Giveaway: Candlestick from Höganäsgruppen!

Since you all seemed to love the poster giveaway I hosted a few days ago, I thought I’d have another one!

I got an email at the beginning of this week, telling me about a new company called Höganäsgruppen, just launching their first collection of exclusive hand-made ceramics.


With some of Sweden’s most skillful and interesting artists and potters behind the brand, Höganäsgruppen produces and markets modern ceramic objects with special attention to design and quality. They believe in a local production (all of their products are made and designed in Sweden) where they can leverage on a ceramic tradition that dates back over one and a half centuries to aid them in creating new high-quality objects that honour the heritage.

As I clicked over to their site, I fell head over heels in love with these Animal and Claw candlesticks, hand sculpted by Sofia Nilsson and glazed in platinum, gold or black.

Now I’m very happy to be able to give away an Animal candlestick in matte gunpowder black (worth € 165) to one lucky reader! This powerful and mesmerizing design rests on three horse-heads, and has a truly original expression. A piece of art for your table!

To enter the giveaway, simply choose your favorite product from Höganäsgruppen, and then tell me something about how you would use it in your home. What would you use it for, in which room, what would you put beside it or use it together with? How would you style it up?
Comment below before Tuesday next week (May 31) when I will draw the winner.


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  • Tiene

    I just loooooove the big Animal Gunpowder Black! Adore it, it's so simple and yet very powerful.
    I would use it in my living room, on our big dining table, as an eyecatcher, maybe combined with my big matte darkgrey fruitbowl. Would prefer to use a white candle, for contrast.
    Can see the whole picture already in my head 😉

    Kind regards,
    Tiene x

  • I really like the animal platinum candlestick.
    I have always been attracted by anatomy and I think this is a perfect mix between anatomy and product design.
    I would use this as a candlestick on special occasions, but the rest of the time it wouldn't hold a candle and would be an object of curiosity for those unaware : )


  • Joanne K

    I would choose the 'Heat Pods by Gordon'. To make the most of them, I would attach flat magnets ‎to the back. That way when not in use I could use the wonderful eyes to add interest to my ‎otherwise stark rented kitchen. It would be a shame to have them always covered up with pots! ‎

  • Gudrun

    My favorite is actually the large animal in gunpowder black. I also really like the busy lizzy and guilty pleasures bowls. I would put the animal on top some books in my living room. I would also like to collect a few of them and group them together on my coffee table.
    warm regards,

  • Jos

    My favourite is the Pink Passion Jug. I like the metal glazing and it works perfectly on a hot summer day. Picture a table with the Pink Passion Jug, some Pink Passion Cups, fresh toast, butter and marmelade. A plate filled with strawberries and some whipped cream to top it of. Drinks, laughter and the sun setting slowly anouncing the coming of a wonderfull summer evening. In the center of this all a candle would burn in the Animal candlestick in matte gunpowder black…

  • Amna

    I love the candlesticks but my favorite is little lizard bowls that remind me of childhood summers on Adriatic coast where real lizards would lie around in our dishes in the sun!! I would place them on the table with bamboo place mats and some pebbles around.

  • Sharon Yap

    I love the animal candlestick. it's minimalist lines, simple beauty. i'd put in on my white 606 shelving for fantastic contrast and look at it every time i pass

  • Wow. These are so beautiful! I would choose the Animal in platinum. And I'd use it in my living room. The platinum color and shine would be perfect there!

  • Tim

    The guilty pleasures small orange bowl would be a fantastic place to keep my keys… I'd always want to use it! I'd pair it with one of the black guilty pleasures bowls to keep my wallet and phone in, and put them both on a skinny deep brown side table that had nothing else on it… maybe a small flower vase at the other end.

  • Stella

    Hej Emma,

    I have just moved into a new apartment and have been looking for a cool contrast for my bedside drawer aside my tender ornament. I think the perfect fit aside for the ornament would be the Sofia Nilssons Animal Platinum. It has the needed roughness but my style though.

    Regards from finland 🙂

  • I really love Buzy Lizzy bowl. I really love pottery with a twist. The bowl would be perfect for my summer home, it would be fun to serve small salad in it. 🙂

  • Saskia

    Hej Emma,
    I really love the Animal platinum candlestick which will give to our dining table a new atmosphere depending on the colour of the candle to be lit … 🙂

  • Emma!

    How amazing are these giveaways?! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of chic interiors and sending it back to us with gifts too!
    Of all their pieces, I've decided I love the black matte animal claw candlestick holder the best. It has such a strong, edgy presence. It's a statement piece!

    I've been getting so inspired by your posts over the past months, that I finally decided to paint my nyc studio apartment white and introduce color through accessories and art! I have this rustic, white, distressed dining table in my living room that I believe would be the perfect home for an animal candlestick! I imagine a vase of colorful flowers for contrast next to it and all of my white dining settings for a romantic dinner with the beau.
    Oh! I'm excited.

    Thank you for thinking of us!

    bri (aka miss bits)

  • Anne

    What a wonderful idea the pieces are all gorgeous!

    I would pick the Animal candlestick in matte gunpowder black. I love having diner by candlelight with my fiancé so I would put it on my white marble top tulip table. It would be a great centre piece during the day with the contrast of black and white and very useful in the evening.



  • Å vilken dröm!
    Jag blev helt förälskad i dessa när jag såg de första gången!
    Jag gillar Animal candlestick in matte gunpowder black mest! Den är väldigt maffig och enkel på samma gång och skulle passa super på mitt bord i köket.

  • Elvera van Schaik

    I would love to win the animal candlestick gunpowder matte black…. why??? the candles are amazing!!!!!
    i'm in love!!!!
    greetz from Elvera

  • Kerry

    My favorite piece is also the animal candlestick in gunpowder black! I collect candle holders that hold tall white candlesticks, and the gunpowder black would contrast beautifully with the many antique gold candlesticks I already have. I am moving into a new apartment soon and would display this item in the middle of a dining table filled with my other candlesticks and wine bottles I use as candle holders, grouped tightly together in a cluster. I love the way the wax accumulates along the bottles, candlesticks, and onto the surface of the table.

    You are too kind with all your giveaways!

  • Sara Brostmeyer

    I would get the Edith Dessertskål and put it on my white countertop with blue placemats.

  • Reidunn

    I want to buy the Busy Lizzy bowl. Or maybe more than just one. I'm thinking it would be great fun to use them for serving soup!

  • monkeygonetoheaven


    I decided to go for the Painted Poem Flower Pot, cause IMO the flower pattern is quite simple, yet so elegant.

    As for how I'm gonna use it and style it up/ruin it…Hmm…I'd simply put some nice flowers in it (not much of a flower person, but I kind of digg cyclamens) and find a nice spot for it, preferrably in the living room window. Would be a much nicer sight than a sea of not-so-aesthetically-pleasing blocks of flats…Plus, I think it would look pretty good in my all-white apparment.

  • Thanks for pointing out Höganäsgruppen, they do have some stunning items in their collection.
    The white & orange bowl is definitively an eye-catcher, and a beautiful one! I would place it on my white, waist high book shelf. It would be a nice color play since I just painted the wall behind that bookshelf in charcoal-gray last week. Plus, my Dutch friends would love the orange spark in the room. 🙂
    Kisses from Amsterdam! Agnes

  • I really like this sweet pot "Poem Blomkruka large" from there collection. And of course the candlestick is great! It would suit perfectly in my little world of black and white and some yellow spots…..

  • Susanna

    I really really really really love the Animal Platinum candelstick! I love the form and the color… and its rugged style. It would look awesome on my old, rugged and thick window recess.

  • Rieke

    Both candlesticks from the Animal series are just amazing.

    As for the last ten minutes I tried to think of the prfect place for them in my appartment.
    The truth is though that they would simply make every spot perfect, because they are perfect.

  • Anna S

    The Animal Gunpowder Black candlestick really is something else! I would put it as a solitary statement or excamaition mark on my open kitchen-shelves from the 30´s.

    It would match the gray marble counter top and the white china perfeclty, and give my studio that extra edge. I could use the hole in the candle stick to keep my daily vitamins in so as not to forget to take them. 🙂

  • I love, love, love that candlestick that you give us for a giveaway! In that color is perfect! If I should chose one product from their website it would be Busy Lizzy, that eyecatching bowl with lizard!
    I would put it in my hollway, and I would use it as a bowl where would we put our carkeyes and that kind of things. I would styled it with that great Animal candlestick (it goes with every combination in my head for now on), my favourite eames poster and Therese Sennerholt poster that I hope that my husband will buy me soon as a gift 🙂

  • Heike

    I'm afraid I'm repeating what lots of the others have said: I do like the candlestick that you're giving away best. Why? Because we have a conservatory that's looking out on real-live horses and I would love to enjoy my morning cup of tea with the candlestick standing in the window.

  • Interior heart

    I actually think that the the animal candlestick in gunpowder black is the best piece. I´ve just covered a chair with Stig Lindbergs Melodi textile to put in my favourite corner, upstairs in a big window that has a view of my neighborhood, in my small house. Next to it i have a stack of my favourite books. I would love to put the candlestick on top of the books and light it in the evenings while im sitting there reading.

  • Simone

    I really think the animal candlestick is one of the best items on the website. But I also really love the Heat Pods by Gordon! I love how something so random as that can be so interesting and cool. And I live in the tiniest apartment, so they would make a nice work of art on the table, even when they're not in use.

  • My dad just bought an amazing apartment next to the Old Town in Tallinn with great surroundings. It has white walls and big ceiling-to-the-floor windows in the living room overlooking to the terrace, where we are thinking of doing a little oasis in the city :-] …Anyway my dad asked me to decorate the place, since it's my profession and passion – interior design/er and now I am just insomnic, going through interior design bloggs and looking for inspiration and solutions and right away, when I saw those candlesticks, I thought they would be perfect in that apartment! It just looks amazing with it's simple bionic design, what doesn't look so simple in the next gaze – you start noticing the small details that make the design. Like the small curves of the horse's head and how that all together makes it even more genius! Great design is like that, it's simple, it's genius, it's something you think you should have had thought of that. And that collection of candlesticks is actually my favourite pieces in the Höganäsgruppen's repertuare… They could make everything look nice next to them. I would use them in living room, next to tv, on the open wooden shelves, where are variously piled up books/magazines, maybe an interesting bowl with some fir cones and cedar nuts and a memento brought from a trip to somewhere. And besides all that, my father was born on a horse year by the chinese calender, so it would give a nice sentimental value to it also!

    🙂 all the best, carry on!

  • Elenor

    I would put the claw in my kitchen. I think it would look great on the white metal surface of the kitchen table. What I like about the claw is the rawness, simplicity and the association to nature and It would fit right into the feeling that I am trying to create in my home.

    The claw is my favourite object on the höganäs homepage, but the heat pods with eyes on them were also very nice.

  • Lisa K

    They certainly had many beautiful things and it's definanelty difficult to make a choice. However, just this morning I got so frustrated after coming home from the grocery store with plenty of fruit bot no beautiful bowl to put it in. Therefore I chose "Guilty Pleasures" big bowl to put fruit in. I would chose the one with the color blue inside since it would look beautiful in the kitchem matching my blue tile!

  • Silje T

    Who what a great giveaway! The new design from Hagstrømgruppen is modern with an edge. I love that you are fronting swedish design! My favourite item is the Animal Platinuium designed by the talented Sofia Nilsson! I would have it on my black hearth, which has a gray wall behind it – so there the animal platinium will look smashing!

  • Lisa McCabe

    I love the black horse candlestick holder very much because it reminds me of my little horse Panda — She is a small and sturdy black Cheval Canadien –the national horse of Canada. As much as I would love to sit on the sofa with her and drink wine, she is probably a bit untidy. Instead perhaps I could bring one of these beautiful candlesticks into my home.

  • Gisela

    Love the black horses! My kids Also do.
    It will be on our raw trunk slice dinning table every weekend
    Keeping my fingers closed!
    THANKS for this chance Emma
    Gisela from Argentina

  • aleks s.

    hej emma! two give-aways within one week?! you're spoiling us!

    i've checked out the website and have to say that they have some pretty amazing things there. i actually like many but for this task i will go with the NUCLEAR FAMILY CUPS (mommy, daddy, kiddo) that i would use as pots. i have these dry grass-woven minature trees of three different sizes that would perfectly fit the concept of a family! the right place for them would be on a windowsill in the kitchen. there are no curtains on that window and it faces a big tree and the frame is emerald green.

    thank you and have a great day!

  • Kerli Radvilavicius

    Guilty Pleasures bowls! I would choose the big black one and have it on my big white kitchen table, with some nuts inside. I am a huge fan of bowls, have so many at home, but this one looks and feels somehow special, as handmade things usually do.

  • Sara

    Guilty Pleasures are really beautifull made. I especially like the Black&white ones and the big one would be perfect on my coffee table next to my kubis candlestick holder. I would let it be empty and only fill it on special occasions with a little light chain or for christmas: christmas balls in the right colors.

    Cheers, Sara

  • Iskra

    I love Busy Lizzy and the idea of an emerging lizard from your soup! It would be a great "wild dinner" with the "crawling" gunpowder black candle holder. And would look great on my thick wooden table.

  • I like the Nuclear Family collection (cups, bowls) for its name (!), its color and its intriguing look.
    It's remind me a picture of Pim Leenen ( ) that I own and I would probably try a mix-match with this image, these porcelan elements and some natural found object (stones, woods, plants)!

  • Jenni

    Hi again Emma!

    Once again a very cool giveaway!

    My favourite product is Guilty Pleasures large orange bowl.

    Because of the oncoming summer I'm going a bit crazy with colours. I would put the bowl filled with clementines on my rustic kitchen table, under our orange Kartell FL/Y suspension lamp and combine it with lovely Marimekko "Räsymatto" and "Siirtolapuutarha" mugs and white plates.
    And of course the gunpowder black candlestick would add a perfect twist and edge to our otherwise oh so retro breakfast table.

    Have a nice week!
    Best wishes

  • Victoria

    Hello, Emma!
    It is probably the repetition – but the black candlestick you are giving away is really my favourite, although it has been a competition between it and the painted blue flower pot. But but.. My friend works from home often and there is an old tall elegant stove with tiles, with calm faces and delicate iron lace on them in his room. Beside it there are two teak Danish chairs with square black soft leather cushions-seats, wonderful creation of Kai Kristiansen. Light wooden old floor and soft white linen curtains lying on it in effortless waves complement the room where my friend does a lot of his reading. Together with his papers on the teak coffee table between the chairs usually there is a cup of coffee – the one of my age, my mom's present, white with a light purple dandelion, so thin that through the faience you can easily see the level of the drink. This candlestick would be a wonderful gift for this interior, organic, vibrant and soulful. This room in the heart of Oslo is filled with live materials, and I think it could almost feel like the horse's nostrils breathing the smells of the wooden floor, fire and coffee.

    With very best regards, please never stop blogging,

    Je suis fan de ses yeux mais je n'ai pas tout compris à leur utilisation(et oui même avec le traducteur).
    De toute façon on s'en fout de l'utilisation car moi je les aurais mis au mur, un tableau de yeux.
    J'ai découvert ton blog il y a peu et j'aime tout, les photos et les styles sont sublimes : BRAVO!

  • Sandra

    I think that the animal candlestick in black gunpowder black is the best piece. If I should win I would put it in an old showcase beside my white pigbank from harry allen in the big window in my livingroom.

  • julie

    A N I M A L G U N P O W D E R i n B L A C K
    is the best! and it would be match perfectly with my new wallpaper out of indian and american recieps in the kitchen – oh yes, it would be perfect!

  • Kristi

    I like the large animal in gunpowder black the best but golden is also super. I just read from somewhere that it is highly reccomendable to have something shiny in each room, very clever indeed. So I guess I need to put it somewhere in my living room (nothing shiny there at the moment:-))

  • Ola Nilsson

    Dear Emma,

    The beautiful black animal candlestick is also my favorite amongst Höganäsgruppens products.

    I've always had a soft spot for Swedish handcraft and design and look very much forward to seeing more of Höganäsgruppen. Being Swedish but having moved to Brussels about a year ago, I feel that Swedish interior design is a perfect way of being reminded of "home".

    If I won the candlestick, I would put it on the fireplace -which is light grey- where it would blend perfectly with white animal cermics by Jonathan Adler.

  • peppiss

    I love mommy, daddy & kiddo cups. The eggshell-blue color matches perfectly to our 60 year old wooden sailingboat, Östersjö-8 and since we are 3 in this family, everybody has their own cup for morning lattes and hot chocolate.

  • I like the gold claw candle stick. In my bedroom, at the top of my bookshelf, I have a vignette with a globe, a wooden rice bowl, a framed wallpaper sample with cranes and a broadside (a poem on decorative paper). That's where I'd put the candlestick.

  • I'd pick the guilty pleasures bowl in black and white. The design is pure and simple, just beautiful! I would put it on my kitchen island as decoration but also use it for storage of small items. It would look great together with my Ditte Fischer vase.

  • Ismael Pacheco

    Hi Emma, first of all I am a big fan of your blog. We bought a 100y old house and we've been renovating for over 2 years and now is the time to decorate which I am really exited. I've got a 9f rosewood mid century dining table with 8 FDB Mobler chairs in my dining room which is open to the kitchen. I am hoping to get a feel of a big kitchen instead. The black animal candlestick would look great on the table beside another two ones, black/gold if I could afford it. But for now it would sit beside two lovely different sizes/shape low white vases that I have.
    Cheers from Toronto, Canada.

  • Louise

    If I could:
    QUADRO by Timo Solin Set
    Wall mounted over the beverage station in the guest room.
    Coffee, tea or me?
    Tongue and cheek…

  • Arlene Howard

    Quadro is my favorite. I would use it as a centerpiece on my black dining room table, flanked by two platinum or white animal claw candlesticks.
    Beautiful and clean.

  • Priscilla

    L'animal poudre noir pour ma part.
    Il serait dans la salle à manger, sur une poutre posée au sol de 3 mètres de long, grisée par le temps, et qui a des éclats d'obus de la guerre de Verdun (Lorraine, France)
    Tous mes objets préférés, achetés ou chinés vont à cet endroit…

  • I'm in love with those Guilty Pleasure bowls on the Höganäsgruppen site! I think the black and white ones are stunning. They could go anywhere, but I'd put one on a bedside table in the guest room so guests have a place to put their valuables. Beautiful stuff!

  • Eveline Simard

    Hello, I pick the black candelstick claw. I would put it on my black iron table with light brown tree branches under it.
    Love it.


  • Anonym
  • I would pick them all! Truly in love I fell with the "Guilty Pleasures" large black and the candle holder "Animal Gunpowder Black". Beautiful work.

  • Caroline

    It´s hard, not to say impossible to choose one favourite…each and every piece is absolutely amazing and you can see how much work and love that has been put in to it! Höganäsgruppen have choosen excellent artists for their first collection, and I love them all! I would put the animal candlestick on my daughters nightstand table. She´s 3 1/2 and absolutely LOVES horses. Not a day goes by without her asking me when she will be old enough to ride a horse (everywhere I asked they have to be 5). I would lit the candle when I put her to bed, reading her her bedtimestory and I would tell her that the morning that the candle is still burning when she wakes up is the day she will go riding! (and will be on her 5:th birthday…of course 🙂

    Have a lovely day and thanks!

  • i would take the Ljusstakar. i love candles and they dont look so cheesy / girly , which i really like, because my flat is really clean with alot of white and grey !

  • Sigrún Gudjónsdóttir

    what a great site……beautiful things, my favorit is guilty pleasures in white and orange, I cant´t think of one place I would put it so it would travel around the apartment!

  • Nick

    To add a pop of colour my minimal grey kitchen, i would chose the Orange heat pods to liven up the work space… There's always a space for a hint of orange in any room!

  • Well, as a matter of fact, I would take an Animal candlestick and I would put it on my table in the livingroom, because the black one would perfectly match the black line which is around the wooden table. I like the sensual feeling about this candelstick et there is something retro about it that I like too.

  • I adore the candlesticks that Hoganasgruppen carries. I would scatter weathered conch shells collected from a visit to the ocean, my favorite rocks and and collected seed pods around the matte black Animal candlestick on my vintage chestnut-colored dining room table. It is the perfect piece for melding modern minimalism and vintage. Thanks!