Giveaway: Poster from L’Affiche Moderne!

This giveaway is now closed and a winner has been drawn!

My sponsor L’Affiche Moderne has generously offered to host a giveaway for you! The prize is a large size (50×70 or 50×50 cm,


worth € 59) poster of your choice from their big range of prints and photographs! All you have to do to have a chance to win is tell me which poster you want and why. The winner will be drawn on Thursday, May 26.

Here are some of my favourites, but do click over to L’Affiche Moderne to pick your own favourite!


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  • Siobhán

    Its my birthday today – so fingers crossed i'm lucky….its got to be 'La montagne et l'oiseau'
    by Jeanne Audrey. What a lovely giveaway!

  • nahili

    ahhh I´m in love with "Pirates by Doumont Gwenaëlle" quite a bit….and since the 26th is my birthday it would be the perfect present!

  • kindelfind

    Wow, that's a beautiful collection of prints. My favorite is "Yuki" by Dufay Alice.

  • Kajsa

    Håller ständigt på att leta tavlor och posters till min framtida lya (är student) men jag tycker att det är galet svårt att hitta fina/snygga saker! "Fonte" by Wolf Alexandra är verkligen en bild jag har kollat på fleeera gånger men aldrig köpt, så nu måste jag ju var med och tälva och hoppas att jag kammar hem den! 😀
    Toppen tävling och toppen blogg!

  • Natalie

    It was pretty hard for me to choose between ''Cats of the World'' by Correll Gemma and ''Mai'' by Dufay Alice, but in the end the girl with the shoes (''Mai'' by Dufay Alice) wins!
    Why- just because it's so gorgeously simple and would fit perfectly in my hallway full of shoes (when the re-do is done) 🙂

  • Ida

    My favourite is Marie-Kong by Juery Franck. I would love put this poster on my daughters bedroom wall.

  • Tom

    Oh, this is great! I have to tell you a little story: The <a href="">stairs</a&gt; of our little maisonette is occupied by a strict Russian lady named <a href="">Olga</a&gt;. She is so dominant there, staring at <a href="">white walls</a> that our <a href="">toucan family</a> is hiding downstairs in the old trees. I think, the "Arrow head" could make Olga a little less scary for them. What do you think?

  • Nathalie

    It was pretty hard for me to choose between ''Cats of the World'' by Correll Gemma and ''Mai'' by Dufay Alice, but in the end the girl with the shoes (''Mai'' by Dufay Alice) wins!
    Why- just because it's so gorgeously simple and would fit perfectly in my hallway full of shoes (when the re-do is done) 🙂

  • Tom

    Ouh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that html isn't computed here. 🙁

  • Nathalie

    I like ''Mai'' by Dufay Alice.
    Why- just because it's so gorgeously simple and would fit perfectly in my hallway full of shoes (when the re-do is done) 🙂

  • I just love this giveaway 🙂

    this is the poster i would like to win..

    and you know why; because for the first time in my life i have my own place to life, i always shared a room with my little sister and now i have my own little place. I decorated it totally in my own style but i have one white wall that's still empty, waiting for a perfect poster, and this one would be the perfect one..


  • Oh these are great! I'm looking for something colourful to my apartment and it would be nice to add a strong pink print to my collection – I'd pick Happywood by Keraval Gwen.

  • Elise

    Nice give away, I am looking on the site and have 4 options that I think are really beautiful. I didn`t want to spend to much time in deciding, because chances to win are small, lots of readers. But I did. Couldn`t choose between these four:,,,

    Noticing that they are all blueish (figurly speaking also) and with a sprankle of hope, widely viewed, bigger view?

    My end choice eventually is the first one: morning mountains by Matthew Doug, because it would look the best in the room with the rest of the colours it has in it and when I look at it it has a serenity, like: whats to worry? And the picture is quite timeless. So I would probably like it always in different times.

    Pleasseeeee I want to win :):):)

  • Min favorit är Yuki!
    Vi behöver lite mer fina tavlor på väggarna och den skulle göra sig så bra här!
    Kram Vanja

  • I love this site!
    my favorite poster is "Onirisme" by Valentin Chenaille, I would love it in my future bedroom, it is so calm and quiet!

  • Eva

    I am really touched by "Coulure" by Wolf Alexandra! It shows sort of a frozen intimacy being sad and exciting at the same time.

  • Papeq

    Esto is great!

    Me gusta mucho "El arca y el diluvio" by Aimar Gustavo.

  • ELA

    Dear Emma,
    my favourite is also Kim by Dufay Alice. The little girl reminds me very much of my beloved sister who passed away 12 years ago… I sometimes have this picture in my mind that she is sitting on a swing and is just happy at this other place… 🙂

  • Suubi Njuki

    I absolutely LOVE Linero Sol's Ponch & Lupita… why do I want it… well I am a dog person… all the way but fo rth efirst time, I have seen some adorable kitties and I wanna have them! 🙂

  • Martine Mikkelsen

    Urban shadow 9 by Sikost Instant

    It reminds me of the song upside down with Diana Ross. Life shouldt be so serious 🙂

  • Maartje

    It was so much fun checking out the website and pivking a favourite! i felt like a kid in the candystore 🙂

    Heim Michela's 'int the night' instantly reminded me of summernights with my friends in high school. This portrait brings out sweet nostalgia for me. And the light..! The way the purple dress and the red hair stick out with the black background, it's simply beautiful. I know exactly where I'm going to hang this! (above my new secondhand retro buffet cabinet)

    Regards Maartje (from Holland)

  • Eva

    When the world sleeps by Dan-ah Kim

    I saw this picture once on your blog and saved it to my inspirational pictures map.

    Freedom and melancholy, and the colours and simplicity; would like it on the wall, because it gives some recognition to your/my feelings.

  • Chrissy Dieerste

    oh wow! i fell immediately in love with "Amarillo" by Joffre Véronique. beside the beauty of the painting, the colours and concept would perfectly fit in my room. plus for me as a student it's quite tough to afford it otherwise…
    i hope i'm the lucky one.

  • It's so hard to choose one, I really loved a lot of the prints! But if I have to say just one it will be…. Cats of the world by Gemma Correl, I saw the design some weeks ago and fell in love with it!
    And why? Well, my favourite animals are cats, the idea is so funny and the style of the drawing is adorable!

  • They have so much incredible stuff, but the Alice Dufay drawing almost made me cry. I don't know, but as simply as it is, it is full of memories and hope.

  • Bec Wilson

    oh oh oh! Kim, Dufay Alice. I figure that although my house is a little rough around the edges, perhaps if i cover my walls with such gorgeousness no one will notice… hehe 😀

  • Shelby Smith

    When the world sleeps by Dan-ah Kim.

    I would love to have this print because it reminds me so much of the times where I would just go away at night to clear my head.

    The print reminds me of the freedom i really have, and its also beautiful on it's own; without any meaning or memories attached.


    love this one… !!!! its pure summer and would look amazing in my still cold and ugly bathroom! sitting in my tub with looking at this instead of grey tiles I could imagine swimming in the “paloma sea”! its all about feeling!

  • Birte

    love this one… !!!! its pure summer and would look amazing in my still cold and ugly bathroom! sitting in my tub with looking at this instead of grey tiles I could imagine swimming in the “paloma sea”! its all about feeling!

  • My favorite photo is: Little Sister by Heim Michela.

    L'affiche moderne… It is French?
    Then, I would speak french to say:
    la mélancolie du pays, là bas, si haut.
    Où la lumière est blanche et si douce.
    Quand reverrais-je ses ondes vibrantes.

  • why??? beacause i really need it: i just moved to a new appartment and the walls are screaming to hang there something but after buying the appartment i have no money left for art :///

    I love the Dufay Alice – Kim!||


  • Maud

    Why ?
    Because it would be really cute in my expected baby's room !

  • Laiza

    I love Châchîn by Joffre Véronique. If been a little down lately and could really use something to cheer me up.

  • The last fall by Wetzel Pierre
    reminds me, as an architect, that architecture can be ephemeral and it's ok.

  • Jag älskar L´affiche Moderne! Har en underbar fototavla (into the night) av Michela Heim hemma. Men om jag vann skulle jag denna gång välja
    Mort d´un ange av Sartoris Jean-Christophe, en fototavla. Jag bara älskar motivet som får en att fundera lite över vad de gör och varför? När mina tavlor hemma får besökare att titta och vi börjar prata om den och att jag själv inte heller kan sluta titta på den lite nu och då. Skön känsla och så vill jag konst ska vara.

  • SP

    Well well well, what a nice thing of you to do !

    I already knew l'Affiche moderne and had my eyes on a photography from Chamton Julie, which is called "Egypte 14".

    The first time I saw it, I immediately loved the contrast between the red light and the vivid blue sea – it's mesmerizing… and yet so simple.

    I hope you'll bring some joy to the white walls of my room !

  • rosina06

    My absolute love-at-first-sight favorite is Nuages by Perdita Corleone. It would be perfect match (but not too matchy-matchy pair) with my new stone colored Furninova sofa.

    Amazing art! If I'm not the lucky one, I know what to ask from dear Mr. Santa Claus this year.

    That being said, please PICK ME!

  • Amna

    It is definitely " Yuki" by Dufay Alice because this little girl with pony tails looking at her rubber boots could have been easily me when I was about 6 years old and my mom bought me a pair! I never stopped jumping in the puddles since. My pony tails would get wet from it old the time!!!

  • There were so many great posters for me and our living room but in the end I've decided that my favourite is Abécédaire by Jeanne Audrey, perfect for my little daughter's room 🙂

  • There were so may great posters for me and our living room but in the end I've decided that my favourite is Abécédaire by Jeanne Audrey. I think it will be perfect for my little daughter's room 🙂

  • Alex

    My pick would be Pirates by Doumont Gwenaëlle. I recently moved to Berlin and I am working on an all white/black working space. This would be the perfect fit next to my selfdrawn artwork. I love these crazy pictures with all these little storys. Its just fun to look at everytime you pass by.

  • nina

    L'Alpes dû by Jeanspezial

    There are some nice posters and it's hard to decide, but the one I mentioned is very funny and I like the colours and the style very much.

  • If I should pick a poster to win it would be this one:

    I think it is important to remeber how to be a child, and go crazy sometimes otherwise the world will turn grey and boring, and I've just met the perfect guy who brings every shade of color into my life!

    I've recetly moved redecorated my rooms, and my walls are kind of empty because I'm afraid I will regret waht I hung up.. But this poster will just be amazing above my bed, as a morning-advice for the day.

  • hello,
    coool giveaway!
    it was difficult to choose because there is a lot of talented photographers and illustrator,but i chose
    El arca y el diluvio by Aimar Gustavo,
    because i love the mix of the colors,and the poetry which is in it.
    And it will be perfect in my little house
    and because it's not my birthday 🙂
    bonne journée
    sophie *

  • Brita

    Yuki by Dufay Alice. The simplicity and intimacy of this work speaks to me and i love rain-boots!

  • Joy

    These are amazing prints! I guess I would have to go with Juery Franck Cheval bleu. I love the vivid colors and playfulness. My favorite art would be that which isn't too serious and might take you back to happier times. Thank you!!! And, I love your blog-

  • Joy

    I would love to have Juery Franck
    Cheval bleu hanging in my home- such vivid colors and playful attitude. It's gorgeous! I love your blog too- Thanks!

  • I love Amarillo by Joffre Véronique because it reminds me of the Little Prince's home planet. The Little Prince was a great source of inspiration during my childhood.

  • Jag skulle välja Kim av Dufay Alice. Den är simpel, vacker och svartvit – alltså perfekt för vårt hem!

  • I'm torn between Mai by Dufay Alice and El arca y el diluvio by Gustavo Aimar. I'm trying to compile a series of art for an artwall in my dining room – either of them would be perfect!

  • Gunnhild

    I love both "Kim" and "Yuki" by Dufay Alice! If I had to choose one it would probably be Yuki, though.. It would look great in my kids room, I´ve been looking for something to hang there for the past two(!) years, but I cant seem to make up my mind. Untill now. 🙂

  • Keely

    I really love Barrière by Labokoff. It has a subtle hint of colour and just feels so whimsical. Speaks of a simpler time. I just adore it and thank you so much for such an awesome give away!

  • Kerli

    So so hard to choose, but for sure something from the kids collection!
    What a cool web site/store!

  • I have a 4 years old son who is starting to write he's first words, so L'abécédaire des zanimos would be perfect! Love your blog!

  • Martin Knudsen

    Up in the air by Arrhenius Ingela P

  • Jo

    I'd love the Around the world (English version) by Mercier Julie. I work in the field of international education and this poster just embodies my work! And as I start in a new work place in two months… 🙂

  • would love Kim by Dufay Alice for my little one's room.. she loves swings and I think this would be sweet.

    ps i love your blog.

  • Louise Black

    Great giveaway! I absolutely love lomography and therefore I pick Locomotive en attente by Pitot François.

    I love the bright colours and this artwork specially because it is of an everyday object that you don't normally regard as an object of art.

  • I defenitely want "Kim by Dufay Alice". It would look SO good in my new home.

  • Zoe

    I love Dufay Alice's works, with simple lines capturing the simple in-between moments.Cross-fingers for it, Kim, Mai, or Yuki for my kid's room.

  • Linda

    Onirisme av Chenaille Valentin.
    Subtil, harmonisk och mystisk – den drar blicken till sig. Fastnade för denna direkt och nu kan jag inte sluta titta.

  • camilla

    Barrière by Labokoff. Leken, drømmende med fantastiske farger

  • i love this one

    it's awesome seeing visual learning illustrations for different languages!

  • Janine

    What a great giveaway.
    I love the San Sebastian, Spain photograph by Loyon Marc!!!


    I would defenitely like "Cats of the World by Correll Gemma".
    I love cats since I am a little girl and this poster would match perfectly with the other stuff of cats I have. I've moved just 3 months ago to a new appartment and I need beautiful things like this to make it look good!

    (Well, my birthday is not on 26th, it's actually on 28th but it would be still a wonderful gift)
    Thanks for the chance! (^.^)

  • i love illustrations, i'm happy you got me in touch with l'affiche moderne. my favorite; because, that chair, is the first thing i bought from first 'real' salary.. and i turn 25 on the 26th of may 🙂 so that will be a beautifull present!

  • Heike

    I love Cats of the World by Gemma Correll. Why? Because it finally allows us to interpret our bi-national, bi-lingual cat correctly – and we can't get enough of her 🙂

  • Zoe

    I love Dufay Alice's works, using simple lines capturing simple in-between moments.
    Cross-finger for "Kim, Mai, or Yuki" for the wall of my kid's room.

  • Such a great contest, loved all of both the illustrations and photographs! But i think i finally know which one i'd pick – Happywood!

    It would go very well with the other colors in my livingroom, and fit perfectly on those totally empty walls! I love detaild work such at this one, since you always find something new to look at, and new ways of understanding the piece 🙂 You kind of get spellbound into it!

  • Camilla

    Åh, så mycket fint och sååå svårt att välja. Men jag blev helt kär i bilden Mai av Dufay Alice! Den skulle bli superfin i vår lilla hall där vi tar på oss skorna. Vill bara ha!

  • Freja Bech-Jessen

    I'm in love with Helm Michelas "Into the Night". Its spooky, mysterious, weird and just beautiful! Also it is exactly what i need in my I-just-became-a-mother life, which is actually a bit spooky, mysterious, weird and absolutely beautiful as well:-)

  • i c

    I love "Eat by Bluecitrusart." It would look fab in my kitchen!

  • Elvera

    Margate by Chris Friel
    I love this picture…. i grew up "at the beach" and this picture reminds me of that great feeling when all the toerist where gone… an empty beach gave me…. freedom….

  • Oiii, fastnade direkt för Mort d´un ange av Satoris Jean-Christophe. Älskar färgerna och den härliga känslan i bilden. Skulle passa perfekt i min hall och lyfta mitt för övriga färglösa hem.

  • I love Eat by Blue-Citrus Art! It's simplicity, the understatement and the wonderful bright colours!
    Would make a great statement in my kitchen!

    love your blog!

    X Vera

  • kirsten

    i would love the little girl with the braids! because it looks like it could be my little girl. i would hang it in the hall right when you come in. thanks emma.

  • Remi.C

    Morning mountains by Matthews Doug
    The colors, shades are amazing in this photo. What a moment. Awesome frame. Love it.

  • kristen

    I love Pirates by Doumont Gwenaëlle, it reminds me of my home city, Hong Kong. There are many many people, everyone has very busy life. The poster looks hectic but in a funny and cool way :). And i always love black and white 🙂

  • I loved Onirisme by Chenaille Valentin. So magical, I could imagine standing there for hours… and it would look good in my imaginary apartment in stockholm! 🙂

  • Juery Frank's "Marie Kong" makes me wonder. A lot! About what that girl is up to.
    Will she step on the house? If yes, Why? -Is she angry?
    Is she only stepping over it? Maybe trying to follow/catch the model aeroplane?

    A playful photo yet melancholic in a way.

  • Marina

    LOVE 'Vintage Memories by Chaulafanita'! I've been redesigning my living room, making my own “Wine Crate, Leaning Ladder Bookcase” and a “3 File Drawer Entertainment Center” and adding pops of the color red (I'm obsessed) to walls and chairs, and this photo would be so at home in there. And, it brought an instant smile to my face, it’s beautiful!

  • Laura

    I would also choose Yuki by Dufay Alice. Simply beautiful.

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love "When the World Sleeps" by Dan-ah Kim..and would love even more to hang in my apartment.

  • MB

    I am mesmerized by:

    Eat by Bluecitrusart

    I love the aesthetics of vintage mass consumption and this poster will remind me to take road trips. Also, it is a lovely blue which makes the picture almost look like an extra window in my kitchen (where I plan to hang up).

  • I love Pirates by Doumont Gwenaëlle. The texture it generates would perfectly match most of the interiors posted here in Emmas that i like so much. And it's funny with a very contemporary look. Black and White love each other.

  • I love Kea-Rabbit Tales

  • Georgia

    i love 'pillow head', very perfect for my sleeping chamber.

  • Kate Nance

    This is not so easy. Just one….. For my little girl's bedroom, Red Apple by Limoon. An enchanting piece of art for the apple of my eye. Those lovey reds and greens, a little chinoiserie 'Amelie'.

  • Awesome shots! I've had this empty wall between my closet and bedroom door for the longest time! I've tried filling it with so many different posters but nothing seems to do the trick. La Fille du cafe by Auvity Cyril would be the perfect piece of art to showcase. It has a laid-back feel to it which would match the mood of my room perfectly!

    Addy, [email protected]

  • Cédric Tomissi

    this one is my favorite:Egypte 14 by Chamton Julie. This picture makes me dream and travel by the beautyfull colours and composition. I cross my fingers. Thank you for this and for your blog, i really like your universe.

  • So hard to choose a fav from their collection, but the one I feel in love with instantly was Rabbit Tales by Kea. This reminds me so much of my childhood and all I want to do is run and lay down in that field.

  • Julie Flibotte

    Oh my god, it's strange because yesterday i stumbled uppon L'affiche Moderne and i say The Print i Want in my living room!!! It's L'Alpes dû by Jeanspezial. Too beautiful.

  • Kim

    I heart Kim by Dufay Alice.

  • kate

    I've just discovered your blog and it is fantastic, really enjoying it!! I love Gemma Corrells 'Cats of the World' print, and the Retro/Vintage photos are great too!

  • Jess

    Little Sister by Heim Michela – I love how blinding and bright it is. It makes me wince, squint and then smile because I think of my little sister.

  • gisela

    I LOVE Mercier Julie's Around the world atlas and NYC map. My kids would be SOOO HAPPY!
    thanks for this opportunity

  • emma

    Hi! I'm from Australia, long time reader, first time enterer! Firstly, love the blog, it's my evening treat after work, have got SO many wicked ideas from your style and pics… I still keep a pic of your awesome kitchen for the day we finally buy and we can make one just like it! Love the benches.
    We rent at the moment and are trying to make the place pretty after getting married, but have no art of yet – so we're super excited to see these! "Red Apple" by Limoon would brighten up our loungeroom so much, haven't seen anything like it! Also, Barriere by Labokoff – what amazing colours eh. Great stuff, thanks for showing.

  • martha chalmers

    I'm a family medicine physician opening a tiny new practice focused on keeping expenses very very low so that I can both charge patients less and spend more time with them – I won't even have any staff as part of this plan. In simple ways, I'm trying to make my space friendlier than medical offices usually are and am charmed by the line drawing Yuki – so disarming! How nervous could a patient be sitting across the table from such a drawing?

  • Marit Bernhoft

    I love Yuki by Alice Dufay. I just descovered your blog and I am so inspired by it. So now I am redecorating my home and need some new beautiful pictures and this one really is!

  • Kaya

    I love Yuki by Dufay Alice, so simple yet playfull and intense. I would love it for my little girl's room.

  • Great blog, I check in regularly! My fav poster would have to be 'yuki' followed closely by 'kim' Alice Dufay..could be any of my four girlies on any given day pulling on the gumboots for outdoor play or swinging dreamily in a quiet moment – love the innocence these line drawings capture!

  • Stella M

    I really adore LAffiche Modernes posters! A great giveaway ^^ Now just fingers crossed.

  • LeFiffre

    Lagarde Sylvain, Du côté de chez Klein (2)

    I love this photo because I'm drawn into the experience of the foreground figure as he/she contemplates a cityscape appearing in odd perspective, stilted, curious, engaging, and nearly dehumanizing in its perspective. Nonetheless the figure animates and drives the composition; in spite of my mania for design and architecture, this photo shows me that ultimately it's the human component holds my attention best.

  • Barriere, så vacker!

  • My favorite poster would be Happywood by Keraval Gwen. We (family of five, kids years 10, 7, 3) are moving this summer to live in a cottage for the next two years while we will be buidling a house for us close to the cottage. The cottage is quite small and it will be a challange to stay sane during the rainy days 😉

    I believe the poster would keeps our spirits high and stear the imagination and fantasy of our kids who love animals and the nature.

    We'll see.

    Happywood by Keraval Gwen

  • Haut Standing by Séverin Leblanc.

    Because I inspire to do collages as good as his.


  • I love the Animalphabet by Sigrid Martinez. So sweet and retro. I am a sucker for cute animals!

  • My favorite poster would be Happywood by Keraval Gwen. We (family of five, kids years 10, 7, 3) are moving this summer to live in a cottage for the next two years while we will be buidling a house for us close to the cottage. The cottage is quite small and it will be a challange to stay sane during the rainy days 😉

    I believe the poster would keeps our spirits high and stear the imagination and fantasy of our kids who love animals and the nature.

    We'll see.

    Happywood by Keraval Gwen

  • Louise

    Cassette Rainbow by Whitwell Matt is fab! It reminds me of my teenage cassettes and all the lovely music I listened to over and over again, while dreaming about the future. It´s a happy poster that recalls happy memories!

  • Orsolya Horvath

    My favourite is definately "Mai" because it reminds me of my daughter, Hanna doing the same thing when we go walking.

  • What a wonderful giveway!
    I love all 3 prints of Dufay Alice. It will be great to have one of them.
    Now I'm in the middle of rearanging my livingroom and I'm looking for something to hang over the sofa. Look at my dilemas on my blog:
    Have a nice day!

  • Leena

    There are way too many nice ones to just pick one but let's say the first one of your choice.

  • Anni

    It was difficult choice, but I picked into the night by Heim Michela. It's so surreal and striking,which can't be ignored. It's suits perfectly with my white empty wall.

  • BrunaVive

    oh my god – so many people here want the same than me…
    i clicked through them and it was hard to decide but in the end i liked "Black Dog" of Juery Franck best.
    Why? – It reminds me on last holiday i spent with my boyfriend in denmark. there was a dog too which visited our house every day to get some love!

  • Reidunn

    Portugal by Loyon Marc would be my choice if I'm the lucky winner. I love the colors and the depth of the motiv. My white walls desperately need some color.

  • Katta

    I love the white circus series, especially circus 01. It reminds me of my vacations as a child. As the summer was more hot, the water more blue and the icecream sweet …

  • What a lovely giveaway! Will you post to Australia? I absolutely love the illustrations by Alice Dufay. They are so stunning! My particular favourite is 'Kim' it reminds me of myself whenever I sit pondering and think wistfully about things! Extreme love..

  • Áróra Eir

    I really like this one:
    I think it will go great with my other artwork!!!

  • Gabriel

    "Onirisme by Chenaille Valentin" is my favorite! I have already found the perfect spot for it in my newly rebuild livingroom that is in desperate need of art 😉


  • let's give this a try!

    I love

    Black dog by Juery Franck, love all his pictures but this one is definitely my favorite.

  • What a lovely give away. Thanks for sharing.

  • I share your choice of yuki by dufay alice, it's simple but so poetic. beautiful.

  • I'd love En Fleurs by Jeanne Audrey. Calming, inspiring, lovely.

  • JIM


    THX a lot for the contest & for your blog wich I look to everyday !
    This is my favourite for my future kid :
    Best regards !

  • This is AMAZING! I am especially drawn to Danse du Menez Hom by Moiroux Stéphane. So much about it I love… The retro vintage feel. That cool blue-grey sky with a dark amber ground. The moment it captured. It's such a great work that would look fantastic as a center wall piece in a main room!

  • Laura Ellen

    — i found the work "Eat" by Bluecitrusart — it´s such an eye-catching picture — liked the blandness of the lights — and its contrast to the direct prompt: EAT

  • Adrienne

    I love Giraffe by Christensen Ina because it would look great in the nursery I'm working on.

    Love your blog.

  • I´d love "Around the world" by Julie Mercier. It´s amazingly inspiring for young and curious bedbugs to look at. 🙂


  • Mai by Dufay Alice is my favourit, because of the simplicity and the serenity of the moment.

    fingers crossed…!

  • Kasia

    Lessay by Labokoff – lazy summer day on the meadow – I love it 🙂

  • Anne

    Hi Emma,

    thanks for sharing this sitr with us. Il est fabuleux!

    My favorite one is "When the world sleeps" by Dan-ah Kim. Why??? I like the nostalgy of it and the fact that the sky takes most of the picture.

    Tak tak,


  • all last day I couldn´t stop thinking about "Mai by Dufay Alice"….It is soso beautiful and would look awesome next to my yellow flowers….

  • all day I kept thinking about " Mai by Dufay Alice"…. it is soso beautiful and would look perfect next to my yellow flowers……………..

    fingers crossed x

  • My favorite is Yuki by Dufay Alice. It reminds me of my little sister; always running around in the garden in her rain boots.

  • kimjukrie

    hej emma. oh wow, very very hard to decide, which one i like best. but – i've chosen this one: L'Alpes dû by Jeanspezial. WANTWANWANTWANT!! : ) thank you emma an byebye. love your blog!! veryvery good impressions for my rooms. kim

  • Catrine

    Åh! Jag vill ha "Cats of the world", för jag kallas för Cat och behöver en poster till mitt nya badrum. Den hade passat perfekt, och dessutom kan man bli lite allmänbildad medan man sitter där 🙂

  • Lina

    The photo "Urban shadow 1" by Sikost Instant just made me sure – it´s the one I want! It´s hard to say what makes me like it so much though, but the stillness, shadows and simple motive just gave me such a good feeling.

  • hagen

    lovelovelove: Pirates by Doumont Gwenaëlle!

  • Jag önskar mig Mai. Att ge till min supervilda fyraåriga dotter Nomi. För det där är hon,, vareviga morgon. På med finskorna och klänningen och vägra gympadojjor och jeans. Hej världen i klackarskor liksom.

    Fin tävling!

  • Jenni P.

    Hi Emma!

    First of all thank you for your inspiring blog! I found you a while ago via RtiF.

    Thank you also for your great giveaway! The gallery and shop is a very nice new acquaintance.

    To me great artwork is stimulating and exhilarating, an escape from the banalities of dull everyday life. So my choice is Avec tant d'inconscience by Perdita Corleone where crazy meets beautiful.

    – And of course it would look awesome in our living room!

    Have a nice summer! It's almost here!


  • Karen

    I´d love "Eggs" by Heim Michela. Makes me smile.


  • edson fukuda

    i'd choose Barrière by Labokoff because when i saw this photo i had a deja vu sensation. And, as my grandma always used to say, dont underestimate a deja vu sensation!

  • I love Fére-en-Tardenois, the photo by Debuisser Benoît. It's time for summer and this is the perfect kick start to a summer state of mind, even in our seattle rain. beautiful!!

  • So hard to choose, but i think it would be amaing to have Jammes Laurence-L'abécédaire des zanimos
    in my daughter maja's room.
    Thank you

  • Åsta

    Mai by Dufay Alice is my absolute favorite. i need something yellow – helps me think about the sun!!!

  • marita Vik

    Jeg ønsker meg "La Fille du cafe". Jeg hoppet i stolen da jeg så bildet første gang, fordi kvinnen på bildet ser prikk lik ut som meg selv. Morsomt:) Bildet vil få hedersplass over vårt nyinnkjøpte spisebord!

  • sophie

    Mai, Dufay Alice. Lovely. Would make my heart happy and my wall pretty.

  • I <3 Mai by Dufay Alice! I love the yellow color in it! Would be lovely to my girls yellow room 🙂

  • I love – " La Fille du café" by Auvity Cyril
    I like cafes, loking at people in secret, colors, mystery..and this foto is all about it, and more! Beautifull.

  • Nicoletta

    I love KIM by Alice Dufay because it reminds me of my childhood!

  • wow! you're amazing!
    my favourite one is onirisme by chenaille valentin.

  • Ula

    My favourite is "Margate" by Friel Chris, because of this cloudy, windy sky.

  • My favourite is Mai by Alice Dufay! She seems to be everyones favourite:)

  • I forgot to tell u why I want Mai by Alice Dufay! It´s my daughters birthday soon, she will be five- and the beautiful picture will be perfect for her … 🙂

  • Johanna

    Aha, bra tips om än man inte vinner!

    Jag skulle välja "The last fall" av Wetzel Pierre, först och främst för att huset påminner mycket om vårt snart blivande hem och det skulle vara kul därför..sen tycker jag det är fascinerande med sprängningar (obs, endast på bild och tv!).

  • Frau Mayer

    Cats of the world absolutely rules! Fingers crossed and thanks for a wonderful giveaway 🙂

  • I would choose Technicolour Alphabet by Imeus Design because it I like the font, it's colorful and would be just perfect above my little working area!

  • Virpi

    Up side down by Wetzel Pierre is my favourite. My walls have been empty for few years now, because nice posters/pictures impossible to find! But I can see this one on my wall. I love the up side down idea and colours.

  • aleks sizikov

    i very much liked the Happywood poster by Keraval Gwen. it brilliantly depicts my childhood dream of a forest life where everybody is nice, friendly, and a little crazy and takes care of the forest. i would like to have it on my wall as a reminder of that dream and an inspiration.

  • ohhh, tooo late for me;-((((very nice pictures!

  • Meka

    I am absolutely in love with the Dufay Alice prints! I love the Mai print — perfect for my daughter who is just learning to tie her shoes and would love some sunny inspiration.