Studio Toogood, The Back Room

I just saw this on Cherry Blossom, and the pictures gave me goosebumps (in a good way) so I just had to share it with you! It’s a project by British stylist and designer Faye Toogood, one of my biggest inspirations.


Her designs have always been made in very limited edition, but Toogood has now found a way to produce them in a slightly bigger scale, so she is now releasing them in a collection called ”BATCH”. These photos are from the exhibit called Back Room that she made to show the collection at the London Design Festival now in September. And although I’m showing lots of photos here, I order you all to click over to her site to see more, because this is fantastic!




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  • Super fina bilder!!! Älskar verkligen fotot av väggen med en massa stolar/pallar…

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  • So cool these pictures!

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  • Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  • fina bilder! 🙂

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  • Love the hanging coats! She’s so talented

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  • Riktigt häftiga bilder!

  • Jättefina bilder, men lampan på den åttonde bilden gillar jag inte. Den påminner om en bikupa :/

  • Fina bilder

  • Hej Emma, nice find! I like the fourth photo with that "objects" in front of the windows… great!

    Hälsning, Christian

  • Och coola stolar! 🙂

  • oh my! those displays are too fabulous…. love the mix of all those disparate things – the stools, the coats, the photographs .. and the graphic TEXT

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  • Cool lampa!

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  • Yep, goosebumps!
    Looks great!

  • Loving this mood! clicking over … Thanks again for the inspiration X

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  • Lovely, thank you for your inspiring posts 🙂