Norm + Menu + Cofoco = Höst, a new restaurant in Copenhagen

The reason I went to Copenhagen this week was to style a few pictures for a new restaurant, and this is the story behind it:
Norm Architects designed a dinner service named New Norm together with Menu, a Danish design company.


And now they are making a whole restaurant around the concept, called Höst (Autumn in Swedish). The restaurant will be a part of Cofoco, a hugely popular restaurant group in Copenhagen, who already runs nine restaurants, each with its own distinct style and menu. The focus at Höst will be on organic, locally produced New Nordic cuisine. Something I got to see for myself when I stepped into the kitchen and found a chef preparing some dish using a pine tree! And in the basement, instead of the traditional wine cellar, there is a jam/preserves cellar. I loved their concept and ideas and will tell you more soon when I get the final photos that Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and I made together.

Right now I can’t wait to show you some behind the scenes snapshots that I made. What you can’t really see here in the photos is that the space was only half ready, the renovations still going on everywhere, with builders and staff running around trying to get everything ready. You might spot a painting ladder here or a broom there, but trust me, it was quite chaotic really… I’m sure they’ll manage to get it all together for the big opening night though!
I’m getting to like my new EOS M camera more and more, and my favorite feature this far is the fact that you can set it to shoot in your own personal settings. So instead of using one of the built in scenes like sunset, sports or landscape, I created my own ”scene” to suit my taste in photography, with added contrast and sharpness and less saturation than the automatic mode.


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  • behind the scenes can be equally interesting and inspiring, and I love the way you use the EOS M, thank you for sharing

  • Vet du når de åpner? Drar 27. des.

    Andre tips?

    Hilsen fra Norge

  • De öppnar nog den här veckan tror jag. 🙂
    Hinner inte skriva fler tips just nu, sitter med deadline, men maila mig så ska jag försöka komma på fler ställen du "måste se". 🙂


  • gosh, I go away for a few weeks and come back to all this! New restaurant looks fabulous – nice space and love that crazily steep looking staircase, and the nook for things (your new camera & you work together well, btw).

    I especially love Miss’Opo’s in Portugal (that mirror on that wall gives me palpitations) and your t-shirt is ACE.

    Cheers, Julie

  • Haha, thanks Julie, I see you were really reading up on all the things you missed. 🙂 Thank you so much for all the sweet words, I’m so happy you like it!

  • Loved that lighting fixture with the bulbs!

  • härliga bilder!

  • Det här kallar jag fullkomlighet! Får nästan rysningar av sådana vackra bilder som dessa- inredning när den är som allra bäst!

  • Wau WAU WAU … Du er dygtig og hold op nogle fine billeder. Jeg elsker cofoco og søstre og ser frem til endnu et skud på stammen … Tak for kigget 🙂

  • Men Emma – ÅH! Så himla kul att för det första, se dina egna (skitsnygga) bilder och för det andra din (precis lika snygga) styling! Stoort grattis till roliga uppdrag och grymma resultat! Hejahejaheja! 🙂

  • Tack fina Frida! Ja, det är himla kul att äntligen kunna visa egna bilder. 🙂 Vad kul att du gillar!

  • Fine bilder:D!

  • these are beautifully crafted. look effortlessly put together, but thought out.

  • Really beautiful pictures!

  • Vilken cool inredning♥
    riktigt snygg!

  • Sounds like an amazing concept How great to have a job like that 😉 Loving the pictures as well… especially the one of the table with the labs above.. but the all have a nice kind of vibe X

  • Loving the concept of this restaurant and can’t wait to hear more! As ever the shots are AMAZING!

  • ber

    It looks esthetically well rounded and very consistent.

    But looking at the pictures I immedately get a feel as if I’m in a damp and chilly basement or construction site.

    I would also fear getting splinters in my hand when touching a table or a handrail.

  • Emmi


    Vet du hvor lampene som henger i trappen er fra?

    Veldig fin blogg!!

  • Ja, dem har Norm gjort för &Tradition.

  • Well, some of the photos were shot in the basement, so your feeling is correct. However, it wasn’t cold or damp at all. And the tables are really smooth, so no need to worry about splinters. I never touched the handrail, so I don’t know about that, but I can’t imagine Norm making a handrail that gives you splinters. 🙂