New work by stylist Saša Antić

The latest photos from Swedish stylist Saša Antić are just amazing. So pure and simple. And the bottom photos. Wow. I can’t believe they were actually published in a Swedish magazine, as the interior mags here are all playing it very safe at the moment and aren’t exactly keen on taking in anything experimental or edgy.


Great work  Saša!

Ps. I am so happy to see that you liked my t-shirt design! Thank you everyone for your sweet comments, blog posts and fb shout outs!



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  • Älskar Monica Försters molnrum på bilden näst längst ner! Tänk att ha möte i en sådan liten kokong.

  • Love the photos!

  • Anonym

    Fantastiska bilder!

  • underbara bilder

  • I love to read your posts and brows your blog! Very inspiring!

  • Grym blogg får sån sjuk inspo

  • Really nice pictures. I don’t thing the last picture is very edgy and it would seem pretty safe to me!

  • What is it about gray — such a beautiful colour!

  • Älskar din blogg ! helt underbar med all inspiration! 🙂

  • Super fin blogg:)

  • Riktigt snyggt! 🙂 Kram

  • Wau hvor er det nogle skønne billeder. Er som du også begejstret for de vovede nederste billeder 🙂

  • Sjukt snyggt!

  • It might be safe for a fashion magazine, or a more high-trend magazine like Italian Elle Decor, but in Sweden all/most deco mags are very traditional…

  • vilka snygga bilder!

  • Fin blogg, fint namn 😉 har du tips på hur man får en bättre blogg? Kram

  • Jag kommer nog aldrig tröttna på dessa färgskalor! Vackert!

  • super fin blogg:)

  • Fina bilder!! Gillar ditt initiativ när det gäller t-shirten!


  • Sasa Antic is one amazing and inspiring stylist! I love his work!

  • stunning, very cool idea

  • I’m a fan of his work, once again really beautiful pictures!
    Reminds me a bit of the work by Frank Visser from IJM Studio, (that’s a good thing!)

  • Klara

    Hej, kan du ikke fortælle mig, hvor det sorte/grå sengetæppe er fra? Jeg synes, det er super fint 🙂