Dreaming of a vacation in Montreal

Hello all! I’m back from a nice Easter week with lovely warm and sunny weather! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!
Now the nice weather is gone, it’s cold again, and I’m dreaming of hopping on a plane to a warmer place.


Then I saw these beautifully styled apartments for rent from Creative Flats in Montreal, and now I have to start researching the weather there…


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  • Don't bother with Montreal if you want good weather. Spring has been… well nonexistant actually. Cold and nasty. Hopefully May will be better but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Moi

    Spring may be shit at the moment, but there is no better place in the summer than Montreal.

  • Joëlle

    Oh Emma, I am from Montreal and trust me, for now, it is cold and rainy and so grey…Come in the summer…maybe we will be luckier for the weather!

  • Ok, I trust you! I don't have time or money to go right now anyway. 🙂

    I'm actually aiming for a little getaway to Amsterdam this summer, I miss that city so much… I've only been there twice, but felt instantly at home the moment I stepped out of the central station. And there is a blog meet there in June, so I'm hoping to be able to go!

  • Montreal är säkert en stad att uppleva i regn eller solsken.

  • Christine

    Don't listen to the haters Emma. It's true that Montreal is pretty gross in the spring, every year – it's the ugliest season here – but every other season is beautiful in Montreal, especially summer!

    Awesome to see my city on your blog – beautiful interiors! Super inspiring!

  • Montreal är säkert en spännande och fin stad att upptäcka i regn eller solsken. Väldigt fin lägenhet, stilish

  • wowww, that apartment is incredible! My friend is moving to Montreal later this summer and we have also always wanted to live there. I have the weather on my phone just so I can get a feel for how they are! I'm going to save this!

  • So, so, so beautiful!!! Oh, to be rich and have beautiful apartments with big windows. Sigh.

    xo bri

  • This is so inspiring,
    thanks for sharing. Just planning
    a new interior design for my own home.
    I found a lot of ideas on your blog!

  • Ekaterina

    Actually, today the weather is REALLY nice and hot. A bit cloudy and humid, but Montreal is always like that… It's a moody city and the weather drastically changes 6 times a day…

  • Those windows and the ceiling (especially in the kitchen) are amazing..

  • I feel your pain Emma, I dream of sunny weather too. I need to fly south.

  • With apartments like these who needs to go out? 😀

    Anyway…the weather sucks there, for your info 😉


  • Love these!

    Xx One More Chance

  • Awesome pics – amazing windows! 🙂

  • I am sooo in love with these kind of apartments! I wish they woudl have these also in the Netherlands.
    Thank you very much for sharing!

  • We.

  • Spring this year is basically nonexistent right now but Montreal is a beautiful place with lots to see and do. People are very friendly and helpful if you get lost. I live in Ottawa only a couple of hours away and love to shop in Montreal.

  • Very nice, thanks.

  • Gorgeous post. Proud to be a Montrealer (although haven't lived there in years). Lots of reasons to visit, but weather isn't one of them.

  • sam

    Just a long shot question about the black leather tufted couch in the 4th and 6th photos. Any idea of designer or maker? i have the same one and don't know anything about it. thanks

  • I've been living in Montreal for the last 3 years. The city is lovely enough that you forget about the nasty and random weather pattern!

    I stumbled upon your blog white searching for someone who has ties to Montreal and Stockholm, and I love what you have here! I'm planning a 4 day trip to Stockholm at the end of August 🙂

  • Anonym

    A bit cloudy and humid, but Montreal is always like that… It's a moody city

  • Love those windows and the Tolomeo floor lamp over the dining table!

  • Thanks for all the comments! I'll make sure that if I ever visit Montreal it will be in the summer! We have enough of cold and cloudy over here already… 🙂

    Sam, about the couch, I have no idea, but try asking the girls over at Creative Flats ( who decorated the apartment, I'm sure they have the full info on it!

  • We love your blog!

  • This is a very motivating post. I want to dust get up, dust off my butt, then dust off my apartment and get to decorating. Seeing really fabulous abodes, like in this post, can get one going. Hmm, where to begin?! Love it! Thanks from Soleil. xx

  • i love the bed with pillow.

  • i really like this post…thanks for sharing..:)