Giveaway: Skull cushion from Bolina

New week, new giveaway! You better get used to this, because from December 1 up until Christmas Eve I will have giveaways here every day!
Today’s giveaway is sponsored by the Norwegian webshop Bolina, who are giving away a big linen cushion (70×70 cm) in sand grey with a cool skull print, worth 150 €.


To win, just answer this question in the comments below:

How would you use this cushion in your home? Where would you put it, what would you match it with?
A winner will be drawn on Friday, November 25th. Good luck!
Ps. The winner of last weeks giveaway of two Calabash lamps from Lightyears will be announced later today.


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  • I'd put it on my white sofa next to a dark purple cushion that I have. 🙂
    Love skulls! Love your blog!

  • Ida

    I've just bought a white chair for our livingroom, and I find the chair a bit too "nice and cute". The cushion would be perfect to rock it up a bit.

  • Nora

    What a cool cushion! It would look great on our grey Ikea Karlstad sofa. And it would match perfectly with the grey cushions we already have.

  • Jag skulle ge den till min 7-åriga dotter som älskar att rita, gärna döskallar! (Hon bad mig häromdagen att rita en pirat med en dödskalle på hatten men blev jättearg när hon inte tyckte att dödskallen blev tillräckligt bra.)Här skulle vi båda kunna lära oss hur de egentligen ser ut! Hon skulle tycka den är "asacool" och den skulle passa fint i hennes fortfarande lite prinsessaktiga rum.
    Mvh Helena

  • I would put it on my new sofa (which I, or we, haven't bought yet) 😀

  • We have a grey modern-lookin' sofa and on that sofa, between a couple of burnt orange cushions the sand grey skull would fit in perfectly.

  • Cool pillow!

    I would put it in my black sofa.
    Everything else is white, so I have this in black and other black details, and beautiful wooden floors.
    This pillow would be nice combination.

    And I have to mention that my mom and my mother in love hate skulls so I hope that they wont like this pillow and then they won't stay a long time at my sofa (and in house) when they are in visit 🙂

  • For en kul pute. Den vil jeg gjerne vinne. Denne puten ville jeg hatt liggende på en puff i stuen siden den er så stor. Den ville passet fint sammen med de grå slettvoll stolene vi har. I tillegg ville jeg brukt trelysestaken og andre naturelementer til å lage et miljø rundt puten.

  • Lee-Ann

    I have quite a collection of cushions that act like pictures (instead of framed and on the wall)- there are laughing buddhas, birds (by my 7 year old), elephants, words, abstract objects, trees, etc. That skull would definitely sit comfortably and attractively in my rockin' cushion gallery 🙂

  • Silke

    My ex-boyfriend once stole an authentic white Eames Plastic Armchair out of our university… it must have rotted there since the early 60. I have ditched him in the meantime, but the chair is still my officechair… that pillow would rock on it!

  • adriano

    i just bought an original eames low chair that i'm spray painting black. this cushion and the chair were made for each other.

  • I would put it on my white sofa, it would match perfectly with the dark gray rug and give a bit of "coolness" to the livingroom!!

  • What a cool,edgy yet classy cushion!!! If I won this beautiful cushion,I would probably put it in our master bedroom,seeing as its all white and i have a large black and grey rather dark feeling painting in that room…so that cushion would fit right in. 🙂

  • Lena

    Oh my god! I Love it!!
    This would be the perfect present for my best friend! He is an artist and in his atelier on his black leather couch it would be amazing!!!
    Or should I keep it for myself and put it in my pinkish girly-bedroom…. Amazing, too!!! =)

  • Kathy

    That is the perfect cushion for our living-room!! We are always searching for individual pieces and this just would fit perfect to our little home 🙂

    Lots of love!

  • Maria

    I would place it in my big grey sofa – togehter with my other cushions in purple and grey and next to one with a purple flower. A flower and a skull will be a cool contrast!

  • Joanne K

    It would really help improve the murky brown leather sofa that came with our rented apartment. ‎I have been doing my best with sheepskin and throws but this might just be the thing to pull it all ‎together. ‎

  • Anna Sofie

    I have high ceiling about 8 meters. Which is unusual in a otherwise cheap studio apartment. Here I have my beloved hammock chair which I use for everything – I take my afternoon nap, eating, rocking from side to side like a baby and reading blogs constantly! The chair is made of echru rope braided in a pattern resembling a spiderweb. This means when you get up from the chair you look like a sausage with the marks of the rope! Oh yes. The cushion would look great in the hammock chair, rocking the echru/black minimalistic wibe I already got going on, but futhermore I spend to many hours in that chair and I need to make the stay a bit more pleasant 😉

  • wow, I love it!

    I'd put it on my white couch, together with my other black and white pillows – it would fit perfectly! Especially if I get the black sheep skin for Christmas, that I wished for! 😉

    – Kira

  • I would put it on the new gray Muuto Rest sofa which should be delivered any day now. The cushion skull will be able to have long conversations with the ACNE JR Kranium skull on the little coffee table next to the sofa!

  • Sugarfish

    I will put it on our floor together with another big cushion I bought from Istanbul, it would be the perfect contrast to it and they will become best friend forever. 😉 Great blog, I recently found it!

  • Ericka Hedlund

    I've been eying this pillow since when I first saw it last year. I love it! It would definitely go on our couch. Our apartment is really tiny (50 meters squared) so this is the perfect piece to make a statement. We have two other pillows on our couch, one large and grey from Granit and the other a small, beige IKEA. The couch is old, worn leather with a grey sheepskin across the middle. I think the pillow would look perfect on the couch. And since it's one of the first things you see when you enter the apartment it would help set the kind of "creepy cool" mood we're trying to achieve.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  • natt_

    As much as I would love to use this linen cushion as a decor on my monochromatic bed, I guess I would have to sacrifice it to my tabby cat Simon as a cat bed, as I just destroyed his beloved blanket and chair (covered in pale beige linen) last night, by spilling a whole glass of homemade chokeberry wine on in (and the poor Simon as well):)) I bet Simon would definitely enjoy the new fancy bed 😉

  • anna-lena

    Great ! I will put it behind my back in my grey/cerise sofa while i am looking att Dr House on Tv in the evenings. I think that is the perfect combination.

  • edyta

    i would use that cushion for my comfort while i read crime books and as a company at the same time, i love this skull>

  • Sarah C

    I would put this cushion on a newly bought but old church pew which is in our entrance way, it would sit with a blue/grey thick throw and look ace for autumn/winter. I like just the hint of something different in a room and this skull would make it.

  • Id put it on my pink sofa. I don't have any pillows on it, so the skull pillowcase would attract attention!

  • Maria

    I would put it on my purple sofa with white cushions.

  • I would have it under my head while sleeping.. have a good dream 😀

  • Mille

    Jag hadde plassert den i soverummet mitt. Jag har en stor vegg med månge skisser og bilder som jag har laget selv, og mange av dom er faktisk skaller. Så derfor hadde en skalle pute blitt perfekt! Jeg har lenge hatt en liten obession med tekniar av skaller!

  • Emmii

    I would put it with my old dark brown leather chair. It was originally my grandfathers. I like mixing old with new.

  • I would like to have it in my livingroom, in my red sofa…but I think I would give it to my 15 year old son. In his room it's mostly black, white and grey. This cool pillow would fit very well in his worn black leather POÄNG armchair or on his bed. I think he would like it as much as I do!

  • We just put up a big playingmatress in our son's room, so I would put the skull there with some pillows in neon 🙂

  • Kerli

    I would have it on my bed! On my big grey bed, together with a turqoise blue pillow! Love it!

  • seen as i LOVE all sorts of skulls (you can even see it in my blog-title and header, lol), i'd put this lovely cushion on my couch next to my 'love' cushion (that you find here:

    skulls symbolize the short the lives we have here on earth are – and to find love is the main goal in life. so i this will be the perfect match.

    xo, s

  • Nice pictures!
    Have you taken them all? 😉

  • In my dreamhome I would place it on the couch or maybe on the bed, with black and purple, or with black, grey, orange and yellow, because my boyfriend loves the rocked style and I love colors, so I try to mix and match.. Together with other rough cushions and pictures on the wall to match.. Maybe some studs (I think it's called studs…) and more skeletons or skulls, I love skulls! I just haven't gotten around to using them in interior yet… But someday…

  • OMG! Love at first sight! I would put it on my black leather couch in the top floor of my house where I work and get inspirated! 😉

  • Anastasia

    I'd put it on my white sofa. P.S. I love skulls!


    I can see it in my living room, sitting on the black and white plastic rattan bucket chair, next to the black, white and highlighter pink stags head print by Aida Wild. Bliss!

  • Hej Emma!
    Som lite smyg-inflyttad hos min pojkvän skulle jag nog lätt få ha denna läckra kudde brevid hans mjuka renfäll (som jag köpt) i soffan. Jag försöker ge honom en mjuk touch i sitt maskulina hem, den här skulle han älska! Och jag med.

  • Dennis

    What a great cushion and what a perfect timing now that I just moved 2 days ago.

    This cushion would be a great highlight on my black leather couch and loose up the strictness of its style. Combined with 2 darker cushions it would be brilliant to just nestle down in it looking out of these enormous windows i have and enjoying life with a glass of wine. And I actually think that it will fit even better once I finished building my coffee table out of concrete and wood.

    This beautiful cushion would also be perfect to just lay down on the floor in front of those windows and read a book – it's definitely big enough.

  • Hi Emma!
    I will put this original cushion on my bed where I have few of them. You can see it in the link below. It will be perfect composition with my stars cushions:)

  • I would use this cushion on my wall, as a framed illustration

  • Kathi

    Fantastisk pute med morsomt motiv. Ville passe vedlig godt i min skinnstolen med metal. Vil ikke ha andre detaljer, da puten og stolen sammen vil være nok i seg selv.

  • nea

    My son would love this. He would keep it in his bed.

  • Esther Carrillo

    I would put it on my black sofa or maybe on my bed.

  • this would be beautiful on my 'new' old beaten leather armchair, it would pull the colour from the grey Raft sofa I have saved up for!

  • matt

    this would look amazing juxtaposed on my barcelona chair (black)…next to all my logs and wood burner…great give away!!!

  • Gunther

    I would put it on my Ikea PS Sleeping Couch in white, because it perfectly matches the picture of Jesus hanging above it.

  • It´s a very cool cushion! I´d give it to my approaching teen age son. I think it would be on his bed where I plan to sew gray bedspread. I showed to the younger son, he thought well, this is cool! :). So, good luck for everyone!

  • Sinikka

    This would be so great to give to my husband 🙂
    He likes to lie on our sofa with lots of pillows..all my pillows are too "hard", so this looks just perfectly soft for him.. hih 😉
    Also i think the skull is something he would appreciate 🙂

    Greetings from Finland, Sinikka

  • Edgar

    I will put it next to ethnic Baltic cushions in my summerhouse. In winter it will look just sooo avangard!

  • Simone Meisner Jensen

    I will put it in my bed, because I dont have my own sofa.. There I will put i next to my two pillows with flowers and colors, It would be the perfect opponent.. My style is not very flower and colorish, so I need something simple and raw, like this pillow.

  • Parker Meyer

    I would like to try it in my mid-century Danish design teak and cherry wood slatted lounge chair. The original back cushion is 60cm x 70cm and beat. I think the skull and linen would be a nice update and the pale cool colors would contrast with the warms of the wood giving an unexpected result.

  • Sharon Yap

    I would put it on my one bar stool that guests sit in to chat with me while I cook. We end up sharing a bottle of wine! Smiling skull is perfect!!!!

  • Anni

    I'd put it on my bed. I think it'd make a good accent in my girly room.
    Keep going! Love your blog 🙂

  • I would put it in my kitchen sofa – it would look just perfect in our mostly white kitchen and aqua floor. I love to mix things, put some unexpected things where you wouldn't expect to find them and a skull sofa in the kitchen would definitely not be expected! Besides, I love skulls, and this would be a cheaper option than the Damien Hirst-skull which I will never be rich enough to buy. Obviously!:)

  • Bella

    Im a re-doing my sons room and transfering it from a boyish room to a more cool room. This would be perfect and he would be in heaven over a cool pillow like this:-)

  • Bella

    Im a re-doing my sons room and transfering it from a boyish room to a more cool room. This would be perfect and he would be in heaven over a cool pillow like this:-)

  • L

    On a plush living room chair for a comfy/edgy contrast.

  • Sandy J

    it would be perfect in my coffin ! 😛

  • Chi

    that looks just too cool 😀 would like to dress it on my couch for cozy times 🙂

  • Anonym

    I would put this awesome pillow on the dark grey sofa in my brand new home in Amsterdam. It will make a great match with the other black/white/grey (and a little red) items I already bought. It also functions great to hide behind watching scary movies!

  • Maija

    Amazingly cool! It would be perfect in my black & white bedroom with grey pillows on my bed.

  • I will use this pillow to dress up my beige couch. It will fit in snugly with the two other pillows – a stuffed penguin and an artist made stuffed felt swedish nuclear missile. A calm and cool skull print pillow will be right at home.

  • Wow! okey, this is crazy! I was clenaing my room yesterday and while I was making my bed I looked at the pillows and where thinking.. "I need ONE more, it's like it's missing one" And that pillow would be perfect! Hehe, I like to mix pink and cute with something rockin' so that's what I would do. Put it my bed with my pink pillows!

  • Morgan

    Cool! I have some pillows that same size that I use to sit on the floor- although this one is so pretty, I might use it on my couch instead! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • ivana

    So cool! I would match this gorgeous pillow with my grey linen sheets. I don't have any cover in my bed so it would dress my small studio up – day and night.

  • I already wear lots of skulls on my clothing as part of my jewelry, but I've just stepped into incorporating them into my decor. This would be the perfect start! It's sophisticated, edgy, and NEEDS to be on my modern sofa!

  • It would fit very well in my kitchen …. it's so cool …. then the kitchen is less boring and a bit more trashy.
    and good luck to all ….


    It would fit very well in my kitchen …. it's so cool …. then the kitchen is less boring and a bit more trashy.
    and good luck to all ….


    It would fit very well in my kitchen …. it's so cool …. then the kitchen is less boring and a bit more trashy.
    and good luck to all ….


    It would fit very well in my kitchen …. it's so cool …. then the kitchen is less boring and a bit more trashy.
    and good luck to all ….



    it would fit very well in my kitchen….it`s so cool!then the kitchen is less boring and a bit more trashy

    regards an good luck to all


  • my boyfriend and i absolutely love skulls and have several pieces around our home that are skull-related! (ie, a skull candle, plate, etc). i would put this pillow on our all white bed, after the bed is made and is looking all comfy cozy. it would be the perfect addition to our collection!

  • Louise

    I L I K E ;o) I would put it on my couch. I have 3 pillows my father bought for me ind Turkey some years ago. They are all made of old blankets (one with floral pattern) and all of them in dark colors; Red, blue and purple. I know this fantastic skull pillow will make my "old" pillows look amazing and a bit more Nordic :0)

    Have wonderful december

  • couch as well. it will look great with my deer skull : and my crystal head vodka bottle.

  • I would put it on my bed, with my big black velvet cushions. It would give a great edge to it all.

  • I would put it in my sisters room, because she loves stuff like this. It would perfect match with her oldstuffed chair.

  • Well, isn't this rad? If I won, that bad boy would be sitting front and center on my sofa so it's the first thing people would see!

  • I'd give it to my friend – who is an artist and only draws skulls and collects all things with skulls.

  • I'd put it in my grey with a grey sequin pillow from h&m home, and a pink or purple pillow to give it a warmer look.

  • Lina W

    In my big, black (daaaark!) fatboy ofcourse! We have it in a corner in the room we call The library at home. I would light my "Döskalle" by Ludvig Löfgren and read some old mystery like Enid Blyton's Mystery series.

  • Susa Kainulainen

    I would put it front of my desktop, I am designing my first jewelry collection as my Thesis. I'm using bones as my material.. So the pillow could work as my source of inspiration and I also could take a power nap with it . I love the raw and clean look!

  • Jonny B

    Just moved flat and the landlord is aesthetically challenged, I'd use it to help distract from the sofa. I have a vintage french acid bottle on the console table behind it, so it'd make for a cool apothecary feel!

  • Linda

    It would be a fitting addition to my office, make long days at the desk so much more comfortable AND at the same time provide a handy reference for the archaeological human skeletal remains I analyse for a living. I believe we are looking at a robust adult male with a very unusual nasal opening?

  • Matteo LDP

    I would put it on the Black armchair tha's in my room 🙂 It's Perfect !!!

  • malin johansson

    Woho! Den här skulle få en given plats i vårt sovrum tillsammans med filten av mormorsrutor som jag håller på och virkar! Frågan är bara om vi skulle få ha den i fred?! Det finns en risk att våra små hard-rocking kidz skulle slita den i stycken 😉

  • Jessica W

    I would put it on my big rocking chaise in our reading room! Or it could live on our dark grey sectional in the living room.

  • Helena

    I would put it on my sofa from Bolia with a loud, sparkly golden cushion as a contrast between the glamourous and the morbid.

  • corinne d.

    what a nice way of beeing addict to somehting 😉
    Bonne soiree !

  • Simone E

    I would put that very cool cushion on my grey couch/bed. It's the main piece of furniture in my small studio apartment, so the cushion would make a great addition!

  • Catherine

    I would put this on my red couch …. love it!

  • What a Fantastic giveaway……… Woaahhhhh!….Thé cushion would be perfect on my white sofa from "merci" with my indien plaid……..heart it soooo much!

  • Maren

    Oh – give-away! This cool scull-pillow would fit perfectly on my black vintage leather sofa, along with a glass of gooood wiskhy 🙂 Nice blog!

  • cez

    wow..just amazing…i am so skull addicted!!!
    will put it on my old Louis XVI armchair…. just to have a staggered contrast!!!! Love mix styles

  • Stephanie

    Wow! I love this. The "edginess" of the skull is offset by the linen. I love skulls and this would definitely have a special place on my sofa. It would probably end up being used by my whippet for a chin rest 😛

  • Oh, how exciting. I would use it as an extra seating plastic when we have friends at home. I think my friends will match it nicely when they sit on it. Have a nice evening.

  • Ända sedan jag såg denna kudden på en gammal säng i trä kombinerad med ett grått fårskinn har jag velat ha den! Jag skulle lägga den allra längst fram i kuddparaden på vår säng..

  • Anna

    That amazing cushion would just make my bed. Simply…I put it on my bed and not much more would be needed 🙂 It has so much character. As much as your blog does;)

  • Erica Bruni

    I love prints on material!
    I would place it on my bed next to another Bolina's cushion (, the one with books printed on it. My boyfriends is a doctor and I'm teacher 🙂

  • How would you use this cushion in your home? Where would you put it, what would you match it with?

    Wowowooow vilken snygging!

    Åh, den skulle få ligga och sussa på vår säng, tillsammans med andra goa kuddar, ovanpå vårt nya fina lapptäcks-överkast som svärmor kämpat ihop. En häärlig kontrast!

  • ana

    i'd just put it on my bed and sleep with my face right next to Yorick's.

  • Karen Davidson

    A new Friend for the winter nights – to sit between me and my cats on my fuchia wool sofa in front of my fireplace in my old flat in Edinburgh! Good convesations we will have!!

  • Ditte (from Denmark)

    oh this is such a lovely pillow!
    I would arrange it in a bed with all white bedlinnen, with the casual feel of just having left the bed in the morning.

  • Jenni

    How nice news and once again how cool giveaway Emma!

    I'd give the pillow as a Christmas gift to my brother whose one room apartment we decorated last year. This would be the perfect twist his room is still missing. He lives in a beautiful old jugend house with a high window, deep window bay, black painted wooden floors, white painted walls with one black and grey wall papered accent wall. The pillow would be perfect on his black sofa, light with a rock'n roll twist. I'm sure he would love it and I'd be so proud to give it to him as a gift!

  • Heather Stone

    Fantastic! My little guy is obsessed with pirates. While this skull is without the cross bones, it is sporting a happy little grin that makes it extra special…and friendly, He would LOVE it on his bed.

  • I would put it in one of my big barok frames and hang it on my black wall. That would be different and cool to see hanging next to the impala horn between the other picture frames. Now i want to hang my replica human skull there to. 🙂

    Pillow in a frame hmm know i have to figure that out how to mount with the bulging effect.

  • Sara

    In my couch next to my reindeer skin – it would complete it!

  • Sara

    In my couch next to my reindeer skin – it would complete it!

  • Janine

    I love the graphic! I would place it at the end of my camel colored leather sofa, which has a modern design. The 4 ft long driftwood coffee table sits on a dark chocolate brown wool shag rug. All natural elements….and the skull would be a honored piece!

  • Tasha

    AHHH I've drawn a similar skull on my wall, to have the graphic just below would be amazing!!!
    Keep up your blog please, its my most inspiring one out there.

  • sharonestone

    Deadly chic in a lively home!

  • I'm a student with livingroom and bedroom in one room, and I would love to use this pillow when turning my bed into a sofa using a white bedsheet and with my current bluepatterned pillows from bahne – it would rock!

  • aw

    Its not a dead giveaway, so I will rest my head on it, on my bed!

  • Caron Lee

    I'm currently in a school dormitory and am moving out after graduation (in May!). In my head, I have a beautiful, white-washed room decorated with hints of color and fun room accessories such as this one! This cushion would be such a great start and inspiration for my new life in my new room.

    I would most definitely keep it on my bed and have it surrounded with more white pillows to keep the room's minimalist aesthetic. I also want those really cool skull candles I'm seeing everywhere. I think it's funny to think about decorating a new room with a skull– maybe the juxtaposition will make it easier for me to adjust to a new environment.

  • hej, interesting give-away!
    my parents make these amazing knit plaids and pillow cases out of really bright and colorful threads. each piece usually has 5-6 colors in it and incorporates various textures. the chilly white "skull" pillow would be a nice contrast amongst them on my guest couch!

  • i think i would put it on my bed as it would pair nicely with the globe garland hanging on the wall above the bed.

  • Sebastian

    Den skulle ligga fint i min LC2-fåtölj (kopia), där jag saknar en kudde just nu. Fåtöljen saknar huvudstöd så den här skulle dessutom vara väldigt praktisk som det. Som det är nu brukar jag få ta en kudde från sängen när den används vilket kan bli lite besvärligt.

    Jag har en förkärlek för döda ting, och med mina dödskalleaccessoarer, kohudsmatta och rådjurshornslampa skulle denna kudde passa utmärkt i mitt svart/vita rum.

  • loving this cushion. i would put it on a chaise lounge because it looks worthy on sinking into but before long it would have been pulled onto the bare floorboards by my 2 year old daughter and used to divebomb off the couch….then it would become a boat and finally it would once again be a cushion wherever she had decided to have a nap. on 'design' days it would rest between some French flour sack cushions on our stormy grey couch.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • I think it would look neat with some solid neutral pillows on a bed, or just by itself on a chair.

  • Nasrin

    Jag har precis flyttat till en ny lägenhet och med en liten budget fick jag och min pojkvän renovera och bygga mycket själva. Vi har byggt en egen soffa av lastpallar och på det har vi lagt madrass och sytt en överdrag som är svart och vit. Vi har fortfarande inga kuddar till soffan eftersom jag inte hittar fina (till rimliga priser). Den här kudden skulle passa så perfekt! Jag skulle nog matcha det med svarta och gråa kuddar. Då skulle döskalle kudden sticka ut och rocka till "soffhörnan".

  • I would put it on my rocking chair, paired with a big wool The Bay blanket. It would clash greatly: the typical canadian vibe with the rougher side.

  • Sarah McKnight

    Well… I'd put it on our sofa, with whatever else we have, because skulls go with everything, no? Or, I'd give it to my friend Amanda, who would die (figuratively) to have something like this.

  • andrew

    Having just moved into our first unfurnished apartment, my girlfriend and I are slowly collecting and buying furniture and objects.

    Right now we have a beautiful new sofa with only one cushion. It's a grey cushion of a Roman city in plan – the streets and houses are pale oranges and blues. We have held off buying another cushion until we find the right match… I think this could be it!

  • Mia:)

    It will fit perfect in my cheir from IKEA:

    The chair is in my livingroom:)

  • cecilie

    Perfect – this pillow i will use in my sofa! Normally i have animal-things in my livingroom, but jut been abandoned any more animals by my sister, so a scull is perfekt!

  • maria sandström

    Min vän Lena fick livmoderscancer men överlevde. Hon lever som om det är hennes allra sista dag varje dag. Hon har rensat bland vänner och grejer, istället umgås och omger hon sig bara med människor och prylar som har något att ge. Efter cancern förälskade hon sig och såg det vackra i döden, skelett och dödskallar.

  • Eevi

    It's beautiful! We have just bought Japanese straw tatamis to our bedroom. The colours in the room are grey with a hint of wood. I love the natural look of the tatamis and I think the pillow would be a perfect match with our futon bed.

  • I would put it on my blue jeans sofa with my others doggy dog cushions from nathalie lété for a rock'n'roll touch.

  • Emilie

    I bought a little house with my Chéri in june. One of our projects is to decorate the first floor in black and white colours. We have already painted the parquet in white, it's so beautiful ! And the staircase will be in black. We also want to install a large library with white morrocan pouffes and a big chair. So this cushion would be perfect for this black and white cosy reading area !

    In any case, congrats for your blog ! It's all I love !

  • Laura

    Oh! I would put it on my bed with a brown waffle doona cover, green tweed throw and my cat, Ted Theodore Logan.

  • I would put it on my glorious white bed, right next to my finance's own head to cuddle whilst he's away, and admire it next to our wood log bedside tables featuring our matching DL & Co black skull candles.

  • Wow, it's perfect! I would defenitely but it to my vintage leather couch (as soon as I get the couch to our livingroom). I wouldn't match it with other pillows, because it would simply look pretty damn gorgeous with the couch.

  • Muireall Urchadan

    I would have it on our black velvet chesterfield mixed up with some grey Harris Tweed cushions and my grey cashmere throw from HM.

  • Josefine

    Love the pillow! It would fit perfectly in our newly remodelled kitchen sofa. We have just painted it white and used a grey fabric for the seating. Would match it with a black throw. Perfect!

  • Estelle

    I already have a cushion with a turquoise blue beetle printed on it and with this skull cushion, my sofa would look like a Vanitas painting. And I love Vanitas !!

  • That pillow totaly screams out Goonies all the way. Me want´s It! xD

  • myf

    Hi Emma
    I would put it on my white bed, so I could put my head right on the skull while I read a book. I think it would look great. x

  • florellal

    i think i will put it on my sofa in my new home beacuse we are going to move in on the 10of december it would be great to win…

  • Green Man

    I would put it in my ilva hanging chair that hangs from the cealing in my living room and match it with some some black candles on the litte sidetable next to it. Awesome pillow!

  • Really nice!

  • Jo

    I'd have it as the final seat on the floor at my upcoming house-warming party. The final seat is usually my best friend's seat so that's why… 🙂

  • Lisa H

    Hi Emma
    My B+B Charles sofa has been looking a little too 'formal' lately – this pillow, along with a new black/grey chevron wool blanket would definitely give it a more casual/comfy look.

  • Stine G. Christiansen

    Hei Emma!
    Liker bloggen.
    RÅ pute!!
    Har nettopp flyttet inn i min første, helt egne (bittelille) leilighet sammen med datteren på 6.
    Stilen er preget av et sammensurium av hvitt, mønster, farger, natur og søte, rare ting.
    Jeg er overbevist om at "Mr. Skull" vil stortrives i min altfor søte sofa!

  • Bec

    I have seen this exact skull print only ever in international blogs and press and never been able to track it down to buy it for myself (i am REALLY into skulls but quite particular about those i like and i LOVE this). If only i am lucky enough to get my hands on it it will take pride of place on my bed where i can rest my skull on it night after night. 🙂

  • genevieve

    This would look lovely atop an old black sheepskin (from a sheep that lived on a farm I used to work at!) that I have draped across a garage-sale chair.
    I love it!

  • Bessie Karagiannis

    I would love to have this pillow for my office. I would place it on a chair that is reserved for employees. I already call it the chair of doom, and that pillow will drive the message home very well. It will be the most stylish "hot seat" in the company.

  • francesca

    Brilliant graphic. Perfect anywhere. I love it.
    Will you send me one if I promise to love it always?
    I will!
    But since I change everything around all the time, I couldn't possibly say where it might land and when, just that it will always be a favorite.

  • wjg

    Oh I would love to put this on my bed! I was born on Halloween and have a Day of the Dead skeleton collection. I love skulls and skeletons!!!

  • Kara

    I have a lovely teak danish side chair that I reupholstered in thick black and white stripe fabric- the pillow would look amazing on it!

  • Anna lindeblad

    I would place it on The floor infront of My fireplace, right next to my grandmothers old medecin cabinett.

  • hanne

    Oh it`s ûberskön! My 4 year old has a crusch on pirates så it would be perfekt in our home, i would have it in our kitchen sofa, the sofa has an sheepskin Gotland, and all of my sons starwars lego on ä shelf on the wall. what to match with it? maybe my nittet cushion in black.. PICK ME PICK ME!!
    Have a great day!

  • AHHH I'm obsessed with this pillow! I actually tried to purchase the white one that's smaller but they sold out and I'm in the UK and they also don't sell online to the UK so I'm desperate to get this pillow! It would be perfect in our bedroom. We have a skull liking in our house as my husband works for Alexander McQueen the skull master 🙂 So to answer your questions: it would go on our all white bed as a cushion throw, it would match with the theme (woodsy/mystical/contemporary) of the room and especially tie in with the white skull bank on the chrome steel shelves in our room and sit perfect mixed with our sand mohair cushions also on the bed. oh please please pick me !!!!!

  • Adina belloli

    This is meant to be! I've been trying to get this pillow!!!! I live in the UK and Bolina doesn't sell internationally. I want it so bad! We have a monochrome house all shades of black, white and grey. This pillow would be perfect next to a mix of mohair sand coloured pillows on our all white bed in our mysterious/woodsy/contemperary bedroom. Would balance well with the white skull bank on our chrome shelving across from the bed plus we have lots of skull touches in our house to tie in with as my husband works for alexander mcqueen the guru of the skulls! pick me pick me!!!! xx

  • Unnah

    Onto a white lounge chair with black cushions, perfect!

  • Linnea Ylva

    This beautiful and cool cushion would be perfect in my summer cottage. I would place it on a reindeer skin in front of the fireplace!

  • It would be tempting to put it on my white Ikea sofa (student on a budget here!), but it would match really nicely with my soft white and blue-grey bedroom. The beige cushions I have now need to go!

  • joe

    I'd put this cushion on my favourite white couch in the whole wide world which currently resides in my living room. I would match it with an image of the Holbein painting of Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selve (The Ambassadors) because it will pair so nicely with the anamorphic distorted skull in the foreground of the painting. I love Holbein and I love skull drawings. So you gotta pick me right 😉

  • I would put on my grey sofa, to take a nap, and wake up with the strange vanity to stand still

  • nina


    i would put it in my working room, where I sit everyday and work on my bachelor collection of wallpaper prints. the skull could smile at me (it seems to) and motivate me to keep on working:finish before you are dead, there is so much more to live!ahaha!

  • nina

    I forgot to tell you where I would put it:
    I would put it on my white metal chair from the bulky waste which I painted neon yellow feet…

  • I have an off-white sofa which I had the backrest cushions covered in a beautiful light grey. I already have white and crochet cushions on it, and a grey sheepskin on my footstool. Now for the finishing touches to cozy it all up with a goth touch for winter I need a skull cushion -it was already on my wishlist- and a rust colored textured cushion. So there you have it; white+grey+sheepskin+rust+skull.

  • I would put in my bedroom, and match it up with my long white linen cushions. Would look so niiiice : )

  • Emma, I did not think that I had macabre tendencies until I began to follow your blog. My home has morphed into a monochromatic haven, inspired by the beautiful interiors about which you write. Creeping into my charcoal and white interior I have begun to acquire antique sewing machines, phrenology heads, science lab equipment etc with which to style my rooms. The cushion would fit perfectly on my Sancal sofa with Anne Kyyro Quinn spikey pillows.

  • nina

    I would put it on my white metal chair with neon feet in my working room. the skull could smile at me and motivate me to finish my bachelor work before I am dead 😉

  • Amanda Friesen

    I would put it on our bed in our freshly painted flat white bedroom. It would look wonderful amongst my grey, black & white bedding!

  • it will look great with the poster of Damien Hirst's skull that i have in my room!!!

  • Mithrim

    Next month I'm moving to another city and I think it would a very good start to redecorate all over again. I said "stop" to vivid colours! Now it's time to gain pure scandinavian design with a lot of wood and blach&white colours. And I don't have to mention that gift from Bolina will help me to achieve this goal … This cushion would perfectly match to my beautiful black armchair I'm planning to buy. Armchair will be stand between window and bookshelf. Great place for relax after a tough day at work. There's only one tiny problem – when my boyfriend notice this little treasure on my chair, one thing I'm sure – I would not enjoy this cushion too long. What can I say more – cushion ist just marvelous! It is worth fighting for!

  • I world put it in my sons room. He's sooo into pirats and skulls at the moment and I'd like a cool skull to look at. I would match it with his teddybear, Melker, to remind him that he's still a kid nomatter what he say! And they will look so cool together…

  • Ahhh. This would be p e r f e c t in my sofa, next to my raw wooden table. To mix it with a black n white theme (and a hint of pink maybe) would be dream come true:):)

  • I adore a bed with linen, and this pillow would look darling in the nestle of black & white pillows, and cream & charcoal ikat in silk paired with the mist grey walls with painted- on- the- wall headboard in dark grey loose brush- strokes. I often stay up reading in bed late at night after my daughter has fallen asleep and need a substantial sized pillow to accompany me on these word journeys!!
    thank you!!

  • Anonym


    Hope that i'm not too late- I loved that pillow!

    It would be great in my black leather chair I sit in, reading horror books 🙂

  • Lauri

    This one would go on my bed that's centering my studio apartment mancave. My black bed cover is guarded by a big grey cushion and his two dark purple lil' bros. They all sure could use some help!

  • T.

    I'd have him/her live as a utility full-on-use pillow on my bed, less as a decor item + more as a poignant reminder of what we all must one day "face" — so that I might be supported to wake each morning with inspiration + retire each night in gratitude. Cha!

  • Omg I am so sad that i didn't make it, I think I buy it anyway. It's so lovely that pillow!!

  • I like this skull design, it is hot 🙂