Plywood Interiors by mA-style Architects

Loving this project called Ant House by Japanese architects mA-Style. The entire interior of the house is made of plywood, with a smaller house shaped structure inside.
Via Dezeen.


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  • I want that house 🙁 Pretty!

  • It is very cool design.
    Love how they use the space!

  • beautiful space!
    love it!

  • Supercool!!!

  • Wow, häftigt! 🙂

  • so interesting! Love the cool cutouts at different levels

  • yes, love the ceiling angle & cutouts… letting some nice light into interior space. Cosy, but not claustrophobic; love the flow

  • So refined and simple. Love it Emma!!

  • Lisbeth

    Probably freezing in winter…if you don’t get lost in it. I find the designers are trying too hard, and have lost the plot. They forget that people will be living in it and will most likely possess more clothing than a few white shirts. No comfy chairs to curl up in. It’s an asylum as a puzzle.

  • Gillar designen, annorlunda och snyggt.

  • Plywood love!

  • The house has an outer shell made of steel, and I suppose it’s insulated like any other house, so I don’t think it would get cold. Or did you see something I missed?About the furniture and storing, these are just the pics from the architects, meant to show off the building, not decorated or furnished for living, so I think it could all be fixed. 🙂

  • I saw this house evrywhere but I can’t get enough! Gorgeous 🙂

  • Jaime

    Beautiful! Great light and spectacular attention to negative space. Great post. Love your blog Emma, thanks!

  • The plywood really softens the modernism- gives it an organic feel. What a beautiful job- inspiring.

  • I can’t get enough….plywood. Yes… gorgeous.

  • It’s a fantastic wooden home! I like nature in everyday life.