Trend 2011: Twin Peaks Country

I thought I’d try I bit of trend predicting here today… Of course there are several trends going on right now, but I am going to start with the one I believe will be the most dominant one. Let’s call it Twin Peaks Country.


This old tv series from 1990 is actually loaded with decor and design details that are spot on for 2011. Just take a look at the photo below featuring a deer head, two different types of wood and hues of grey and black.


Translated into rooms, it could look something like this:

Grey, black and wood, with a little drama added by the dress on the divan.

A wooden cabinet against a wood panel background, with some rustic sourdough bread.


A mix of different woods and a bunny, but it could just as easily have been a deer head.


Then we have this room below, which I clearly remember from when I watched Twin Peaks for the first time. I was only 11 but it obviously made a big impression. The chevron pattern is coming strong again, but I’m not so sure about the red drapes… A bit too dramatic for real life in my opinion.

H&M Home made some nice chevron patterned products to let you take this pattern into your own home.

Alcro‘s AD paint collection by Li Edelkoort from last year still works. This red hue is a lot easier to live with, and see how great it looks with wood and grey? Mixed with green it reminds me of flanel shirts, which were EVERYWHERE in the tv series. The checkered pattern of the shirts will work great for this year too, not only in decorating but in fashion too.


The Log Lady is super trendy! Logs are used in interior decorating, not just in baskets near the fireplace, but in other ways too…

Like this storage wall built of logs, by Studio St Paul. They managed to combine two of the biggest trends right now, crates and logs, in a great way. Notice the elk horns in the upper left corner too.

I also believe that 2011 will be the year when the overly sweet cupcakes will finally go out of fashion and get replaced by… you guessed it! Doughnuts!



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  • You've nailed it! Thats It….Ive been trying to think of a name for the look which I keep seeing everywhere and this is it. Brilliant.

  • Wow, some fantastic ideas here Emma, thanks for sharing – that log storage is something else! I've never seen the movie, but really want to now.

  • Hey, this is so pretty cool. By the way, have you seen the homestory of Katie & Oliver Heath in the currently issue "Livingetc"?

  • hem

    Jag tyckte att Twin peaks var jätte läskig!! haha..det var den ju 😀
    Kul att du visar paralellt inrednings-stil kontra en kult-serie.Det var nytt för mig.
    Gillar HM,s nya svarta vita (africa) mönster. Den är cool.

    Och kolla vilket massa gäng donitser..huaaa..
    men vedväggen är grädden på moset. Jätte häftig. Kan tänka mig att den passar bäst i en vuxen-rör-inte-nånting lokal om den inte är fast förankrad nånstans.
    Tack för inspiration Emma!!!

    :DD Annaleena

  • Underbar trend! Kul att få se gamla Twin Peaks-bilder. Jag älskade serien!

  • Yay, to doughnuts. I think we've all had enough of cup cake mania. Great post. I'm so into grey and woodtones at the moment.

  • Ah, Twin Peaks – scared me and thrilled me at the same time! 🙂

    Brilliant prediction! 🙂

  • Hahaha… this is witty

  • that log wall is completely fantastic!

  • Hahha, underbart! Twin peaks all the way, grått, trä, deer-heads och log-lady plus munkar. Tror du har träffat helrätt här :))))

  • Yes, I believe you're on to something or at least have appropriately named it! I missed the whole Twin Peaks TV thing even though I lived just a few miles from where they were filming it—I didn't watch TV. lol, this is funny. ;o)

  • It could easily be like you predicted 😉 That red room and the little men still scares the hell out of me… I was a true TP follower OH my it really was something 😉

    Did you notice the glasses of the wood lafy.. just imagine themin black and you have something Uber Hip now.. well here in Holland it is (dunno about Sweden)

    Seeing my daughter just opened a vegan cupcake bakery next to her studies I will not agree with you on the cupcakes ;PP

  • Great blog! It's really beautiful. I can't wait to see all of the cupcake shops in America suddenly change over to doughnut shops!

  • What about cherry pie and coffee?

  • Skönt att veta att man ligger i fas då för det här är precis vad jag gillar! 😉 En skön variant av vedtemat kan du se i det här gamla inlägget av mig:

  • kristi

    Love your predictions- and just heard the trend reports – actually, cupcakes are going to be replaced by pies.

    It's a trend that combines the desire for country warmth with old-time nostalgia – andp erfectly complements your Twin Peaks decor!

    Both savoury and sweet pies. Wait and see if the forecasters are right – my money is on "yes".

  • I'm so happy you all liked it! There are more predictions coming…

    Ottomar, jag var in och kikade, supersnyggt!

    Kristi, I'm not so sure about the pies, at least not here in Sweden. But we'll see. 🙂

    Annaleena, det är en pressagenturs showroom, så jag tror inte det är några barn där någonsin. 🙂

    Nicola, no I haven't seen that. Does it fit with the theme?

  • Loore

    A great post! Superb!

    But as David Lynch says: "Keep Your eye on the donut, not the hole!"

  • What a great post!! I think you could be right in your predictions. I love Twin Peaks, it has been great to remember it.

  • BRAVO!! Emma, you have no idea how much I LOVE this post. Awesome, through and through.

  • Yes!! Doughnuts!

  • Riktigt fina bilder!! 😀

  • Wow, I love the grey log wall in the bedroom. The lightning id just perfect. April and May studio did a nice job.

  • Underbart inlägg! Säker på att du har helt rätt, och så kul du måste ha haft i denna trendspaning 🙂

  • Diane, I love the chevron pattern on the towels. It reminds me of a dream I once had.

  • dagne

    Love Twin peaks (that's my era baby)Love your Blog and can't wait to see cupcakes GO!
    Here in Twin Peaks country (Washington)we have 2 fantastic doughnut shops, Top Pot & Mighty-O. If your ever in Seattle give them a try!. PS The Top Pot in Wedgwood is very Mod and stylish.

  • Hej!

    Vilken härlig blogg du har!!
    Skulle vara jättekul om du ville kika in på;

    Ha det jättebra! 🙂

  • Älskar hyllan med vedträd. Den hamnar i inspirationsmappen direkt. Är det rabarber i krukan? Kul – ny trend? =)

  • I so agree!
    I saw millions of homes in grey and black…

    I actually fell in love of this grey too…in fact, my living room biggest wall will be in grey.


  • nice 🙂 I like 🙂

  • Ja, twin peaks! <3

  • I like 😉

  • fint!

  • Ganska kul att vi precis fått ett David Lynch-tema på en fotouppgift 😀

  • wow! I really love the 2:nd pic. wonderful!

  • The log lady är ju inte lite creepy heller P:

  • Underbar spegel på bild nr 2 🙂

  • Twin Peaks är så jäkla awesome! Är inne i den 7:e omgången att se den nu. 😀

  • Love it! Roligt inlägg!
    Jag praktiserade på Colorama precis när den Birds-färgkollektionen släpptes!

  • E

    va fint!

  • lovely to see, i love twin peaks!

  • Katy Pace

    Greetings from Coldstream, B.C.
    I try to visit your blog daily. The beautiful, serene images are good for the spirit! Thankyou.

    Love everything about Twin Peaks Country, however, I would hate to think that of any of the deer that frolic, browse and rest in the cottonwoods standing tall along the creek below our home would end up as part of an interior design. Here are some beautuful faux alternatives (the net abounds with them).
    (cut and paste to address bar)

  • The wood frame is awesome!!! Thank you so much for this great inspiration 🙂

    Rock on,

  • tijana

    I loved your blog and I'm enjoying it for a few days now, but this really swept me away. Yeah, the log lady is super trendy :))))