The winning photos from Beckmans!

I just heard that the new issue of Plaza Interiör is out, and that means I can finally post the winning photos from the Interior Styling Master Class at Beckmans. What a nice way to start the weekend!
Btw, Plaza Interiör just got a page on Facebook, like it to see what’s going with this great magazine.
Our theme for the styling was ”Contrasts”, and as you can see we all worked with that in different ways through colours, materials and shapes.

Styling: Emma Fexeus (me)
Styling: Maliin Stoor
Styling: Monica Hökars


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  • the coral highlights in the last picture is so pretty!

  • Vad spännande! Jättefina bilder! Jag måste bara köpa Plaza 🙂 Ha en fin helg.

  • Contrast – I like it!

  • Grattis till alla! (Även om jag inte kunde gissa vem som gjort vad, när jag såg bilderna på tidningens webplats). Vad var uppgiften? Skulle ni göra ett arrangemang för att sälja in en (eller) flera produkter? Signerat: nyfiken på västkusten 😉

  • Lisbeth: Uppgiften var bara att göra en bild på tema kontraster till Plaza Interiör. Inga produkter som skulle säljas in. Fast jag valde att strunta i att den skulle vara till Plaza och gjorde en bild som jag själv ville. 🙂

  • Do you take a these photos yourself? because they are great!

  • Bra jobbat, och vilket rum ni fick tillgång till! Fantastiskt kul att få ta del av! /Hanna

  • Congrats to all! ♥♥♥

  • Wonderful job!

  • Underbart!

    Tack Emma för ord och länk!



  • Å va kul att se!! Heja Emma, vad härligt att du tog ut hela rummet!! Snyggt & stort grattis! Förstås även till de andra! Kram, Anna

  • Grattis till alla som har gjort så bra från sig!

    Och speciellt din Emmas styling är så mycket mera än uppställning av fina produkter eller en snygg styling.

    Även om färgskalan är bara svart och vitt så tenderar bilden både stillhet och tempo. Och det jag gillar mest, den andas liv.

    Ser ut som planerad tillfällighet att ställa saker som du har gjort, som att flyttgubbarna har lämnat en flyttlast med snygga grejer här och där.

  • FAN

    I love everything that you show us! So beautiful!

  • your picture is the most extraordinary, where you want to see more!!!!
    Every scene in your picture is allready a new one.
    You've done at least five pictures in one.
    So it's to be continued!!!! (love it!!!!)
    The others are great as well!!!

  • Emma, you're wonderful !

  • Wow! Thank you so much everyone!!

  • Nguyen

    Congratulations Emma. I am reading your blog everyday.
    Love your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wow! Snyggt! Och grattis 🙂

  • What I like about your story is how you work with the different distance no matter if the viewer can appreciate or not every single detail. That´s pretty new in the styling world. You might have created a new way of looking at it?

  • Thanks everyone, and it's so nice to hear your comments Annaleena, Gudrun and Gudy! I'm so happy to hear that you appreciate what I did!
    I know my picture isn't for everyone, but I feel very content with the fact that I followed through with my idea, and that it stands out as something quite different.

    I wish I would have had time to make several pictures from this setting, because like you say Gudrun, this is several pictures in one. 🙂

  • You really got the contranst Beautiful transparant …… Congrats!

  • Heidi

    Emma your styling is beautiful and I love your taste! Your work tells a story.

  • Nice, Thanks for it.

  • susana

    i love your blog,since i found it, i read it e-v-e-r-y-day….its the colors, the settings, the amazing styling so beautifully photographed……yes….and
    could you tell me the name / source for the black arm chair on the bottom picture of this set….im sort of in love with it…
    thank you,

  • Rita

    Very nice! Emma, could you, please, write a note where white round ceiling lamps are from? Would love to buy one for my appartment. Thanx!

  • Vad spännande! Jättefina bilder! Jag måste bara köpa Plaza 🙂
    ur amazing… good job !!

  • The horizontal and vertical distribution of elements on the second picture Styling: Maliin Stoor is awesome!! I like especially the lamp and the grey rock with vertical lines ..great design!!and also great combination of textures!

  • so minimal so pure so awesome!!

  • This has been a fantastic series to follow Emma-such inspiring shots and fascinating to see how you’ve all developed your ideas. What an amazing course by a very talented stylist! 🙂