All I want for Christmas…

My family has stopped giving xmas presents between adults since a few years, so if I want anything for Christmas I have to buy it myself. The only exception is my lovely mother-in-law who insists on spoiling us rotten by throwing money at us and forcing us to get something nice for ourselves.


I usually choose things I’ve been dreaming of throughout the year, but that aren’t actually very necessary… Things like perfume, coffee table books, a piece of jewelry, some cool gadget or a nice coat that is a little too expensive to indulge in on an ordinary week, but that feels great to pamper yourself with as a special holiday treat. So this post isn’t so much a wish list (because that would be pretty pointless, who would I give it to?), as it is a list of stuff I will actually get for Christmas. Perhaps it can inspire someone else to get their own dream presents!

I actually got myself an early present already. I went to a newly opened tattoo studio here in Stockholm, and sat down on a vintage sofa in a room that feels more like the livingroom of an old lady than a place where rockers go to get a skull on their shoulder. I had tea and chatted with Markus, the very friendly tattooist who owns La Robe Noire, about parenting, scented candles, creativity and life in general. A completely different experience than when I got my first tattoo, at Stockholm’s most well known studio, where everything felt quite rough and dirty and very unwelcoming. This time everything was so nice, and the tattoo turned out great! If you want to see it you can have a look here.
From top left: Society6 iPhone coverPitcher and tumblers by Carina Seth Andersson for Hope. Pia Wallén Cross blanket. Leather clutch made of pieces from an old Barcelona chair. White christmas, not for sale but it seems I’m getting it anyway this year, shot by Akos Major. Simple white honeycombs, just my style of xmas decor, shot and styled by Annie at Rum för två. Encens Chembur eau de parfum from Byredo. Hope 1.0 book.


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  • We made the same deal in our family a couple of years ago – a bit of a shame, but I understand it…

    Your early present seems amazing 🙂

  • Så är det här med.
    Jag har min farmor som envist nog bara måste ge oss en slant.

    En fin önskelista med trevliga saker.
    Helt i min egen smak.

    : D

  • Vilken underbar svärmor! Ha en fin jul!

  • Madelaine Rickardsson

    Får verkligen inspiration…God Jul på er alla!

  • Well… just a perfect tattoo!

  • Love this parfum!

  • Jätte fin blogg, gillar headern 🙂

  • what beautiful things ! hoping for a white christmas, though it’s not guaranteed in this country.. wonderful image. Jane

  • Huh, tur att jag lyckades ta nån bra bild …..:) My turn next time!! :DDD Kraam!!

  • Eftersom tiden är knapp såhär års. Tittar jag nu in. Till en av mina favoritbloggar. En vecka före jul. Med en liten hälsning från Hemma På Våran Gata I Stan… God Jul och Gott Nytt År Önskar Mikaela med Liam 2008 och Filippa 2012.

  • Tack detsamma!

  • I love the iphonecover, will put it on my list aswell!!

  • Trevlig blogg! 🙂

  • God jul og godt nyttår ønskes deg og dine! Blogghilsen fra Ellen.

  • Så snyggt mobilskal. God Jul på dig!

  • jada

    I love. Your blog it is. Top on. The street you should have called it Emma’s best. Blog. Ever because this is. The best blog ever. From:Madame but. Call me janeva. See you later. Kitty. Cottor

  • I’m obsessed with Society6’s iphone cases/covers. They’re all so cute!

  • I could live with all things on your wish list and your tattoo!

  • Camilla

    Eftersom jag aldrig skulle önska av någon en speciell sak som finns i den affären i den färgen eller storleken och dessutom ofta betalas av våra gemensamma pengar måste jag säga att de bästa presenterna har jag köpt till mej själv för mina egna pengar.
    Snygg tatuering och snygga saker rakt igenom.
    God jul till dej från Camilla

  • Åh finns mkt fint man vill ha verkligen!

  • All of them please but if I had to pick one it would be the handbag. Simply gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Your tattoo is amazing! Your blog is full of inspiration, thanks for that! Merry Christmas 🙂

  • skalet var himla fint!

  • Laura

    Inspire you did! I’d lost my link to the Pia Wallén and now look forward to buying for my new house!

  • Oh, really nice iphone cover! 😀 I want one!

  • kity

    Como todo lo que publicas y eliges, simplemente amazing, espero tener una última oportunidad y ganar todas estas maravillas serían un fantástico regalo de Reyes. Igualmente, muchísimas gracias por alegrarme la vista cada vez que publicas algo, te sigo desde hace años y espero cada día expectante. Feliz Navidad, como leí en algún sitio live, love and laugh.

  • Maura

    Black and white
    fill the night
    and day
    as it snows and snows
    trees swaying but standing
    as my family and I
    swirl around inside our windows

  • Tack för all inspiration Emma! Önskar dig ett fantastiskt 2013! Kram

  • Tack det samma Pella! Dina inlägg inspirerar mig massor! kram

  • We love your style & pictures Emma! So much that our Christmaslist looked quite similar :)! The wonderful Pia Wallen cross blanket is part of my interior too now!

  • Tycker du har så mycket fina bilder på din blogg 🙂