Deborah lives here!

If you are on Instagram, I’m sure you have seen the lovely photos coming out of Deborah’s (apieceofcake82 on instagram) bright and airy family home in Scotland. I love her pictures, and wanted to share them here too, so she sent me some pics that are not instagrammed, for you all to enjoy.


I’ve been bugging her to get a blog, and she is working on it so it should be up soon, but in the meantime you can follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, or from her guest posts on A Merry Mishap blog.



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  • karin

    hi, does anyone know where the grey sofa comes from?

  • The dots! Loving the dots! And of course all of the wonderful scandinavian designer pieces.

  • juju

    i want to get the clock! does anyone know how to get it?!

  • Anika

    The grey sofa comes from IKEA and the wall clock comes from KARLSSON! 🙂

  • Stunning home-thanks so much for sharing! The clock can also be found in Habitat if that person lives in the UK! I will connect on Instagram straight away! 🙂

  • Is the little desk next to the bed from IKEA? If not where can I find one? Love this black and white theme but afraid I’d have to get rid of all I own to achieve it!!!

  • very Scandinavian :o)

  • I’m so happy to see my friends bird hanger in Deborah’s home and your blog 🙂 Awesome…

    Here is my friends website:

    Warm wishes from Reykjavík!

  • Å vad jag gillar fåtöljen och den prickiga tapeten.

  • I love her pictures on Instagram too, and I was convinced that she actually had a blog… So I am begging with you – her home is made for a great blog 😉 Thank you for sharing, Emma – always a joy!

  • Delicious home, delicious photos!

  • Gorgeous home. I’m loving those glass windows over the doors.

  • such a cute place! love it

  • Casper

    Way too much black and white for my taste! This person obviously reads a lot of blogs, but doesn’t really seem to have much personal style to add to the mixture, and I’m afraid that that makes the home is a bit too sterile for my taste.

  • I like the colours in this apartment

  • Love the black and white in this apartment even though I love colorexplosions!


  • Mia

    Full of design cliches and lacks originality, in my opinion. Looks like a page from Ikea catalogue.

  • Anne-Mette

    Love it, anyone who knows where the light-/darkgrey chair is from, and the blanket on the couch?

  • I defenitly love the dots!!

  • nice:)

  • Hello, dream house! This space is incredible! I love it. I’d move in in a second!
    Well done, Deborah! Your home is truly enviable. 🙂

  • I cant believe that such a simple colour scheme of grey black and white can look so interesting. I really love this home, full of style 🙂

  • I too love the black, white & grey – great textures and wonderful patterns mixed with the warmth of ochre and wood create a cosy and comfy place…. but yes! how about featuring a home or two with lots of colour?!!!

  • Virginia

    I agree with Mia. It is a concentrate of cliche!!!
    Zero personnality in this place.

  • Love the look and the black and white rug is wonderful! I had Monika from Splendid Willow as a guest blogger yesterday and she did the best job explaining Swedish decor!!

  • Vad anänder du för kamera?

    Svara gärna i ett inlägg//


  • det där var riktigt snyggt!

  • Det här är inte mina bilder, utan Deborahs, så rikta en fråga till henne istället, på engelska. 🙂

  • I’m glad you like the pics, but since I don’t like color you will have to go to some other blog to see that.

  • Allt ser så otroligt snyggt ut och matchar med varandra! Älskar stilen!

  • I love the nordic interior design. I’m actually trying to get a few things from the photos but I don’t know what they are. I’m wondering if anyone could give me some help.
    I put together a 48Squares showrooms to show a few furnitures I’m looking for. ( )


  • Super snyggt!

  • Varför ser inte mitt sovrum ut som på sista bilden? Blä, fast har typ gröna väggar i rummet. Kan du inte göra ett inlägg med inspo för rum med färg på väggarna? 😀

  • Thank you for sharing, Emma. I love the style of Deborah. Going to follow her on Pinterest and Instagram. Big source of inspiration.. !

  • bernd

    Great things – reminds my of my ‘Sensuna Plissees’ (don’t know what’s the english word for it) at home – they are also black/white – but unfortunatelly there are no geometric details on it 🙂

  • SÅ snyggt!!

  • Haha, nej här blir det nog inga inlägg om färg på väggarna. 🙂 Jag tycker väggar ska vara vita, eller möjligtvis svarta eller grå, för att skapa en lugn bakgrund för inredningen. Ta en roller och måla över det gröna. 🙂

  • I love all these images!! These images have convinced me do to painted white wood floors in my next home! Ah, I love it! Thanks so much for posts!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  • Delightful, inspiring & very appealing…as always when in black & white. Rather predictable to some point but nevertheless wonderful images. Thanks 🙂

  • Tinna

    Hi Emma, I hope you can help me out here. I have been searching the internet for ages hoping to find one of those round white plates with the black flags on it (as can be seen on the String pocket shelves). Do you know where I can buy one?! Hope you can help! 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your great blog, I am a devoted reader.

  • Hi Tinna, that’s a tray, with the same pattern as the town square Sergels Torg here in Stockholm. It’s from

  • Gorgeous photos! I love the alphabet print in the first photo!

  • Camilla

    For et fantastisk hjem! Hvor får du "prikkene" på veggen fra?

  • Lisa

    Fantastiskt, vilken fantasi du har!!
    Tack för all inspiration du ger. Är det köksskåp/väggskåp du har står bakom fåtöljen?? Såå snyggt så jag vill kopiera direkt!!
    Må så gott..

  • jepp. har den där kvinnan på instagram och hon är ju helt FAB!!! Bild på bild på bild… alla är lika fina!!!

  • Love this house! Minimal but with a truck load of personality and warmth too. The dachshund portrait especially caught my eye – any ideas where it is from?

  • Cilla

    The black chair in pic no.9! Love it, where is it from?

  • I’m soooo in love with this fantastic home 🙂 And it is in Scotland!!! Can’t wait to see her blog 🙂

  • Snygga bilder!

  • Fantastic use of patterns. I really enjoy that black and white vibrancy!

  • Natalie

    Love! Does anyone know where the fab Andy Warhol print comes from – I love boring things. I’ve seen different ones around and want to get one myself. Love the blog Emma.!

  • Hi Natalie, the print is from Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Unfortunately not available online.

  • Beautifully clean and crisp, love the colours!

  • Tror du det er ok om jeg låner disse bildene til min blogg? Linker tilbake til din blogg?
    Følger henne på Instagram og har tenkt å lage et innlegg selv.

  • Ja, det är säkert okej, så länge du länkar tillbaka till Deborah. 🙂

  • liz

    hi!!! question: where is the little white wire shelf from? I’ve been looking for one for ages!

  • Sirid

    Hi, where is the door doormat from?

  • Very nice simple style. Looks like something from a magazine.

  • Steph

    Very inspiring! I love it all! Can I ask where the pinetree pattern grey pillow on the bed comes from?