to start a bit early with the xmas decorations. Most people just start with a little though, perhaps a paper star in the window and an advent candleholder, and then build up throughout december. I think christmas decorations are nice before christmas, but after the holiday i just want to take them down as soon as possible!

  • Thanks for the great post – love the ideas IKEA have to show – though the swedish is a bit challenging for me!
    You inspired me to blog it too.
    I x

  • Love that mess too !

  • going to go have a look. love that every chair is different!

  • Right, I'm going to have to work harder at styling a mess! This looks fabulous! Maybe I should borrow some of my friends kids to come and mess up my dining room and that will be the job done…. it looks so welcoming and while some people may find it messy I think it's a collection of 'finds'! C x

  • Cherry, unfortunately the kid styling approach doesn't work very well. Trust me, I have three kids, and if I leave them to it for five minutes the results are anything but nice… 😀
    But perhaps your friend's children are better behaved and have more talent for styling. 😉

    Perhaps you should try styling a room after having a bottle of wine, that could lead to some interesting displays…

  • The disarried presentation feels just like home! I love it!

  • Oh, I love the mix and match with the chairs. Ikea is overflowing with creativity.

  • J.