Saturday Sweets

My ultimate home office would have a Cherner or Jacobsen chair, a classic desk light and lots of inspiring prints and cut-outs randomly attached to the wall. Just like the in the pictures below!

What would your ultimate work space look like?



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  • If I had the space, it would look exactly like the second picture – amazing!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Love the table in the first one but for a working space I'd prefer the second picture.. oh well no need to tell you how my tiny workspace should look like 😉 But I am curious to see how yours look… did you ever made a post about your own?

    Geez we should have been in Milano right now… sun, wine and design haha Have a good weekend anyway !

  • Would love to see a longer post specifically on home office space!

  • as always – great inspiration. my dream office: anais nin's in silverlake

  • your ability to find talent is astonishing.

  • Love the print in pic number one and would really like workplace number three! 🙂

  • i like your blog very much. it shows always great pics, furnitures, apartments and styles.

  • I love when a space can be minimal yet still embody the comfort of home.

  • Dee

    Oh for a Cherner chair! I would love one. Great work spaces. x

  • love watching office spaces!

  • For me only second picture looks inviting. I think because of the context of the room, and nice big window. Personally I don’t like working places fronting the wall. Its nice to have some view, the best through the window. I totally don’t like the picture nr 4 , it looks like someone just put nice things together, but actually its not a real work place. All photos are full of nice objects, like always 😉

  • That white office looks amazing and yes for me a Cherner would be just divine!

  • Melafrique

    My favorite one is the last one – I've always wanted a cherner chair.

  • Great work, every piece meets my taste 🙂

  • My ideal would be the second space, so bright and cheerful, with a Cherner. They are such comfortable, sleek, beautiful chairs.

  • I love them all but most the second fets me

  • Bild ett och tre är helt fantastiska tycker jag! //Petronella

  • It would look less like 'the dining room table' and more like a real studio! Getting there…

  • fannumber1

    Love your blog Emma!Would you know where I can find the desk legs on Image 3, the one with clint?