Saturday Sweets

I have a folder on my computer where I save pics that I want to use as inspiration for my own home. The photos are sorted into a number of subfolders, and the one that holds the most pictures is one called


Storage & Decoration. Since these were only meant for personal use I didn’t note the sources for all of them, but I wanted to share some of my favourites with you anyway. If you know the source for any of the pics, please let me know!
Enjoy, my own private candy bag!

*removed picture by Jeltje*


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  • Oi Så fine de dørhåndtakene på skapene var! Og de dinosaurene på hylla, fantastisk!

  • Emma

    Hey Emma! Nice pics as always. I'm actually in the process of organizing a huge pile of clippings from interior magazines into my personal "inspiration file", and it would be really helpful to know what your systematic is with the subfolders. I've thought of archiving the material based on rooms mainly, but for example all the storage and decoration stuff should be separate… Do you mind opening the X-wp-content/uploads/sites/28 a bit, namewise I mean? 🙂

  • I'm not positive of who took the photo, but the first is of Fielguided's ( booth at Little Winter! (

  • Mmm, nice! I especially like the painted bottles, good inspiration!

  • I see Fieldguided's Little Winter wall! Info here:

  • Thanks guys, you are the best! I now linked the first photo to Fieldguided!

    Emma, I have them sorted based on rooms just as you say, and then a separate folder for storage and decoration. The others are: Bedroom, Home Office, Kids rooms, Dining room, Kitchen, Living room, Hallway/Stairs, Bathroom and a Christmas folder.
    We don't actually have a separate dining room in our house, and I don't have a home office, but I'm dreaming of it. 🙂

  • I have folders like that as well in my computer.. sometimes I look in them and through some out … I think the moodboard/ inspiration folder for my bedroom worked out pretty well… The next room (my ofice) came as a natural proces after thst.. Maybe because I collected a certain mood or atmosphere in the bedroom folder 😉
    Great to see what is inspiring you and thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Emma.
    I have the same problem with a lot of the early images I collected for inspiration, no idea where I found them. Now I collect them in folders according to source, but it makes it time-consuming when looking for specific rooms. Oh well, can't have both I guess.
    Image two is by Jelte Janmaat/House of Pictures

  • Oh crap, it's by Jeltje? She doesn't let anyone blog her photos, so now I'm taking it down before she emails me. Thanks for letting me know Hege!

    I usually change the name of the picture when I save it, and name it after the photographer or stylist. But I've never bothered doing that with the ones I'm keeping for personal use. Perhaps I should start…

  • I love the shelf of ceramic dinosaurs, so much fun!

  • Hi Emma, I had the same situation: a lot of pictures, links stored on my computer, but it started to be really messy. And then a friend invited me to Pinterest :)) Now I'm an addict 🙂 You can store photos and links so easily. Hope you will find it useful:
    Greetings from Poland!

  • Pauli, thanks for the tip, but I've tried pinterest and didn't like it. I thought there were too many clicks involved in pinning a photo, and you had to write something about it etc etc. It's easier for me to just name the photo after it's maker.

  • i use evernote to clip and save images i love. has anyone else tried evernote? you can set up notebooks (which function like wp-content/uploads/sites/28), assign tags/categories. but the coolest thing is that when you clip and save something from the web it automtically saves it with the url. so anytime you go back to the image you can click and go back to the source. and you can synch it with your phone and other devices. its brilliant.

  • Love the whole "using books as night-stands" idea. Those hand-painted bottles are also pretty cool.

  • Melaniem, thanks for sharing this tip. I also have a number of wp-content/uploads/sites/28 with lots of pictures, and half of them without any referens of the origin. Great and thanks again!!

  • lovely!! i really luv it

  • Jag har också de där svarta pärlorna på dörren/ handtaget i en to-do folder. T o m upptejpad bild på skåpluckorna de skall upp. Men har inte riktigt haft tiden… :/ Underbara! Om ingen ovan har sagt det så var det någon mäklarbild från början.