Patric Öhlund lives here!

I’ve been following Patric Öhlund online for a while because I love his style, so I was very excited when Amelia posted on Instagram that she was shooting his apartment for Lovely Life. Now the pictures are up, and it looks awesome! I love all the skulls, the photo art on the walls, and his collection of great magazines and books.


And his ink, man I wish I had the guts to do that! But I’m way too much of a minimalistic/chicken to do that, so my next tat will probably just be a straight line.




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  • this looks amazing. i love this sleepingroom, small ut well used. simple, clean and well organized

  • så sjukt snyggt att man blir grön av avund! Inspirerande till max!!!

  • It’s a small room but looks like very light and comfortable 🙂

  • Love the display & lighting in the bedroom. Very cool & urban!

  • Åh gud så galet snyggt hem! Lovelylife verkar vara en helt fantastisk sida med grymma bloggar!

  • Heeej! Älskar din blogg riktigt mycket! Vill du snälla göra ett länkbyte med mig? skulle betyda GULD för mig…kram!!

  • Love the accessories in the last photo, so unique!

  • Ljust, relativt enkelt men så fint 🙂

  • omg! thats amazing!

  • Awesome! I really like that bottle lamp.

  • i love how the bed is positioned directly infront of the window, i’d love to wake up to that behind me!
    the shelves and the bottle lamp are both good ideas, too.

  • Patric Öhlund

    Glad att du gillar min stil och lägenhet! 🙂


  • Hej Patric, kul att du hittade hit! Din tumblr är grym, men trist att du försvann från insta. Kom tillbaks!

  • Love the wall lamp in the bedroom and the pattern that the light casts.

  • Cony

    Hi, i love that lamp with the star pattern, do yo happen to know the brand name? Thanks, i enjoy tour blog very much.