A tiny bit of colour!

I just scrolled down the front page of the blog and realized there’s been a whole lot of monochromes lately. And sure, I love black, white and grey, but sometimes you need a tiny pop of colour to cheer it all up a bit. So I found a Norwegian flat in Bo Bedre which does just that. Enjoy!


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  • wow wow wow. i am in love. this is very inspiring.
    i need to buy a new rug for my living room (coop rules), and i keep coming here for some ideas but all the beautiful bare floors are no help at all. loads of inspiration though. 😉

  • from a HUGE pop of colour there http://thedesignwp-content/uploads/sites/ to a tiny pop here… and i adore both.

  • Less is more. Very nice.

  • So nice! Love that white hallway.

  • perfect mixture of color and white space.

  • I've just discovered your blog, and I think it's fantastic. wonderful pictures of some very beautiful places. Very inspirational. I love these cool, clean, white spaces with colour, and texture – the hallway with the black horse in it is lovely (now, where did I put my horses – given to me by a Swedish au pair when I was a little girl!)

  • i think i'm definitely going to be fitting a bookshelf in my next kitchen 🙂

  • Ooo – I like it! 🙂

  • utrolig kult – bare hvitt og så med de kule maleriene 🙂 det bare digger jeg

  • Wow !! I Love this home!!

  • Gosh really strange last night I dreamed about an open shelf cupboard as a solution to connect two rooms to one big kitchen space..

  • oh I love this style!
    follow my blog, I just started:)