Giveaway: Three new Milk Black lamps from &Tradition!

Update! This giveaway is closed and the winners will be announced soon!
Let’s end the week with a nice giveaway! Danish brand &Tradition just launched a new version of their modern classic Milk lamp, with cool black legs.


Now they are generously giving away 3 Milk Black lamps to three lucky readers!

To enter the competition, just do these two simple things:
2. Answer this question: Where would you put your black Milk lamp and what other things would you match it with? Write your answer in the comment field below.
This competition will be open for one week (until Nov 9) and the winners will be announced in this post. Good luck everyone!


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  • Hi. I’d like to see it on the floor of my livingroom. <3

  • Åh är det sant?! Nu dog jag lite här! En Milk har länge stått på min önskelista och nu när den finns med svarta ben blev jag ännu mera kär!!
    Självklart vill jag vara med och tävla!
    1 Gillar på facebook
    2 Jag skulle ställa den på chiffonjén i vardagsrummet. Den skulle passa helt perfekt där tillsammans med allt det andra svartvita, allt ifrån woods-tapeten till småtavlorna från Therese Sennerholt.
    Kram Vanja.

  • Ah, har gillat! O gillar, gillar, gillar. Skulle ha den på min retro byro. Skulle sitta fint med kakao ögon 😉 Fantastisk giveaway! Kram <3

  • – would put it on my tv-shelf
    – with lots of coffee table books and some nice sented candles


  • I’ve wanted this for so long- have to participate 🙂
    I’ll put it in my window still together with a vase full of lilies.

  • mateusz

    i will put that black milk lamp in my bedroom. it would look nice on white componibili bedside table near my hacked fjellse bed 🙂

  • Diana

    Jag skulle låta Milk lampan stå uppe på min byrå och låta den lysa upp ett hörn i mitt trånga lilla studentrum under vintertiden.

  • Casper

    I would put it on a small and rusty old safe used as a bedside table, next to our mattress resting on pallets with sheets in delicate shades of grey (not gonna have that book next to it though). And maybe accompany the lamp with some old marble candleholders that we have.

  • i would match it with my oak Milk lamp, each one on a nightstand at the opposite sides of the bed 😉

  • McKenzie E.

    I would put it in our "waiting for baby" nursery as it would be the perfect glow for reading to the little one as they are falling asleep.

  • Maas

    1. Liked
    2. I would place it on an antique furniture i have in the livingroom. I love the mix of old and new!

  • Jeg ville hatt den på Ikea PS skapet mitt sammen med posters fra RK design , trehanden fra Hay og omaggio vaser fra Kähler i svart og hvitt 🙂

  • 1. Klart! 🙂 gillat!
    2. Jag skulle ha ställt den i vardagsrummet på mitt plåtskåp tillsammans med fina förvarings burkar och en del av min tidningssamling 🙂

  • Viktorija

    Definitely bedroom! It would sit on a white chair. I love black and white!

  • Mette Jakobsen

    I would match it with our IKEA poäng chairs, that I have just reupholstered with black leather, to gether with our Sweðese flower table. Crossing fingers 🙂 thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win, have a nice weekend

  • I think I’d need to put it in the lounge next to Eve’s chair to read by and light up artwork.
    Or maybe the bedside table.
    I may need to get more than one somehow…

  • Valerie Theberge

    I will put this lamp on my buffet in my dining room!!!!

  • megan

    would love this for my bedroom!

  • Jessica Ochoa

    Right next to my overstocked bookcases in my livingroom…..

  • i’d put this in my brand new guest cottage, on the book shelf to give off lovely light.

  • Jack

    I would put it on the mantle of my fireplace — all by itself. It doesn’t need anything else.

  • Staci Torgerson

    Liked on FB as well

  • nea

    I liked on FB. I would put Milk on our living room windowsill next to my knitting gear.

  • Su Song

    above the white sideboard in the hallway. It will be a great match to a bertoia diamond chair and a black cushion.

  • Kathrine

    It has been my eye candy for quit some time now and I already have the perfect spot for it !!
    – in my living room, on the bookshelf, right next to this beuatiful graphic picture !

    Keeping my fingers crossed 😀

  • Liz

    I think it would make a super night light for my daughters room. Soft, round and sweet…just like her. Thank you for your blog and pins and your musings. I am inspired daily by you.

  • Miru


    I would put it in my dinner room. it would have a nice contrast with some Alessi stuff 🙂

  • I would put it on my bench next to my computer – above it is a black and coloured aboriginal art piece and on my couch are black and white cushions – on the ottoman is a black and white chevron stripe throw. The Milk lamp would totes complete my look!!!!!

  • MariKe

    Would love this in my bedroom on a white nightstand.

  • Oh my it is nice whit Black legs!! If i am one of the lucky 3, i Will place it on my metal flight Storageboxes whit a doll fra luckyboysunday and Black porcelain vases from Ditte ficher 🙂

  • Linn

    På byrån I hallen! Hallen är också värd en superfin lampa som inger ett varmt men lagom dämpat ljus så här i höstmörkret. Och en fin först detalj som syns när gästerna anänder 🙂

  • Linn

    Glömde ju säga att den är nästan för fin för att matchas med nåt, passar så bra on its own liksom. Men brevid lampan hängandes lågt över byrån är ett fotografi av min farmor, med svart träram, på byrån nedanför fotot står tre låga genomskinliga glasvaser i olika höjder, alla med en färsk snittblomma i.

  • Nina

    I would put it in our new summer cottages living room. This would be perfect pair with our black Tapiovaara Domus chairs.

  • Sara

    I would love to put it next to my reading chair for some tranquil light this winter!

  • Jeg har ønsket meg en sånn lampe lenge. Den ville sett fantastisk ut i stuen min foran den svarte tapeten og ved siden av den hvite tv benken min.

    Klem fra Ingrid

  • lucinda orrell

    I would have it in my living room next to my bargin charity shop sofa that I will be picking up today for £65 from the british heart foundation. excited.

  • Marie L-M


    Åh, en sån snygg lampa! Eftersom vi skall flytta i december,
    till en lägenhet med betydligt större ytor, än vad vi har nu.
    Så vet jag att ett antal lampor behöver vi införskaffa.
    Bl a till vardagsrummet, där jag kommer att ställa min
    gamla kista, med div minnessaker. Och precis där kan
    jag "riktigt föreställa mig" hur snyggt det kommer att bli
    när lampan kastar sitt milda sken över samlingen..

  • Erik

    Jag skulle låta den stå i fönstret så den får lysa ner på min bok som jag ska läsa i min nya howard-fåtölj i Josef Frank tyg. Gammal möter nytt! Min tolkning på &Tradition;)

  • This would definitely go in our living room next to the sofa!

  • would love this next to my computer, together with my diptyque candles.

  • Monica M

    1. Done 😉
    2. Jeg ville hatt den på nattbordet mitt, da jeg hater den lampen jeg har der fra før (en kjip fra Ikea, som ikke passer interiørstilen ellers), mens denne ville glidd rett inn 🙂

  • Jack

    I would put it on my fireplace mantel — all by itself. It doesn’t need anything else!

  • Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I would use the Milk lamp in my bedroom. It would be placed on the vintage record player table I use as a nightstand, along with a few of my favorite books, and Walter Bosse brass rabbit.

  • As I just moved to Stockholm for my studies here and start noticing how fast the darkness covers the city, I am thinking more and more about light in addition for my new apartment. And as I spend most of my evenings for making illustrations, I would willingly put the very Milk lamp near the table – to get not only more light but also more necessary coziness for the moments of painting. Plus I would like to match it with my whole black and white interior as well as (referring to the lamp’s name) with my common evening cups of warm milk with cinnamon. So I am in and crossing fingers in hopes!

  • Jeg liker &Tradition på Facebook.
    Den flotte lampen ønsker jeg meg på soverommet. Jeg har lenge ønsker meg en kul lampe på nattbordet mitt!

  • Malene P

    Oh it’s lovely in the black edition.

    I would put it on my sideboard next to my beautiful Kähler vase.

    Fingers crossede 🙂

  • kathy

    I think it would look nice with a mix of simple light furniture (made out of pine or birch) and plants. I have a lot of crates set up with plants sitting on them and it would probably look pleasant sitting next to those plants and crates.

  • This lamp would would perfect on my bedside table. I would pair it with a stack of book that I am reading.

  • Sidsel Petersen

    On my old wooden desk.

  • I would put it in the nursery for my new baby… on a small table next to a comfortable chair for those nighttime feedings 🙂

  • I would put it in the nursery for my new baby… on a small table next to a comfortable chair for those nighttime feedings 🙂

  • Jody van Bijsterveld

    I want to put it on my palau kwart casei just bought. It makes a good combination with the raw wood. It stands between my living room and kitchen as room divider. And this piece of design is the thing that is just missing.

    See my new case: its like this:

  • Jeanette B

    Wow! I love this lamp right away!
    If i´m the lucky Winner I would place the lamp in my sons new "New York" inspired room next to his bed!
    I´m sure it would match perfectly! 🙂

  • Snyggt !!!

  • Sigfrid

    Denne lekre lampa ville jeg satt opp på et langt sidebord i slitt treverk i hallen. Kontraster er stikkordet…

  • Natasja

    I love this giveaway!! 😉
    I would put it in my bedroom window, next to my books and magazines..

  • lucinda orrell

    I would have it in my living room next to my bargin charity shop sofa that I will be picking up today for £65 from the british heart foundation. excited.

  • Ingeborg

    We just bought an old apartment in Oslo and I would love to put this lamp in the kitchen, preferably on our yet to be found perfect wooden kitchen table. I love mornings, especially in the winter time when it´s so cold and dark outside. I imagine myself sitting in our kitchen having a cup of tea with my breakfast in the dim light of this gorgeous milk lamp!

  • I would put it on my living room, on my sideboard near the screenprint of Alice Geirinhas. A safe place to escape from the children… !!***

  • Elizabeth

    I would put this beautiful lamp in my living room, alone on a table near my String shelf!

  • Jacqueline B

    After 4 years of living together, my boyfriend finally agreed to let go of his office room. He gave me carte blanche to turn it into a relaxing room. This lamp will light up the vintage items that have been waiting to be placed in this room. Can’t wait!

  • Å så kul den var, jeg ville satt den på stua mi ved siden av den svarte rokken til min kjære mor, det hadde blitt fint!

  • Jacqueline

    After 4 years I finally convinced my boyfriend to turn his home office into a relaxing room. This lamp will light up the vintage items that have been patiently waiting to be placed in this room. Can’t wait!

  • Jonna

    i would put it to our hall, on a table, next to some craphic paintings!! LOVE IT!

  • Cailin McDermott

    I’d put it on our box shelving unit in my dorm next to our T.V. matched with black and white candles and some coordinating jewelry.

  • Christina

    I have an open kitchen so I would put in the corner of my kitchen counter for a bit of cosy light coming from the kitchen in the evening/night.

  • Pirita

    Beauty! I’d put it in our bedroom, on a 50’s teak drawer, together with a small collection of my favourite vintage/design items.

  • Vivian

    2.i would put it in our future baby nursery. Ontop of white/wood bookcase filled with colorful books and black framed art above.

  • Clara

    I love it! I will put it on a wood scandinavian drawer, with a big black and white framed picture as a background. Some decorative items and everything in front of my sofa. A light like this one deserve to be looked at every day.

  • veronique

    Lovely !!! I will put it in my hands… and save it preciously !
    Have a good day !
    Véronique from France

  • edgar barens

    on the floor among my plants.

  • Dav

    1. done
    2. in my bedroom, on a concrete stool, near my bed. I like concrete, black and white

  • 1) Superlike!
    2) Åh jag vill så gärna vinna Milk lampan. Den skulle få stå i hallen och välkomna oss när vi kommer hem. Älskar att det är dimmer!

  • I’ve been dreaming about this lamp for so long, and the black legs makes me love it even more – I have to participate 🙂
    I’ll put it in my window and look at with a smile every day!

  • Jag skulle ställt denna lampan i mitt vardagsrumsfönster ovanpå en trave med gamla slitna böcker (typ atlas och lexikon) så den kommer upp en bit och syns utifrån. Bredvid skulle jag vilja ha ett fikonträd i svart terrakottakruka. Och gärna ett doftljus från Byredo med sin fina förpackning att matcha till.

  • Kat

    I would put this little fellow on my 60s teak bookshelf in the dining room. There it can makes friends with my Happy Meal Snoopy toy and Century photo book. It is so cute and I would do my best to make it feel at home.

  • nancy

    i would put him in my living room, on my work desk. i would pair him with my black-and-white stripe mini-vase, and some lavender hydrageas!

  • Dav

    1) done.
    2)in my bedroom, near my bed, on a wood and concrete stool.

  • Kendel Huon

    Oh where to put a gorgeous milk lamp! I’d put it above the records next to the record player. I know this makes me look like a hipster but I’m not. From this position my lovely lamp can enjoy the music, look out the livingroom window and will have a view down the hall to the front door- a beautiful warm welcoming for visitors 🙂

  • 1. Liked!
    2. Den hade fått stå i det luftiga utrymmet mellan den vita soffan och det vita matsalsbordet! Helt ensam, som regerande inredningsdetalj! Har länge letat efter något att ha där i det tomma utrymmet men inte hittat det jag sökte men jag tror att den skulle bli perfekt!
    Ha en fin söndag!

  • I liked with pleasure 🙂

    I can imagine Milk lamp in my livingroom with mixed furniture we’ve got there 🙂

  • This lamp would be the perfect addition to our guestroom! Specifically sitting on the end table next to an antique bed. The "end table" is constructed of three stacked vintage suitcases, with a mirror on top (making it a perfect flat surface for a lamp to sit on). And as of right now, it is lampless.

  • Robin

    I would put the lovely Milk lamp on the white vintage table next to my bed. Perfect.

  • 1. Liked (very much!)
    2. Oh! So pretty! I would love to have one! I think the perfekt place for that lamp would be on my bedside right next to my favorite books!

  • I would put it beside my cookie chair. I guess I need to make the cookie chair now!

  • karin rodriguez-villa

    1. liked so much
    2. i would place it in my livingroom beside a very old table. that would be lovely!!!
    i love your blog. greetings from brussels

  • This gorgeous lamp would have the perfect home on the tallboy in our new baby’s room, and it could share this space with the Hoptimist and the hand from Hay we just bought in Copenhagen on our "once in a lifetime holiday"!

  • Åh, vilken skönhet! Klart jag gillar på FB & vill vara med i tävlingen… En sån här tjusig lampa förtjänar många olika platser, den skulle få bli en sån där favorit som byter rum lite då och då – för att bokstavligen lysa upp trista hörn och sätta dem i ett nytt snyggt ljus! Men den skulle få börja i mitt arbetsrum för att matcha den svarta "supertuben" och "Pia-kopian" + det kreativa kaoset med lite stram skönhet! 🙂 / F

  • Jenny

    i would put this gorgeous lamp in my boys room (Will and Arte) on their old wooden chest of drawers with their favourite playsam and brio cars and line up of bedtime books.

  • austin

    Definitely next to our gorgeous linen bed on the marble and wooden bedside table with my reading books and I phone.

  • Jenny

    I see this gorgeous new update of the Milk lamp in our boys room (Will and Arte) on their old rustic wooden chest of drawers with their favourite car collection and bedtime books.

  • Sed

    1. Liked (name S. Karjalainen)
    2. I would place it in my bedroom 🙂

  • Stine BB

    The new black milk would in my home have a perfect spot in my bookcase. I think it is a humoristic beauty and would love to look at it everyday and smile…

  • cristian

    I would put it my bedroom window.

  • andreea

    definitely on the floor, next to my bed.

  • aaahhh! me want.
    the lamp would be absolutely perfect in my new kitchen. by the window. matching wonderfully with my newly bought thonet chair in the color nougat, my tolix chairs in matt steel and the wholewhite minimalistic kitchen.
    milk in the milky kitchen :)!
    keeps my fingers very crossed.

  • Heidi

    Hei Emma!
    Fantastik at Milk har fått sorte ben å stå på 🙂 Jeg vil plassere min Milk oppå stabelen av mine gamle ynglingbøker, ved siden av Kubus 4 lysestaken min – i den store vinduskarmen i spisestuen!
    Takk for at du leverer hverdagsglede igjennom din blogg! Og &Traditon er selvsagt også likt på Facebook!

  • Line Frederiksen

    Ohh, it would be perfect in my new living room, right next to my couch! I have been looking for something like this because of my sloping walls, it would be fantastic 🙂

  • Black legs are looking good! This lamb would absolutely fit into out living room.

    Already liked &Tradition on FB 🙂 Hopefully winning this one!

  • Olly Woodward

    I’d sit it on top of my black and walnut string shelves. It would light my rather gloomy dining room perfectly!

  • Therese

    1. Done!
    2. I’d love to have it on top of my white bookshelf where I have my artbooks (I am an arthistorystudent) I would give it some space to shine on it own. I love the shape an think it deserves to do just that!

  • Marie

    Bredvid sängen ovanpå en trave böcker, det från början ofrivilliga men nu älskade sängbordet. Bakom hänger en liten akvarell av John Bauer, Tuvstarr. Gott sällskap!

  • Laura

    I would put in my bedroom floor

  • Anonym

    Den skulle göra sig helt fantastiskt i mitt svart-vita hem på mitt matbord som också agerar skrivbord- som saknar ljus;(

  • Anonym

    Den skulle göra sig helt fantastiskt i mitt svart-vita hem på mitt matbord som också agerar skrivbord- som saknar ljus;(

  • Martina I

    Den är ju helt ljuvlig! Jag som tidigare har funderat på om man skulle välja vit eller svart sladd om man skulle slå till på en Milklampa…nu vet jag att jag skulle välja svarta ben!
    Var jag skulle ställa den är ingen tvekan. Har drömt om ett Snö vitrinskåp från Asplund i flera år och nu är det äntligen beställt och ska bli vuxenjulklapp i familjen!
    Lampan skulle såklart vara underbar på mitt nya skåp!

  • Helena Lindholm

    My Milk lamp from & Tradition Will be placed on one of my darkbrown old bureau from a printshop. On the wall behind it there are some black frames with pictures of unice silver cups. Its a dark and arty wall that can need some milky light!

  • Viki Horváth

    The place to be for Black Milk > white sofa, ikea ps white metal cabinet, trollsta black coffee table, Marimekko cushion, cushions from thai batik fabric

  • Åsa

    1. Gillar på Facebook
    2. Jag ser den i vårt sommarhus som håller på att byggas för fullt! I hallen på ett sideboard. Det hade varit fint det!

  • Johanna Tuulse

    1. Gillar på FB
    2. Jag skulle ställa den på ett sideboard i vardagsrummet för att ge lite soft ljus. Jag skulle kombinera med riktigt stora, snirkliga, massiva ljusstakar i mattsvart, med blockljus. Två olika ljuskällor som kontrasterar och kompletterar varandra.

  • Fine

    On the floor in between my bookcase with colorsortet books and my clothing rack with colorsortet blouses..

  • I would put it on the plank next to my easle to give me light while making illustrations, and pair it with some old milking tins

  • Anastasia

    I’d like to see it on the floor of my bedroom. It sits nicely next to my futon.

  • jessica

    very easy, i would put it next to my bed and my magazines, the perfect place to get inspire and learn the trend in the world

  • Erik

    Den får trona på en vit byrå med svävande lådor från Malmsten och dela plats med en stor bonbonjär i glas, två mässingsljusstakar "Liljan" från Ystad metall och ett stort svartvitt foto av mig sovandes på en vernissage.

  • Celia Boavida

    I am moving to my new apartment and I would place the black Milk lamp on the living room window with some books and my favourite Enzo Mari poster La Mela e la Pera.

  • Leanne

    I would put it in my living room next to my elm tree stumps and a picture of an ice fishing hut. So nice!

  • Wow. Vilken giveaway! Har trånat efter den här lampan ett bra tag nu. Är jag inte bland de tre lyckliga måste den upp på önskelistan, bara 20 dagar kvar till 31. 🙂
    1. Gillar
    2. Den skulle få stå i stringhyllan i vardagsrummet tillsammans med de andra noga utvalda prylarna som är värda att stå där. Just nu en svartvitrutig box från HAY och en loppisfyndad trävas.

    Ha en fin vecka!

  • Patricia

    Fantastisk lampa! Den skulle få den mest ärofyllda uppgift i vårt hem, fungera som nattlampa till vårt lilla mirakel. Samtidigt matcha den vita sängen från Stokke och den svartvita tapeten Kaspar.

  • Morten Askekilde

    I Would place the lamp in ny living room next to my stingray chair and my hoof lounge table!

  • Morten Askekilde

    I Would love to place the lamp next to my stingray chair and my hoof lounge table in my living room

  • Dana

    I would love to have it and put it next to my flokati in my living room, matching with my anitque big armchair in dark coralle.

  • Lena Bertholdsson

    Jag bor i Visby innerstad och skulle absolut ställa den i fönstret så att den syns både utifrån och inifrån….

  • Joy

    I would put it on my new Muuto shelf system, it would be perfect!!

  • Kaja Martin Wannberg

    Jag försökte kommentera via min rss-läsare men det gick visst inte så jag försöker igen 🙂

    Den här coola lampan skulle jag ställa på mitt vita datorbord hemma. Där tror jag att den skulle trivas med de andra sakerna som står där för att göra mig glad när jag jobbar, nämligen en japansk leksakssamling, min yngste sons bebissneakers, min svartvita Moleskine i tweed och den (fullständigt oundgängliga!) vita kaffekoppen med gulddekor. Det finns inget som är så bra för flowet som att vila ögonen på den här sortens godbitar.

  • 1. Done
    2. I’d put the Milk Lamp in my living room, near my black wooden coffee table, to dimly light my tv nights – rainy afternoons in Venice just make you want to stay home and watch telefilms 😉

  • Emma Nilsson

    I would place Milk in a little package and send it of to Iceland. To my litle sister who´s building a very nice house. In wintertime when Iceland is all dark, she needs a nice litle lamp in her new livingroom.

  • I want this lamp lighting up my life 😉 and show it in my work… I love it!

  • jon

    Jag skulle ha den i fönstret

  • Nanna
  • 1. liked
    2. This would be perfect in my vintage-inspired home in Norway.
    The house is from 1913 and celebrates 100 years next year. A perfect gift!
    I love lamps and I will place it on my desk where I use most of my time. /A

  • It seems my first try to comment did not work…

    1) Liked the Page.
    2) I’d put the lamp next to a vintage chest in my living room and in that context maybe some wooden letters on top of the chest.

  • Anna-Lena Wannerheim

    1) Gjort
    2) Under vår trappa. Har haft stora problem med vad jag ska göra med inredningen under trappan. När jag såg denna lampa föll allt på plats och den skulle bli helt fantastisk där.

  • Ingvild

    -This lamp would look fabulous besides my black 1950’s leather sofa. And it would help light up these dark scandinavian winter nights..
    Fingers crossed!

  • I will put it on my home office desk, perfect for my black and white theme. Love it!

  • Har såklart gillat på Facebook!

    Den skulle få stå i vårt sovrum och ge en mysig belysning! Dessutom så skulle den matcha fint ihop med vår Pia Wallén filt, affischen i svart och vitt från Moderna Muséet och våra Muuto knoppar i svart. Den är så otroligt snygg & stilren lampan!

    Så roligt tävling:)

    Kram Emma

  • i’d like to see it in my bedroom, on top of some books next to my eames chair.

  • Hi, I would love to have a Milk lamp near my bed, in a white & grey and wood bedroom (rustic scandinavian).

  • This dreamy lamp I’d put on top of our white cabinet from
    It’s the missing item of our living room!
    Fingers crossed!

  • This is beautiful! Fingers crossed.

    I’d make it the central piece in my bedroom by putting it on the nightstand along with my Marimekko fabric backdrop, a stack of books, and an Iittala carafe of water. Would make for some very cozy evenings reading in bed…

  • Jag skulle placera den fina Milk lampan på mitt gräddvita gamla skrivbord jag fått av mina morföräldrar. Där skulle den få stå och se snygg ut och lysa upp när mina skissblock och anteckningsböcker fylls med tankar och nya idéer till kommande projekt som ska ta form i keramikverkstaden.

  • Myrthe Brommer

    I’m moving next month (to Amsterdam)! I don’t have anything for the livingroom yet, so the lamp will get the most beautiful spot in this room!

  • Myrthe Brommer

    I’m moving next month (to Amsterdam)! I don’t have anything for the living room yet, so the lamp will get the most beautiful spot in this room!

  • 1. Gillat &Tradition på facebook!
    2. Jag skulle ställa den underbara milk lampan på byrån i vårat sovrum, brevid den står en ask i fattigmansilver och boken 365 dagar av Jesper waldersten står prydligt i en glaskupa.


  • florence lapegue

    it would be perfect in the enter near my old mirror i recnetly painted in black , love this lap and love your blog
    thank you for the giveaway

  • lotte

    I would try to put this lamp in my future bathroom.
    for a future ‘warm feel’ before I go to bed.

  • Sabina B

    I would put it on the raw nordic wooden floor of my new appartment which at the moment is furnished by nothing but our bed maddress and linens, and cosy up with my boyfriend there for an entire weekend 🙂 It would be the first decor in our new home.

  • XdrepaulXandra

    I would put it on top of my pile of magazines. It would pair well with my reclaimed wood bed.

  • Sally porter

    This Devine lamp would look absolutely delicious on my white kitchen bench ppartnering my black Muuto pepper grin

  • Sam Wood

    Fantastisk! Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at få noget fra &Tradition, men jeg bor i USA nu og ved ikke hvor man kan få sådan noget… Jeg ville sætte den i min stue, lige ved min sofa og magasiner. Jeg mangle noget Skandinavisk design for at vise mine amerikanske venner "how we roll"!

  • 1 Gillar på facebook
    2. Den skulle få stå i hallen mot vårt fina nya klinkers i skiftande sten så att det är det första och sista man ser när man kommer till oss

    Vilken bra tävling!!

  • Hi
    if I won this lovely lamp I would put it on my desk in my studio as Im sure that it would help the creativity flow.

  • Helena

    1. Gillar på facebook
    2. Lampan skulle jag sätta i mitt köksfönster, bredvid krukan med rosmarin, bakom blekta blommiga josef frank-gardiner.

  • Åh! Har äntligen lyckats byta min stora lägenhet i Solna mot ett litet krypin i Hornstull, så där skulle den självklart få bo, min Milk.
    Bredvid nybäddad säng och en hööög med tidningar..
    Då har jag väl i stort sett det man behöver?

  • Love it! In the corner of our bedroom, we have a big peace of driftwood leaning against the wall. The Milk lamp would be so nice on the floor next to it!

  • Chris K.

    My GROXI-chainsaw-lamp from Gauting/Upper Bavaria is still waiting for the ravishing beauty.. 😉

  • I would put it near me when I’m sitting on my sofa, beside a small kentia palm and an amazing midcentury wood candlestick.

  • Liked on fb page! I would mix this lamp with my mid-century radio!

  • Hej Sam! Har du kikat på De säljer väl de flesta skandinaviska brands?

  • Thea

    I would put on my kitchen table, next to my tray of oils and a tivoli radio.

  • Sigrún Dögg Gudjónsdóttir

    What a nice lamp….I would put it on a small side table next to my sofa, where I read my books and the newspaper.

  • Karolina

    I would put Milk in our hallway to give the space a warm and welcoming glow. It would stand atop our white homemade square bookcase, just beneath a huge old oilpainting of my great-great-mother-in-law. She has a very kind, albeit somber face so some lightening up might do her good 🙂

  • eva

    I would put it on a small shelf in the entrance
    It matches with the Eames house bird

  • carro

    Ja, jag skulle bli så glad att Mr Milk skulle få sova i min säng en vecka eller två! Sen, när min sambo vill ha tillbaka sin sängplats, skulle Mr Milk få stå på mitt sovrumsgolv, lite som en trogen hund. Fin och trofast!

  • Hallway. I would put it on our hallway sideboard to bring some soft light and welcome our guests.

  • i´d put it in my livingroom ´cause it would match with everything i own. including my black&white cats 🙂

  • Katarina

    hey Emma,
    I would put the milk lamp next to our white sofa, to create a dreamy atmosphere.

  • Merja

    I’m not on Facebook, but I really hope you’ll accept my participation anyway. The Milk Lamp would fit perfectly on my living room side table, right next to a pile of good books!

  • It’s such a beautiful table light. I would place it to my bookshelf, right next to my favourite books.

  • Eli

    I would plage the lovely lamp in livingroom, on a shelf beside two Savoy vases, an owl and three candleholders. I think it would fit in just perfect:)

  • I would place this beautiful lamp on the shelf above my bed, next to a stack of design books with spines in black, white and pink and my white porcelain Eiffel Tower.

  • Ariadna

    I’d put on top of a stack of books beside mi sofa in my living room 🙂

  • Ulla

    I would definently have no problem finding a spot in my home for this beauty! I would probably put it on my brown marble table next to my Wegner daybed. It would be perfect…

    Like on F

  • Ulla

    I would place this beauty in my living room on the marble shelf next to my Wegner daybed , where I love to read!

  • Ulla

    I will put it in my living room next to my Wegner daybed.

  • Vera

    This lamp should look marvellously at my bedside next to a pile of books and a cup of fine tea !

  • Pedro Ribeiro

    I would like to put on top of my work desk.
    I think that would give me more inspiration to work with a good vibe 😉

  • I’ve actually just bough a house with my fiancé.
    We haven’t moved in yet, we’re decorating as we can getting the house ready to receive us 😉
    The Milk Black Lamp would be beautiful on top of our ‘Man Cave’ office’s desk (leafed with zebrano wood).
    The room is filled with books and illustrations all over.
    The Mil Lamp would be a perfect fit for the space…

    Love your blog! 😉


  • I’ve actually just bough a house with my fiancé.
    We haven’t moved in yet, we’re decorating as we can getting the house ready to receive us 😉
    The Milk Black Lamp would be beautiful on top of our ‘Man Cave’ office’s desk (leafed with zebrano wood).
    The room is filled with books and illustrations all over.
    The Mil Lamp would be a perfect fit for the space…

    Love your blog! 😉


  • Åh! Nu har jag gillat.

    Ska vara ärlig och säga att jag inte vet var jag skulle ställa den. Ska flytta och allt är in och ut. Men jag skulle nog vilja ha den bredvid soffan eller i ett fönster och inte ha så himla mycket mer i närheten då den är så fin som den är! Heja heja!

  • Hejsan, vilken fin giveaway!

    1) I liked them on Facebook
    2) I would have the lamp in our new workingroom/baby´s room together with the black and white pine wall paper from Fine Little Day!

  • Jane MacCuish

    in a 1800s house in central london, in a street with coloured houses, with a glass garden room at the back, the light would be perfect to let us still enjoy the courtyard garden bamboos

  • theodor

    I would put it in our baby nursery.

  • I would put it in our living room next to the sofa, whose black tapered legs it would match perfectly.

  • Anne-Sophie

    I would love to give it to my parents as a moving in gift. They bought a beautiful small house, which reminds me of a scandinavian home. The MILK lamp would go perfect with their Lamino lounge chair.

  • Miriam Åström

    My little boy as gone "big" and would like do have his on desk. This lamp would match in perfectly with his crayons and the robot drawings. It’s playfull but still classic he will be abel to have it for life.  Love! 

  • It would look wonderful on my ERREX shelf next to my light table of a similar opaque and warm white. The white of the milk lamp would be reflected in a poster of Gursky’s Dubai World III. In short: It would be perfect!

  • Manja

    Mmm, I walked through our new Victorian flat thinking where to place this cute little lamp and suddenly I felt it would be lovely near the no longer used fireplace, placed in the alcove near our bed to enjoy the cosy light.

  • This little lamp has so much personality, I would let it walk around the house and decide where it would like to live. I don’t believe in matching anything to anything but somehow the things I love all get along.

  • Ariane

    When you open the door to my apartment there is a long corridor, stretching into other rooms. There is very little light, an old building from 1906. I envision milk sitting on my Tomado string shelf, by the japanese bowl with keys and mail right by the door. Patiently waiting, and glowing, welcoming those inside.

  • Samantha Larsen

    I would put it on my dresser next to my two japanese wood prints my father left me.

  • I will put it on top of our vintage B&O speakerset!

  • Maiju

    Love the new black legs! I would place this lamp in our dinig room. It would go so well together with our black and oak Muuto Adaptable, Eames DSW chairs and bare log wall.

  • ivona

    i would put it on one of pile of books in my living room… next to new grey wool sofa….

  • nina

    What a lovely lamp. The Milk Lamp would definately move on top of SNÖ. (byrå from Asplunds) Together with lamp Fling it would just make magic Winterfeelings.

  • Petra

    Fantastic new look! I would put this little treassure on our black String shelve, next to a pile of magazines and the sofa with new knitted pillowcases and throw. It would definately be a lovely eye catcher in the wintery decoration. Love it.

  • This lamp would definitely find its place on the countertop of our new kitchen!

  • mridula

    my boys have a room rich in colour and tapestry, these would be stunning against the crimson wall atop the yellow bedside table nextto the batik quilted bedspreads.

  • Valentina

    amazing giveaway!
    I would put my Black Milk Lamp in my living room, on the ground, next to a big vintage mirror and a bookcase full of books.

    [email protected]

  • Sofia

    I min hall på min teakbyrå från 50-talet tillsammans med en massa ljuslyktor och ljusstakar.

  • Laurent

    The comment i posted last week never appeared.
    I liked the page and posted something here but can’t see it.
    I guess i won’t be able to win anything…:-(