Minimal Easter by Mo+Mo Living

So I promised you food pics, and instead I showed you interiors… I hope you weren’t too disapointed? I still intend to keep my promise, and would like to start this Easter weekend by showing some beautiful photos styled and shot by designer Michelle Wentworth of Mo+Mo Living. Happy Easter to all of you!



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  • i love the subtle changes in color in the bottom picture.

  • Stephanie

    Love the sweet soft colours!!!

  • Michelle är riktigt grym på att ta bilder.

  • Lovely! Happy Easter, Emma!

  • Så vackert!! Glad Påsk! kram

  • Loving Mo en Mo so serene all the time 😉

  • vill bara önska dig Glad Påsk! hoppas du får en trevlig helg! allt bra? kram

  • Beautiful.. the wood/lacquer tray with the eggs looks like one of ours.

  • fina bilder 🙂

  • Really beautiful pictures! I'm so in love with all white images, as they allways highlight all the different textures of the items, that are shown. And the soft colours of the last two pictures fits a hopefully lovely Easter weekend ahead.

    Have a wonderful one, Emma.

  • Ha en fortsatt skön helg! trots snö och kyla. GLAD PÅSK / Nilla

  • Glad påsk Emma!

  • Fina bilder!!
    Glad påsk;)

  • Så vackra bilder, vill verkligen rama in de och sprida överallt i mitt hus.

  • Gillar den i mitten!
    GLAD PÅSK! 🙂

  • The perfect shape of the Easter celebration is the egg, is beautiful. It is the most minimal celebration at all.

  • B

    Åh vad härligt. Älskar kontrasten till hur färg glatt påsken brukar vara till detta mjuka. Jätte fint.

    Hoppas du har en fin start på veckan och underbar blogg, får lägga till den till favoriter så jag inte tappar bort den 😉

  • so beautiful relaxed colors…
    so pure and minimal…

  • This is weird