Giveaway: Calabash P1 from Lightyears

A new week and a new giveaway! This time one lucky person will win two Calabash P1 pendants in black, from Lightyears. The size is 158 mm in diameter, and they are worth 320€. To enter, just tell me in the comments where you would put your pendants, how would you use them in your home? Would you match them with anything?
For an extra chance to win, go on and ”like” the Lightyears Facebook page, and write that in an additional comment.
The giveaway closes at midnight 18/11. Good luck!
The competition is for the black version of the Calabash, but I just can’t resist adding these wonderfully styled photos of the gold and silver versions…


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  • marivita

    I put it on the kitchen table (sorry for my english!)

  • Cristina

    I am not sure this is the right place to leave a comment for two Calabash P1 pendants in black competition. I love them, they will be in my new house, the dining and living space share a really large room with high ceilings, all painted in white, wooden floors…. they would light the dining table, they would match with black cushions on Eames plastic chairs from Vitra.

  • I've just renew my home office corner. I've painted wall white. Put there black&white photography and graphics. I have white table and my loved Starck toy chair. And the only thing I need it is the light. Black pendants are perfect to hang over my desk. I will make them removable because there will be also work table near my desk and it will be good to move the lights over it too when I need it. I've already have hooks to hang pendtants:)

  • OMG… Emma… i'm just anxious from now not to win them… it's so agreat give away… and black ones… juste the ones which would be perfect in my next kitchen, south of France… mixed with local concrete floor, white walls and bleu stone tiles…to give a perfect nordic design feeling to this provencal house… and perfect also to share with my clients, or on my blogs… in Home styling missions… I love them already.. thanks Emma…

  • I would put them in my reading corner. Not too high because I want to see the shape of the Calabash – it's so beautiful. It will fit perfectly to my home because I already have too many colors everywhere.

  • Mette

    I have just persuaded my husband that we're going to paint two walls in the living room black, so theese Calabas would look fantiastic there, and we are missing some light in that corner, at they would look really nice there between our white, black and wooden furnitures, I'll keep my fingers crossed for an extra present for christmas!

  • Anonym

    these are fantastic!
    i would put them above our dining table, and they would match our set of bertoia dining chairs!

  • Katja

    Oh, they are gorgeous!
    I would hang them in the looong white corridor.

  • Katja

    Liked the facebook-page.

  • Tine

    These beautiful black pendants would look fantastic in the "reading corner" of my living room. Against a stripped brick wall and next to my Eames rocking chair, and above my light blue Hay coffee table, they would be just the last finish 🙂

  • Tine

    I also "liked" the Lightyears Facebook page.

  • r

    LOVE THEM. I would put them over dining table.

  • Jenni

    I would definitly put them over my kitchen table! Just moved to a new flat with huge windows. The kitchen is all white and it would be perfect with these!

  • I'm moving to a different country and intending to start an apartment from scratch. I want it to be black and white, so these would be perfect. They'd go in the kitchen or the hall.

  • Emmali

    I would use these wonderful black pendants in the dining room over our wooden plank table. It would look great together with the black stove as a contrast to the very bright look created by lots of wooden furniture and white walls 🙂

  • I liked in Facebook!

  • I would put these gorgeus things in to my kitchen, above our dining table which is inspired by Cecilie Manz. I would also paint our kitchen wall to white so we could see these pendants better.

  • Emmali

    I've liked the facebook page 🙂

  • I would hang them in my office, where they would match with my black wooden stool!

  • Kerli Radvilavicius

    They are so simple and nice, and black has been my favorite ever since I first saw them. Need something for my small kitchen table. Table is in the end of a coridor shaped kitchen, which is narrow and long, so I believe the look from the entrance to my home would be amazing, to see the cozy kitchen with a pair of cool lamps! Uhh, dreaming of it 🙂

  • Mia

    I would put these above my desk area because I recently did that area of my bedroom up and I don't have very much saps doe a lamp and it makes it look very cluttered! So these would be perfect! There so modern which is the look I'm going for with my desk area!

  • I would use it above the kitchen table or above my desk! But I prefer my desk, because the room is white and the desk and all the other accesoires are all in black or white, so the lights could match perfectly with all the other elements. I'm such a black and white lover so I could definitly use it almost everywhere at my place!

    ♥ Annelien

  • Matt

    No question, I would float them over our kitchen island bar where they'd DEFINITELY add the minimalist spotlighting we've been looking for! Really gorgeous lights, and they'd match our black faux stone bartop.

  • Frederikke

    I would use these beautiful lamps over the aluminium sink in my kitchen, they would create a real nice contrast to the rough, grey plastered walls og give the rough room a nice elegant twist. I have pictured these lams in my kitchen ever since a saw them for the first time, and really think they would complete the room! uhh, so exited, such a great giveaway!

  • Robyn

    Love these! I would put them in my kitchen over my white bludot strut table.

  • Lise M

    Hi emma! These pendants are just beautiful. I have not decided yet where to possible put them, but i`ve actually got two places where they will just shine; either above my housband at his working spot, or above my sons desk together with the black panton chair. Two beautiful boys with two black lamps = lots of shining in together

  • The gold ones are super gorgeous, but my whole apartment wears black so I would just put them one next to the other next to my biggest window.

  • Morgan

    Oooh, they're great! I would put them in my kitchen, although nothing else in their is black… but black is neutral, so I think they'd look great anyhow! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Morgan

    & I also liked them on fb! Thanks!

  • Wow, these are beautiful. I'd put them in my future dining room or kitchen. They'd look great with white cabinets/counter tops and 'earthy' kitchen accessories.

  • Simone

    I would put these gorgeous lamps in my living room. They would fit perfect to my black/white coffee table, white panton chair and my white painted bookshelf I made out of wine cases.

  • Anne

    I would put these above the long tv-table next to the tv. This would put the lamps where most people look, so they can be admired.

  • Jan

    Over white working table

  • Annemiek

    I would put these beautiful lamps above my dining table. I'm searching for the perfect lamps for such a long time, and because I'm a student, I would never buy these for myself because i can't afford these. But they are so gorgeous. I think they would fit perfectly with my white table and my two white seats.

    Great giveaway by the way!

  • Annemiek

    I also liked the page of lightyears on facebook!

  • i´d put it above my dining table in my cute little kitchen. it´s kind of lovely since i had to remove the old flooring (due to water damage) and put in a beautiful black kinda scratched looking flooring. the only thing still missing would be a pendant from lightyears dk. you just got to lovelovelove their designs, don´t you? and the black one would go so perfectly with the black floor. it´s like a dream come true. i just couldn´t afford such nice things yet.

    Keep up the good work making all of us a little happier and more aesthetically educated every day 😉

  • Gert

    Hi, awesome lamps! So nice… They would look so good above our new kitchen table. We've been saving up to have a crispy clean white kitchen, and these lamps would make it a picture perfect!
    Hope I have a bit of luck… 🙂
    Cool blog btw! Inspirational…

  • veronika

    hello. i just moved into a new space. it has a very industrial feeling. raw walls and wooden floors with paint on them (a painter used to live there). i was thinking to set a contrast with the furniture, have very clear and sharp objects together with the rawness. and those black lamps would be a great start for my project.

  • Anita

    Dear Emma,

    out of the renovation dust, I can tell you, that I would place these luminaires as a pair into my entrance hall which will be newly created in a couple of weeks.

    I already got hold of a grey, old ladder which I will use as a wardrobe (thx for the inspiration)… and together with the new anthracite entrance door, I guess this would be a nice ensemble.

    I would still have to get rid of my boyfriend’s red jacket though… J

  • Hayley

    I would love to hang them over my dining room table. Or create wood bases and stand next to the couch. Either way- awesome lamps! And I love the gold ones too!

  • Hayley

    Liked on facebook. Cheers!

  • OMG!
    I Love them!
    I never won anything, maybe because I'm not good with words (and with English) but I really like this.
    We're renovating our house at the moment, so they would fit great. We have white (old) wooden round table, and we will have white dsr eames chairs (if we won this, I would order with mat chrome legs).
    And of course I will put this lamp above our table. We would have white/wood/black combination in our house, so this will be great 🙂 I even have black&white Kremit bowls.

    This is great specially because I like Lightyears very very much and I can't buy them anywhere in Croatia 🙁

  • JP

    I'd put them in my study, since they'd coordinate with my desk and I could use more lighting in there!

  • Gert

    And I've liked te FB-page! 😉

  • I like them on facebook too 🙂

  • Oh thoses black pendants are great! Of course I wound hang them above our dining table. We have got white walls, wooden floors and old timber beams. On our dining table there would be my black Eva Solo vase with white tulips and that would be a great match for those phantastic pendants. Wish me luck!

  • I'd put them in my bathroom, it would be so nice 🙂

  • Maggie

    These pendant lamps are fabulous! They would work in so many different spaces. Since my husband and I are living in rental I would really love to win them for my friend Santa. She has been searching for just the right pendants to hang above here breakfast bar. Pick me please 🙂

  • mimi la sardine

    We have wood beams on our bedroom ceiling and I think these two Calabash would look beautiful hanging from there, winding up the rope around the trunk on different heights, and matching the wardrobe and bed frame's black!

  • 0oooh! Love the black ones, and the ones in silver! – maybe they also exist in white? I would hang them above the kitchenbench – above the sink. Need some light there – but Im so picky!! 😉 Vilde, Norway

  • Oooh I dig… I'd take the gold ones… Maybe over my kitchen table? I have no clue yet!

  • Verena

    Wow! They're great! I would hang above the table in the living room! I've built it from 2 pallets and the lamps would make it extra chic! 🙂

  • Marie

    They are gorgeous. I have a large bed with a 1m high black velvet headboard, and these would be a great shiny contrast over the matt Black sidetables on each side of the bed. Velvet, matt and shiny, i love playing with differnt textures in one colorsceme. Also liked lightyears on facebook.
    Have a great night 🙂

  • corinne d.

    they look just fantastic !! in my new kitchen they would really add something 😉

  • Anna

    I usually don't take part in giveaways but in this one, I HAD TO!! They are sooooo cool. I'd put them pretty much anywhere in my apartment but they would give some serious edge to my kitchen, above my blue kitchen table!!!

  • corinne d.

    whooa they look really fantastic !

  • Their simplicity would work so well in so many places but I would hang them in the hall or in our bedroom in the house we are going to build

  • oh, i know exactly where i would put them. above my dinner table in my cute little kitchen. i had to renew my flooring due to water damage. and the new floor is black with a kind of grey scratchy finish. and the black calabashes would be the perfect fit. don´t you just love everything lightyears dk? i only never could afford them yet.

    i also had a look at the fb-lightyears page and they give away the caravaggios black black? how awesome is that? you are all so generous…

    keep it up.

  • Outi

    I'm just in the middle of kitchen make over. The pendants would look just perfect above the concrete counter top in our new black and white kitchen.

  • La Belgaise

    I would give them to my friends who have recently bought an old house and who are experiencing first hand the stress and strain of renovating. These lamps would put the fun and creativity back into their process. One look at these lamps and they would take courage, smile again, knowing one day these beauties will transform their home.

  • Marjun Højgaard

    I would hang them in a corner with my "new" green sofa and it would look beautiful 🙂

  • I'd use it for my kitchen, it'd look amazing there!

  • Lisa H

    amazing lights! we are renovating our house and they would look fantastic above our new kitchen island .our house is mostly black and white so they would look like they truly 'belong'….

  • I would add another to the two Calabash P1 pendants in black from the competition, making three and have them hanging in the corner of my lounge, i have been looking for something to make as an light instillation and these are perfect. We basically will have a black/dark grey, light wood and contemporary highlights colour pallet they woudl work perfectly!

  • Miriam

    I would put them in my living room, above my coffee table.

  • Annaliese

    I would hang them in the living room!

  • Lone Munk Hansen

    Where are the sexy!

    I will certainly hang them in my small Walk in closet. They will fit perfectly into the style in there. The closet is very bright, with white tones, and two Where are the sexy!

    I will certainly hang them in my small inn wall closet. They will fit perfectly into the style in there. The closet is very bright, and two paragraphs black Calabash P1 from Light years would be a perfect match for my big black mirror.

    i cross my finger and hope I win!

    Love, Lone

  • We would use it for our new kitchen, so my two year old son Vincent and me will have even more cozy dinners at our special corner!
    These Calabash P1 pendants would fit perfectly with the black chalkboard painted wall and the little white table and the owl cushion.
    Best from Germany!

  • We're building a new house at the moment – it's still far from ready, but this would be perfect to have in my new kitchen or above our dining table.

    No need to worry anymore for great lighting 😉

    Greetings from Belgium!

  • Carolin

    I love them. They would be the perfect match in my kitchen everything black and white except the old table…

  • Heidi

    <3 Lovely! but MY kitchen table is missing from the pic!

  • Silke

    I would add them over the sink in my bath – our house is 110 years old and the bathroom has 3,60m high ceilings… those lamps hanging low left and right over the sink would look really nice with the old art-deco bathroom 🙂

  • Andersson

    I´ve been craving theese pendants since the first time I saw them! My plan is to let one Calabash P1 hang above our new desk, It would go perfect with my beloved Eames Armchair. I know that my mother has a secret crush on the Calabash P1 so it would be awsome to be able to give her one for christmas. What a great giveaway by the way!

  • Bjorn and Magda

    We would hang the lamps on either side of our bed and use as bedside lamps, they would go perfect with our headboard which is different furs (reindeer and lamb) that are draped over a horizontal pole.

  • Elvera

    a very big surprise on monday this giveaway!!!! what a beauty's!!!!!! they will look gorgious above my dining table that's for sur!!! grtz


    Also "liked" the facebook page

  • Mojobe

    My boyfriend and I are just looking for a new apartment.
    These pendants are just so perfect for dreaming how it should be:
    * they would hang over the dining table: A long table (now Ikea, next year table made out of old dark timber from the farm where my friends' parents live, framework made out of steel)
    * many different chairs (none the same – old ones – I am collecting them for five years now, only for the coming idea, even tough people often shake their head )
    * black and white photograph or prints at the wall,
    not too many
    * and one day -for sure – I'll get a concrete floor… then it is perfect

    Mmmhhh, yeah dreams can come true…
    Thanks for great inspiration, Emma.

  • suzysmile

    They're awesome !!! Id' love to win them in silver version, I would put them in the bedroom, one at each side of the bed 🙂

  • suzysmile

    And….I juste "liked" they're FB page ;-))

  • Jule

    I think I would look for a position like in a corner above an armchair. But in two different length. The armchair has to be in black-white countrystyle.:-)

  • Mojobe

    Now I also like the facebook page…

  • I wound hang them above our dining table and finally be able to throw out our terrible, old lamp witch I hate! The new lamps would fit perfectly with the rest of the black and white theme in the room and they would be an interesting contrast to our old table and chairs. I like Lightyears on FB.

  • Maja

    Sensual shapes! Great for the new apartment I'm searching for. I like mix of modern and traditional styles. I would picture lamps above vintage white wooden table. Maybe curves of lamps would be a meet point with tables' legs curves?

  • Janneal

    These gorgeous pendants would add beauty to my dining/kitchen space! The black and white floors with aqua walls would allow these pendants to pop! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  • I would hang them in my living room and I would paint the room a beautiful grey color just to make the lights look even better! Crossing my fingers!

  • These pendants are great! They would fit perfectly into our new apartment we move in in December.
    There we'll have a large room with an open kitchen, dining and living space. It's an old building with high ceilings and the pendants would float above our new wooden dining table. I think the pendants curves and black color will match great to our all white kitchen, an ice grey Panton Chair, a white Eames Plastic Side Chair, a new black or white Chair One and some really old wooden french chairs with plaited seating area.
    I really want these pendants! 🙂

  • Nonna


  • Kristina

    I would hang them in our bedroom. They would hang from all above (high ceillings) down to the bed tables left and right from bed. The black color would match perfectly to the big wardrobe with black glass sliding doors. Both will shiny reflect each other to delight us.

  • I'm just about to move out of my parents house for the first time. I've bought my own appartment and cant wait to decorate it! The calabases would bouth look good over my kitchen table and over my dining table (wich is in the same room ;-)) It think that it would look best in my plain white kitchen so the main fokus would be the lamps 🙂

  • Riikka

    The best place would be in a combinated kitchen and living room above our dining table. There is still hanging a temporary lamp. Our home is mostly black and white, so it would be a perfect match. If I would win, I would have to by a third one, cause then the composition would be complete and harmonic and beautiful.

  • Bjœern Eriksson

    In front of my high livingroom windows! Coming down from the high 6 m ceiling. I think as a pair they work very well!

  • These are stunning lamps that I would love to hang over my newly bought and decorated dresser – they would finish the black and white look perfectly.

  • lisa

    i would love to hang them in our new bathroom. the pendants would look perfect on each side of our basins. except the basins and the bathtub which are white our bathroom is dark – anthracite grey and black. so pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase – let me win for the first time of my life!

  • Frida

    I would hang the lights on the right and left side of the sink. I like it very much! Best regards, Frida

  • Gisela

    They'd be the centerpiece of our living room, replacing those awkward cold lights we got at the hardware store (yes, yes, it was a mistake). I'd match them with thick knitted woolen sofa cushions in dark grey and a white sheep skin rug.

  • Jenna

    I would put the pendants on each side of my bed over the bedside tables. I love to mix different textures so the pendants would make an really nice extra to my now very vintage room!

  • Michèle Decho

    They would be great just above our kitchentable. Then we have to buy a new one that really fits…the actual one is too small but we didn´t find the right one. Probably we need a costum-made product with these two lamps above.
    Gteets from Leipzig

  • In my bedroom above my night stand. They would definitely add a drama to the decor!

  • Stefania

    What a coincidence! Last week I saw them in a hotel and I was drooling! Got to have them! I will hang them loose in front of a huge mirror we have in the entryway.
    liked the Facebookpage too.

  • Stefania

    liked the Facebook page too!
    (just realized this should be mentioned in an additional comment)

  • We just put an offer on a home yesterday….waiting to see if we will get it…tick tock :). The pendants will hang in the entry where they would great everyone who walks through the doors.

  • i'd put them in the entryway, for illumination & as an attention-grabber for guests 🙂

  • Paul

    Against the ciment and wood backdrop in our Montréal kitchen 🙂 <3

  • Ulrike Barankay

    I love them. They would look perfect next to our black leather sofa.

  • marina

    ok, these are just fab. i'd love them over my work desk area as it has a perfect nook and super high ceilings.

  • Adrianne Sherron

    I'd hang them in our dinning rom with white wainscoting that is very clean and traditional. The contempo black Calibash P1s would make for perfect contrast.

  • Lia

    the shape reminds me of eggplants so the best place would be in the kitchen!

  • These are gorgeous beyond words. I'd put these in my living room or bedroom.

  • Jérôme

    These pendants are great! They would fit perfectly into our new apartment we move in in December.
    There we'll have a large room with an open kitchen, dining and living space. It's an old building with high ceilings and the pendants would float above our new wooden dining table. I think the pendants curves and black color will match great to our all white kitchen, an ice grey Panton Chair, a white Eames Plastic Side Chair, a new black or white Chair One and some really old wooden french chairs with plaited seating area.
    I really want this pendants! 🙂

  • Suubi Njuki

    I am moving soon to a new place and I would definitely team these beauties with tiny calabashes that would seat on the table beneath them 🙂

  • Jochen

    Hi there, I would replace my rather practical but vanilla ikea lamp in my student room. This would probably be my only "design furniture" at all but it seems to be perfect not to big so it wouldn`t overload! There`s not much space in a one room apartment, so they would be fixed right above my desk.

  • Jay

    oooo Ive been travelling for lightyears and galaxies to see such amazing lamps! finally I landed on your beautiful terrestrial blog and I found the perfect light for my spaceship to travel back to my planet.
    My mission is to take something terrestrial with me to share on my planet, and this is what I would like to show to my species..

  • I would put it in one of the rooms where I usually read and work. I need extra light there. I think it would be perfect together with my 1960´s working table and minimalistic chair.

  • Maija

    They are beautiful. I would put them in the hall which is long and needs light.

  • nina

    I would take them to sweden with me .I want to move there next year to live with my boyfriend after I have finished my studies. They would hang over the kitchen table which I painted white this year:)

  • They would be nice for our den, which needs a good makeover!

  • I also "liked" on Facebook 😉

  • these are amazing, imagining them in gold in my house 🙂 I think the black would match with the three white muuto lamps i bought a while back. One side of the living room is now bathing in light… the other one is a bit of a dark corner.

  • MariaN

    Hej Emma
    Hoppas det är ok att kommentera på svenska 🙂

    Vilken fantastisk tävling!! Lamporna är ju verkligen to-die-for!! Jag skulle så gärna vilja vinna de svarta lamporna. Vi ska äntligen, efter sju sorger och åtta bedrövelser, renovera vårt sunkiga 70-talskök till våren. Hitills har sjukdom och översvämmning satt stopp för detta, men nu är det äntligen dags. Lamporna hade suttit som en smäck över vår blivande köksö. Tillsvidare kommer de att hänga över soffbordet, där de kommer att matcha vår i övrigt svart/vita inredning
    Mvh MariaN

  • Hazysummer

    in the long white corridor with my collection of black and white Rwandan imigongo.
    I like the way the calabash is inspired by the natural african form – I think the two together would be awedsome

  • I'll hang it on my dining room and would put a button of neon pink on it. 🙂

  • Sigfrid

    I would put them above our dining table.

  • mary so

    I would put up the two pendants over my oak table with six black series 7 chairs. These pendants are different fron the Tom Dixon ones and should add a special glamour in the urban environment of Hong Kong.

  • Maria Prassa

    i would definitely put it in my new white and wood kitchen to add a contrary color!

  • I would put these gorgeous lamps in my living room. My interior is mostly black and white, so they would suit right in!

  • SLA

    They would perfectly fit into my classic/old style Parisian apartment (wooden floors, high ceilings, marble fire places, white walls) which we recently purchased and renovated. I would put them in the double living room of which one side is "calm" (white couch, white bookshelf framing one fire place, 1920 suitcase from Argentina as table, Japanese style paintings from a NYC artist friend). We use the other side of the double living room as an office or dining room when friends come over for dinner (steel/glass table, painting from an Estonian artist friend which is rather "brute"). These pendants would go perfectly above the office/dinner table!

  • SLA

    I liked their FB page

  • Marika

    I would definitely put them to my kitchen next to Tom Dixon's Copper shade pendant. They all have the same kind of "reflection surface". We have The Copper shade above kitchen table but the P1 pendant laps would give overall light to the space.

    Btw, thanks for the great blog!

  • Flav

    Lightyears are the best! I have been lusting after the Caravaggio pendant light for my kitchen island for quite some time.
    The Calabash is as striking.
    I like the idea of grouping three at different height on a surface.
    I would use two as bed lamps in my bedroom, hanging low at both sides. They would complement beautifully the Jugendstil features of my Berlin apartment and the otherwise sparse decor.

  • Christine

    Calabash P1 are really amazing! I would put these gorgeous lamps in my oldest daughters room. The walls are white, wooden floor and with some black details (like Ikea`s PS steel cabinet). I will put them over her bookshelf and desk space from String. They pendants would be perfect there!

  • Anonym

    I also "liked" at Lightyears facebook page.

  • I would put them in my living room, where some extra light is needed.

  • Christine

    I forgot to write my namne.
    I also "liked" at Lightyears facebook page.

  • Mikael

    These would bring perfection above the coffee table to our living room. Give some shine to an otherwise matte interior.

  • Mikael

    Liked it!

  • I would hang them in my bedroom to match a black and white print.

  • These lamps reminds me of a character in the children's book Barbapappa! The lamps would look perfect in the children's book and fairytale corner of my living room. Like they just popped out from the book.

  • Liked on fb!

  • Taru

    They would look absolutely stunning with my milkglass table lamp and a black mirror. Or with my black Finnish Fanett chairs wich i rescued from my granny´s outdoor storage. I don´t have an apartment of my own so i would show them many different landscapes in Finland.

  • Jane

    They're beautiful! I justed moved into a new house (my first!) and they will go nicely with all the moving boxes 🙂 … No, actually, we don't have any lamps yet, so instead of stumbling around in the dark, I'd love to enjoy my new home in the light of the Calabash lamps.

  • They would fit perfectly into my studio decor!Perfect match!!Love them!!!

  • Hannah

    Hey Hey, I would hang this beautiful lighting over my billiards table, definitley a place of honour!

  • Marion

    I would hang these gorgeous lamps above my reading chair, in the living room. Black lamps with black leather would be a nice perceptual grouping.

  • Marion

    I also 'liked' their FB page!

  • Jenny S

    Oh, I would put them together, hanging low over our black Panier (Kartell) table in the livingroom. That would look so nice and we really need some nice lightining in there since my boyfriend threatens me to go to IKEA by myself to buy new candle lights just because I´m overusing candle lights due to lack of cose light. So please, save a soul… Thanks

  • Jenny S

    I liked on Facebook.

  • Sugarfish

    I would place them to give light above our wooden dining table which has in its loneliness been waiting for the right one(s) to walk in and above it for about 2 years now. They will match and improve my relationship with my man who's had it with my Lamp Quest. Oh save me Calabash!

  • IT WOULD LOOK GREAT to put in my living room next to one of my wall ikebanas painting.

  • We are going to get a new dining table made of wood but with a dark finish. They'd look fabulous above them.

  • Helene

    i would put them in a corner of my living room just over on of the side table, and the color would be perfect !!!!!!

  • Esther

    I would put them over dining table. I love them!
    I liked the Facebook page too.

  • Helene

    i also liked the facebook page!!!

    thanx 🙂

  • Jessica

    The Calabash lamps from Lightyears would fit perfectly above the kitchen worktop in our newly bought 1960’s house that we are going to renovate.

    The kitchen will be transformed from a sauna-like “pine dream" with wooden panel on both walls and ceiling to a modern yet cosy kitchen with restaurant inspiration. Picture yourself:
    white kitchen cabinets
    a wall of 10x10cm white tiles with black joints
    a 90cm ILVE gas stove
    a 3 meter long zink worktop
    a large dinner table with Eames chairs around it and Lightyears’ pendant Concert hanging above
    The final touch -the Calabash lamps above the zink worktop!

    That’s the kitchen of my dreams!

  • Jessica

    I liked Lightyears on FB!

  • The where-question is easy as I only have one place to hang lights. I would treat the pendants with love (or most likely obsession) and respect. I do think they'd be a perfect match to both my studio and state of mind.

  • I would put them over my kitchen table. 🙂

  • Fruzsi

    My kitchen is a mix of white and wood, and these black pendants would fit perfectly, bringing some stylish contrast to my kitchen. I would put them in front of the window, above the sink.

  • Ive moved appartment for about half a year, so now all major renovations are done, but little details are still missing.
    I have been looking for cozy light for the eating table, since it is the most popular place in the appartment and everyone who comes enjoys to sit there…but it is quite dark in that corner. The golden pendants would look just perfect there.
    Here is a photo of the 'corner which needs some light' and the living room in general.
    Anyone who will win this giveaway is a lucky person=) Good luck to all of us!

  • Oh my! I would hang it up over our new kitchenisland that we are putting up after christmas. Away with the old lamp from Ikea, and in with something fresh and beautiful!

  • And I just liked their facebookpage!

  • I have moved appartment for about half a year, so by now all the major renovations are behind, but some small details which make appratment a home are still missing.
    Our dining table in the living room really needs some cozy light. Golden pendants would look just perfect on top of it.
    I wish all of us luck! The winner is a lucky person =)

  • I would put these pendants above my office table in the bedroom of my new flat. I've got little home studio in my bedroom and I think that two Calabash P1s would give me more inspiration in making my tracks 😉

  • Myriam

    je répondrais en français.
    J'aimerais voir ces luminaires so cool, dans haut couloir de mon étage. Les murs seront blancs et l'atmosphère scandinave.
    I hope to win even in French:)

  • myf

    I would love to win these 2 black Calabash P1s! We are renovating our kitchen as we speak, well the builders are coming on Monday. They will be ripping every dirty old bit of our horrible kitchen that we have lived with since we moved in 5 years ago. The new scheme is white gloss kitchen units, pale grey walls and slightly darker grey painted floor boards. I was just discussing the lighting with my husband and we will be looking for one (OR two) pendants to hang over our new round table (yet to make final decision on that piece). Black pendants would definitely give some weight to our neutral scheme. It's just what the room will need.
    Fingers crossed I win, an item to tick off the list of things to get! Myf x

  • I guess that would be just a perfect first piece to my next apartament 😉 next year I'm starting studies on interior design, and i even thinkt that might bring me luck! 🙂 and well, as for now, I'd just hang them above the table in the living room, but surely it would look perfect just everywhere.
    (of course I did like the facebook page as well 🙂 )

  • Hanne

    I would hang them in my all white kitchen over the bar-table we have – they would look great there, or anywhere really.
    Of course i have like the fb page as well

  • Tita Figueiredo

    They are just perfect to my house!
    I have a black corbusiere, but i have no light near that chair, so i think it will be perfect!
    Thank you for your blog! It's a true inspiration to me!

  • m

    they would find a home in the bath – matched to towel hooks.

  • The pendants would fit perfectly in our kitchen – to complete the black-and-white look (kitchen otherwise white, but a black carpet & chairs).

  • judith b.

    These are breathtakingly gorgeous in every finish. But if I were to win I would float them over the dining/work table in my hopefully, soon- to-be-gutted little kitchen. They would put an end to (ahem) doubts about a black and white kitchen…with a flourish!!

  • Judith

    They would go in the dining room over our white tulip table and the white Verner Panton swing chairs and play off nicely against the dark brown hardwood floor
    and white stuccoed walls, decorated with colorful vintage Native American blankets (and I do like their Facebook page!)

  • How lovely are they. I'd love to put them either side above my upcycled 50's dressing table. The lovely feminine shape I think sit nicely in our bedroom. The black is a nice contrast to the soft putty colour of my dresser, bring a bit of kitsch glamour too!

  • Eva

    So pretty! Our interior is almost totally black/white so these would fit perfectly. I'd like some special lightning in our interior so these would be perfect! I'd love to hang them above the dining table (which we haven't bought yet!). <3

  • We´re just renovating an old brick-wall-house from 1900 and I would love to combine the black pendants with much white and a little black, maybe in the stairway. It´s from the year of construction and will hopefully soon be painted white. I think the contrast old – new would make it… 🙂

  • Ane

    I just bought a new apartment and the only lamps I have now are from IKEA and barely hanging straight on the roof. I would love to combine the silver lamps w/ a light birch oak table and light decorations for Christmas. Ah, that would be amazing!

  • Annie

    We just bought a new black upright family piano and put it against a stark white wall in an open living room. Our house is fairly old (1850s) and so these shapely pendants would look fantastic above the piano giving it better light and modern flare. Our son (age 7) would like playing that much more. . . and perhaps his sister would like listening more, too.

  • Deanna

    Beautilicious~ I would place these our my dining room above our wooden farm table. It would complement the dark wood windows and stand out against the dove white walls. xxx crossing everything in hopes of winning:)

  • Love them! Calabash would be perfect for our new house! Image the lamps over the white kitchen bench as a contrast to the rough concrete floor. They are so black and shiny! And we are having black windows, it´s a perfect match!

  • Rasmus

    I am about to build a new coffee table for my living room.
    It will be constructed of steel legs and a concrete top.

    I'm sure that these lamps will compliment the table perfectly!

  • Absolutely love Calabash, Amazing design!

  • Mala

    The pure elegance of these lamps will simply look stunning over my side table, which is a chinesse antique herb drawers.

  • natt_

    Damn, what a giveaway! 🙂 I'm currently renovating my mom's old, tiny apartment (it's thankfully coming to an end) and I am in desperate need for beautiful pendant lamps. These two beauties would most probably go over dining corner table. We are painting apartment walls in light shade of gray (actually the whole color palette will be monochromatic plus some splashes of color in furniture and rugs), so these pendants would be a perfect addition! Fingers crossed that the 3rd time I participate in a giveaway contest will be my lucky one! 🙂

  • natt_

    I also liked Lightyears on Facebook (as Natalija Fedorenko) 🙂

  • Dafny

    I just renovated my house and I think that they would fit nicely in the bath room. I have a room for two lams and the floor is a panited floor in grey, blue and white.
    Great blog by the way.

  • Jenni P.

    How cool! Somehow the design gives me the same kind of good chills like Artek's classic Golden bell ceiling lamp, a long time dream of mine.

    I'd put the gorgeous Calabash pendants in our hallway which is otherwise all white and minimalistic, whitewashed wooden floors and 1920's closets. They'd be an awesome center piece!

  • Stine Bjerre

    These beautiful gold pumpkin lamps are a must have in my bedroom – and I Liked their facebook page (off course)

  • Therese M

    Oh..they take my breath away! My motto for life is: Be in love and be brave. These lamps says just that, they are love and bravness. I am currently decorating a room for my baby and if I won I would hang the lamps in the baby´s room. They will symbolize bravness and make a otherwise pink and grey room rock!!
    Love T

  • Thelma

    ohhh I love them so much. I'm studying product design so I see them often when going threw magazine and often thinking how well they will fit in "my perfect" design world I would have around me in my apartment.

    I think I would like to have them over/on the side of my librarian chair, where all the ideas are made.

    Would be perfect.

  • Taylor Comden

    Hey Emma,
    My girlfriend just recently moved into a rustic cabin at the top of beautiful Topanga canyon, along PCH in California. Although the exterior and surroundings are very 'wild,' her interior style contrasts well, with more of a modern scandinavian feel throughout the home. Unfortunately, the previous roommate ended up taking most of the lamps, which fit the house so well. I feel these pendants would fit perfectly above the kitchen table, surrounded by the dark oak walls, fireplace, and cement floors. As a housewarming gift I had bought her two black Holmegaard heart candle holders, and feel these too would be a nice accent to the lighting.
    Best, Taylor

  • Easy. I would place the Calabash pendents over our old coutchtable made out of an old blueprint storage with wheels. I would hang them tight together so they would make an nice contrast to our old worn down table.
    Nice that the Calabash black finnish repeats itself in our Caravaggio P2 and P1 over the dinnertable and in the hallway.

  • ANNA giup

    I would put them in the bathroom, which needs a makeover….or maybe in both of my side tables in my bedroom 😀

  • elia-rose

    I would hang 2 black Calabash pendants in my study over the desk which is in an alcove. They'd really stand out against the white wall and black pendants would look amazing opposite a wall covered in black fir tree Firm Living wallpaper. I adore those lights so much 🙂

  • jan

    love these! i would put these in our dining room, which sits unfinished (no floor, nothing – for 2 yrs) poor me! poor us!!!! : ) these are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Anonym
  • Marina

    There are two lights in my bathroom I would GLADLY change out for 2 of these lovelies!!

    [email protected]

  • wjg

    Love these modern, sensual Calabash lamps. Would hang them
    with my Crystal chandelier over the belly up bar counter. Concrete! Adore.

  • Gosia

    I would hang these Calabash P1 pendants in my bedroom, over white,huge desk. It would fit just perfectly to my new gray walls.Streamlined shape would be a brilliant contrast to big branch,which is dominating in the corner of the room,where the desk is standing.And I love the idea of the lamp in black colour.

    Greets from Poland 🙂


    P.S.Facebook fan of your blog and Lightyears,too 😉

  • Wow, this is some giveaway! I would hang the Calabash lamps in my kitchen. A design peace like this makes a huge difference in a room, and it would be so cool to add it in black to the light palette of my kitchen! My walls are in a very pale green, like mint green with grey in it, the kitchen cabinets are white, my kitchen has a Swedish Perstorsplatta and my kitchen chairs are in white and wood. I think a bit of black gives some weight. Right now I have a black bench by the window, and I think it would be just right to add two pendants in black too 🙂

  • I liked Lightyears on Facebook too 🙂

  • To explore and live in China has always been my dream. Now I'm here, in Shanghai and in the upcoming land of creativity and design. I love it and I don't know how long I will stay, maybe a year, maybe 10. But something is missing in my apartment. Since the importance of the right lightning still hasn't reached the public, using flourescent lamps and similar, I've been hunting to find a lamp to calm my Scandinavian design nervs. This is the one, I'm sure. With my black Chinese dinner table, it would be the perfect mismatch. Bringing it back after Christmas celebration in Sweden would be the best gift I could get.

  • Check – like fb Lightyears and Calabash!

  • I just bought a 1920 house, I'm moving in February. I'm looking into replacing the light fixtures of the dining room. They would go over the dining room table which is made of barn salvaged wood. Would look good 😉

  • Béa

    They would be perfect for our landing!
    Especially in silver.

    Good luck everyone!

  • margot

    i would put these in the entrance hall of my apartment! They would look perfect next to my black coat!

  • giacomo

    beautiful! these should be in my living room! they would be perfect because i dont have anything black.

  • Martien

    Looooove your blog!
    I would hang this lovely lamps above my nightstands next to the bed.
    The sexy curves of the lamps would give my bedroom that extra punch it so much needs!

    Liked the Facebook page.

  • Victoria

    Woow! This isn't a lamp for a student, but I just fell in love… With a lamp.
    It would be perfect everywhere in our first, real soon to-be apartment in three weeks. But I think our bedroom would prefer to have one.

  • Victoria

    … Btw I would match them with a black painted stool(as a nightstand) and a homemade by me Quilt in grayish tones mixed with a silver pained chair.

  • Jane

    I have a bedroom with high ceilings, lightly coloured interior and with few things. If I had those pendants I would hang them separately next to my bed. As I wrote before the room is minimalist, but those black pendants would add extra something. I would like to see them lighting and reflecting my room.

  • sara

    I would hang these from my freshly painted white raked ceilings. From here, their gorgeous shiny curves might just pick up the reflection of the possums which have been hanging out on my deck lately : )

  • Eleanor S

    Wow, what a give away!… I bought my first flat two whole years ago and have been living in my boring cream and beige surroundings for longer than a person can stand! I am finally starting the re-design with a VERY small budget and all my thrift-ing and salvaging would be worth it if I could hang these beautiful lamps – in the otherwise completely white – studio/office/guest room (its an extremely tiny London apartment!)

  • sara

    …and guess what?! i like lightyears on facebook.

  • julie

    So beautiful!! I would put them in my reading corner so that I could admire them from the whole room !

  • Nicole

    These lamps are just beautiful! I have looked for lamps over a year now that could hang in our laundry room. We need two lamps hanging over a bench and they should not be just ordinary ones. The walls in the laundry room are white rough walls. The structure will be perfect match to these lamps. I would love to have this surprise in a laundry room. Imagine going into a laundry room and there you will find designed lamps!

    I will now go in and like the FB page.

  • julie

    I liked the facebook page!!

  • Saija

    I would place those lamps in to my bedroom, hangign low both sides of my bed as reading lights. They would match perfectly with my simple white-grey colors!

  • Hej Emma!

    Grymt snygga lampor!!

    Kolla gärna i min blogg idag då vi har ett gästinlägg som handlar om ”vad din inredning säger om dig”.

    Ha en underbar dag!

  • Gillian

    i LOOOVE these lights they are so perfect, and rounded! They're especially lovely in a pair, as they speak of the form of the pear! We are renovating our first home, in Australia and I have seen many eyebrows raised (many people surprised!) when explaining to people that our house design is inspired by a Scandinavian summer house. I would hang these pendants in the corner of the living room above a cute vintage (non-designer) side table that sits next to my favourite chair – a Hans Wegner Plank chair with black wool upholstery. We are installing blonde timber flooring with a natural (non gloss) finish and close to the chair will be a large rectangular panel of clear glass – through which you will be able to see a small garden with a backdrop of vertical timber cladding on the extension. I'm sure the glossy black of the lights will tie in with the glass and contrast so nicely against the organic feel of the timber. The lights would complete such a lovely place to curl up with a good book!

  • Janet

    These lights are AB-SO-FUCKING-LUTELY gorgeous! I'm moving to Copenhagen in a couple of months, so during the dark winter this will definitely be a light in the darkness! We will have a little hem, where we made a small cinema (imagine tv on the wall and two fatboys on the floor). I would hang the lamp in the corner next to the tv to create some atmosphere with a little table under it. YUM, I can already imagine all the cosy night we will spend there!!!! Please let me win, pretty pleaseeeeee ^^

  • I would definitely hang them up in the kitchen ceiling, right over the dining table. Our kitchen is pretty white so black pendants would look abosolutely great there! 🙂

  • + I liked the fb-page as well.

  • Aleksandra

    I do like these pendants.They would look perfect at my attic which is bright, open space with original wooden construction.They would hang on the height of 4 meters on long black cables, in the center.They'd be contrasting elements in my white space!

  • Nuno Costa

    I would put them around my girlfriend. This meant that she would turn the lights on when she saw me entering our home! Another use could be in the wall right up the bed to give the perfect light to our love!

  • Ani

    I`d loved to have them in my bedroom.


  • Päivi

    Would be amazing to win these two beauties. I would definitely put these gorgeous pendants in to our living room, one above the coffee table and the other above the dinner table.

  • I can't stop thinking of them in a corner of our new home's living room… in different heights serving both as lighting and home decor… I would love having them instead of a floor lighting!

    +liked the fb page! 🙂

  • Clemence

    They look just AMAZING!!…and they would be perfect in my kitchen that I have the project to repaint in black! Goergeous!

  • sanna v

    I would put them above my dinner table. I think I would buy third 😉

  • Ines Sutter

    I put it in our new house on the dining table (Egon Eiermann) .
    The room is an typical room of the twentys (last century) with wood panelling and a Sideboard/Buffet.

    If I am the lucky winner I will take a nice image…


  • Arora Eir Traustadottir

    I would put them in our bedroom. Have been looking for pendants there for a long time and these have similar shape to the one we have.

  • Tieske vd M

    I would really love these two lights hanging over my new "handycraft table" in my studio. I've been doing too much in photoshop and decided its time for a place to work with paint and paper again.

  • Anonym

    on a corner of the livingroom above my newly acquired fifties red leather cocktail fauteil. at slightly odd heights. thanks!

  • ahem. invisible ninja commenter… cocktail fauteil. me 😉

  • Oh, I would love these in my kitchen!

  • They are sooooooo adorable!!!!

  • I love them, it's the most delicious, organic shaped objects, I've ever seen. I am moving next week to a bigger appartment and would hang these in the coming reading corner of my living room, next to my books, my little round wheeled table and my Linde Linde shelf on the wall. Would fit amazingly!

  • Riikka

    The two pendants would be a gift for my boyfriends as he has been dreaming about black lamps placed over our dinner table for a while now. The black color of the pendants’ would create an amazing contrast to the whiteness of our table and our four chairs. The organic shape of the pendants would also match the curvy shape of our Pantone chairs amplifying the contrast with the straight lines of our table. The combination of chrome pendants, plastic chairs and wooden table would be the icing on the cake in creating an eclectic yet calm feeling to our home, originating from the different materials and matching black and white colors of our furniture.

  • Riikka

    "Like" the Lightyears' Facebook page – Done! 🙂

  • annadenandra

    We've recently purchased our first apartment and I'd love to hang these over the dining table in our livingroom!

  • Caro

    It would perfectly fit into my living room. Just next to the comfy couch. =)

  • cristina

    I live in Spain, land of colour, but right now I´m into black/white, these lamps could be perfect in my home office, with my metal old office-desk. I wish I colud live in a nordic country, I love your houses!!

  • Päivi

    I would definately put them over my kitchen table.

  • Ditlev

    I would replace the cobwebs at my staircase with these beautiful lamps, and enjoy them every morning in these dark winter months.

  • Anne Nielsen

    Hi Emma,
    I will definitely hang the lamps beside my couch in my small apartment, where there is currently no light at all. They will be a perfect match with my Verner Panton lamp hanging over my desk.
    Best Anne

  • Fin Langman

    Wow, loads of comments! I'm moving house tomorrow and think these would look perfect in the lounge/diner, above where I hope the new dining table will go!

  • Sophia T

    I would hang them together, but in different heights. And I would change the electric thread in one of the lamps to red.

  • Laura H

    These are gorgeous! I have a perfect spot for them over my dining table and they would look great with my black and cane cesca dining chairs (not real, sadly!). Also I have a bit of an obsession with being able to see my food clearly, and there is a lonely junction box on my ceiling, so it's a perfect fit 🙂

  • Laura H

    Also "liked" the facebook page!

  • Louis W

    In my office beside my reading chair! So chic.

  • Emma, i love those black pendants!!! I've got a special place for them. There's a somehow useless, triangular corner in my all over b&w living room. We painted the walls and the ceiling of this corner black and put a driftwood sculpture in the middle. But by now we have no appropriate lightening to accentuate that sculpture. Oh those fabulous black pendants would be sooo perfect! (yes, and I liked the facebook page)

  • Lampene skal få henge over kjøkkenøya; hedersplassen!

    De har vært på ønskelisten lenge, bare sjekk her:

  • Tiene Wygers

    What a fantastic Give Away!
    I would hang these 2 Calabash pendants in my recently renewed hallway. I painted the walls white en put up black shoe cabinets. For now, only a light bulb hangs there solitary 😉 So the pendants and my hall wat would be a match made in heaven!

    I also checked out and liked the Lightyears Facebook page!

    All the best,


  • Sophie Kunsch

    OMG! I see them very well in my corridor to light up my vintage "stringhylla" library, it would match perfectly together. I'm just moving from Brussels to Stockholm and with the darkness here after 4PM, I really need LIIIGHT!

  • Heidi L

    These beautiful pendant lights would find a great home in the walk-in wardrobe of my dreams which also houses "The Egg" by Arne Jacobsen and a huge framed dressing mirror. Ah, I can already see myself sipping champagne and getting ready for a night out!

  • Heidi L

    And of course I went and liked the Lightyears FB page 🙂

  • Ericka Hedlund

    Hey Emma,
    Those lights are absolutely fantastic! My husband and I just moved to Stockholm and bought our first apartment. After months of saving, we were finally able to renovate our kitchen and it's wonderful! It's the exact kitchen of our dreams and we couldn't be happier. I would hang these lights right above our kitchen table, which is the first thing you see when you walk into the the apartment. They are the perfect statement piece and they tie in perfectly with our decorating style and the feel we want for our home.

    I've liked Lightyears FB page.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Friederike

    Wonderful lamps, which fits perfectly into my new designed home….

  • I LOVE black lamps!! They would be perfect in my kitchen!! Lovely giveaway by the way 😉

  • I LOVE black lamps!! They would be perfect in my kitchen!! Lovely giveaway by the way 😉

  • Matt

    I liked the Facebook page, as well 🙂 Thank you!

  • sas

    so nice…….and simple
    They would work in any place!
    But i would hang them in my bedroom.
    And use them as bedside lamps. ssssst!

  • m77ia

    They'd would make a really nice light source in our walk-in pantry/skafferi, a contrast to the wooden walls and shelves, in our old school house on the Swedish country side.

  • Kate

    In our kitchen and dining room, which is need of a serious lighting upgrade.

  • Nika P

    I'm finishing my studies in interior design in the spring and will spend most of my timethis winter working on my final project at my kitchen table(work space) and could really use the extra light and beauty for inspiration! They would fit perfectly above our wooden kitchen table and our Fanett chairs. And they would add some much needed sparkle to our home during the long winter ahead…

  • Nika P

    And I've liked Lightyears Facebook page too!

  • Maria G

    I would love to give these wonderfull lamps to my fantastic husband in Christmas present! I think that he will put them in one of our corners where we haven't found any lamps to put there.

  • Wowee, these are positively the most gorgeous lights I have ever seen. And I do have a slight obsession with lighting and am constantly searching for the perfect piece. I think these are far too beautiful for my shabby, yet to be renovated mid century home in Aus! But I can definitely find a spot for them to be admired. Above my dining table that looks out of large north facing windows to gum trees (and the odd koala), along with my much treasured Eames white dsw chairs.

  • Oh, I would love to hang them above my desk in my office (see the pic), I work on this dark wood large desk and I am sure that these two lamps would help me be more creative. And when my baby girl would enter the room she will see me in front of my computer with these two beautiful and enigmatic lamps above my head and in the background, some b&w old pictures of her grand-grand parents in white frame hanging on the grey wall. She should be inspired too!

  • nahili

    Do you believe, that we I´m in my specaial timescone still made it until 12 o clock in yours ?

    I would love, to use this lamp in our kitchen, ever since I saw a post about them in combination with gorgious wall papers.


  • Chi

    Wow, I fell for these the first time I saw them. My appartment is outfitted in black and white, not as minimalistic as the pictures shown here, but still easy and clean. I could imagine the lights in my living room over the couch, where I makes myself a cozy time during winter evenings 🙂