Sponsored post: Blog’nhagen 2012

As I told you before, I was invited to Blog’nhagen 2012, a small blog meet-up in Copenhagen, the beautiful, boho chic capital of Denmark. I went together with Annaleena from the blog Annaleenas Hem, and we had so much fun! Here are a few of my photos of our days in Copenhagen, to let you see a little bit of what we experienced…
During the event we went around town in golf carts from By Cart, which gave us a lot of attention and smiles from the people in the streets. We visited Royal Copenhagen and got to paint our own plates, and learned to make our own ”flødeboller” (a Danish specialty translated as foam kisses) from chocolatiere Jesper Rahbek at A Xoco, which was a lot of fun and so delicious! I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank the rest of the sponsors who made this event possible!  And a special mention to Brøchner Hotels. We stayed at Hotel Kong Arthur and got a very nice suit with our own exit to the courtyard, so lovely.


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  • Sounds like fun with some great sponsors… love the carts!

  • Såååå snygg redovisning av att inlägget är sponsrat. Som läsare känner man sig trygg. Och respekterad! Ni ser ut att ha haft en finfin dag. Själv vill jag inte förflytta mig en millimeter under sommaren. Blir det semester för dig nu? /Lisbeth

  • Jättefina bilder! Jag gillar speciellt den med trappan! 🙂

  • It was so nice to follow your adventures on twitter! It looked like you all had a great day! And these images only confirm it. Thanks Emma!

  • Tack! Jag funderade mycket fram och tillbaka över hur jag skulle presentera det på ärligast och bästa sätt, så vad bra att det kändes ok! Vi hade en superkul men väldigt stressig dag. Massor av roliga upplevelser, och ungefär en miljard cupcakes och annat sött. 😀 Nu vill jag inte se sötsaker på ett år eller två!Men bäst var ändå onsdagen, när jag och Annaleena hade tid att gå runt själva och upptäcka staden på egen hand. Vi hittade några riktiga pärlor, som vi tänkte avslöja mer om senare… 🙂

  • Great photos! This post really made me want to visit Copenhagen (!) such an amazing city

  • Pau

    Hi Emma ! Where are the stairs of your photo? I really like the photo and the material…thanks.

  • That’s inside an apartment building, and I don’t think the owner of the apartment we visited would appreciate getting her address published here, so sorry, but I can’t give you the location. But I agree, the house was amazing, and so was her apartment!

  • I love the stairs picture ; )

  • Underbart vill flytta nu:)

  • Loved your DIY section on Pinterest Emma. Will follow it!

  • Copenhagen by golf cart sounds fun!
    I’ve just found your blog and and look forward to returning.
    The hex tile post is beautiful (as are so many of the things your write about). I use hex tile in my own work too from time to time, but the tiny ones. On "leaning planks as a styling trend", my personal opinion would be … solid wood works better than plywood (pictured).

  • ah, you gotta love the stairs, really beautiful!

  • Awesome emma! I love it! So wonderful to have you here and meet you in person!

  • Thanks Brittany! And thank you so so much for inviting me, I had a great time!!

  • It is such fun to see everyone’s take and perspective on the day- it was lovely to meet you in person!

  • Albertine

    lovely photo of stairs! love it as all