Berns Hotel, Stockholm

This is a busy week for me as I’m working with Lotta Agaton on a photoshoot during the days, and decorating an apartment for a client in the evenings. Since I live in the countryside 65 km north of Stockholm with buses leaving every two hours, it can be quite a project to get to the city center in the morning (and even worse in the evening when there are no buses at all!) so I was very happy to get the opportunity to stay at Berns Hotel for the night!

I got a big room with a great view through the floor to ceiling windows and an enormous private roof terrace.


It was decorated with lots of stylish furniture and great lighting, and on the sofa table was a pile of interesting magazines. But the best part was probably the bath tub, since I don’t have a tub at home, so taking a bath is really the height of luxury to me!
Another lovely thing was the breakfast, with the best buffet I’ve had in years. It really had it all, from fresh sourdough bread and any topping you can imagine, a big tray of fresh fruit and different kinds of juice,  to chocolates and cinnamon rolls. And everything in between.

I can truly recommend Berns Hotel if you ever need a place to stay in Stockholm. It’s right in the city center within walking distance of everything, and the rooms and building are beautiful. The lobby also works as an art gallery (during my stay the walls were covered with black and white photos of glamourous naked smoking women.) And last but not least, the reception staff were so cute, they looked like 16 year old fashion models, but were really nice and competent.


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  • Arturas

    Berns is indeed very nice hotel. Though the last two times I was in Stockholm I stayed in Skeppsholmen Hotel. Which is very nice and I loved the location better than Berns…

  • Hoppas du visar bilder på lägenheten du designar! Och din photoshoot!

    Om du har tid så skulle jag bli väldigt glad över ett besök på min blogg från dig, och höra vad du tycker!

  • Vad gott du verkar ha haft det! Skönt med lite avkoppling mitt i ett jobbprojekt!

  • Såå snyggt! Där hade man gärna varvat ned efter dagens jobb… Lycka till med klientjobber på kvällen, hoppas du lägger ut det.

  • Bethann

    Looks like a great hotel. What would you call the desk chair in the first picture? I think something similar would be perfect for me desk, but I have no idea how to search for such a chair. Thanks so much!
    -Bethann in San Francisco, CA

  • tavlorna är jättefina!

  • Nu ser jag vad du gör! Och vilket rum. Gah.

  • oh my… I dreaming of opportunity like this:)

  • I haven't been to Hotel Skeppsholmen yet, but I've spent a lot of time on the island it's located on. It's a lovely place, but I still think Berns has a slightly better location, especially if you are carrying lots of luggage, since it's a 10 minute walk from the subway to Skeppsholmen.

    That chair, it's beautiful but I have no idea who designed it or what to call it. Perhaps one of my readers knows?

  • Wow det ser mer ut som ett hem än ett hotell. Riktigt mysigt och fint! Ser verkligen fram emot att få se samarbetet du har med Lotta Agaton.

  • Oh, I´m on my way to Stockholm today and tomorrow evening I´m going to a party on Berns with my earlier advertising agency. I wish I could stay there for the night as well. Good luck with all works. It sounds very fun.

  • Wow, it looks amazing. I'll definitely have to bear it in mind if I ever get back to Stockholm. Good luck with the work!

  • i think it would be very very difficult to leave.

  • Love this BLOG! Great photos! Warm regards! G

  • This blog looks quite intresting, I am very much impressed by this blogs and all the image that you have posted. Keep it up!

  • Now this is what we called elegant living space.