Blog Love: Stil Inspiration

I just have to make sure that none of you have missed the wonderful blog that Pella Hedeby edits; Stil Inspiration. It’s one of my absolute favorites, and exactly as the name tells you, it’s full of very stylish inspiration.


Pella blogs not only about her own projects in her work as an interior decorator and stylist, but also makes wonderful inspiration posts with mood boards and nice mixes of pictures. Check it out!

Below are some of Pella’s own photos, all styled and shot by her.



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  • Love her blog, she’s been on my blogroll for a long, long time 🙂

  • So now I have a new fantastic blog to add to my blogroll!

  • On mine too. 🙂 I’m happy you like it!

  • That’s great! Good to hear that you like it too!

  • the most amazing that you made for me is to give another point of view in interior.. thank you

  • Elin

    Hei! T a k k for inspirasjon!!

  • I love finding new blogs. Thanks so much for sharing – nothing better than a little inspiration 😉 – xo, RR

  • Åh vad fint!!!

  • en av mina favvisar med. hon e så duktig och hennes stil är klockren. dom du :)!
    tack för tipset snälla. fast tveksamt om jag vågar ge mig på det på ett splitternytt kylskåp :).

  • I love her blog, too. She is a minimalist, but always manages to bring warmth into her styling. Impressive!

  • super fin inspiration!!

  • Hej!

    Vilken fin blogg du har, väldigt intressant att läsa!
    Fin Design har du också! =)

    Läs gärna min och min killkompis blogg! Vi skriver om vårat liv. Tillsammans!

    Ha en fortsatt fin kväll! //

  • Riktigt snyggt!

  • så snyggt!

  • Thanks a lot – always fun to find new inspiration!

  • Underbara bilder, älskar den med fällen/pläden.

  • Åh, vilken talang! På något sätt har jag lyckats glömma bort henne, tack för påminnelsen! Galet snyggt!

  • Fantastic Pics!

  • dot


  • She is so great, I really like her styling and style!
    And also the very good looking postcard on one of her moodboards! 😉

  • Anonym

    Tack för tipset! Fantastisk blogg! Precis som din 🙂

  • Cool inredning! 😀

  • OMG, I love your blog! 🙂

  • I really like her styling and style too, as well as yours! =)

  • Snygga bilder!
    Kolla in våran nystartade blogg, vi skulle bli jätteglada! 🙂


  • Det här är helt galet snyggt! Det finns inget bättre än när man har detaljer och sånt i vintage stil

  • Super fin blogg! Hur har du fikat din header, där det står design and style osv. ? 🙂