It’s all in the details

A few days ago, I published a link on Facebook to a beautiful home for sale, shot by Mikael Axelsson. I just saw that he updated his portfolio blog today with another home, so I had to check it out. While the general styling of this home wasn’t exactly my style, I really loved the little detail shots.
A lot of thought seems to have been put in to these small vignettes, even if they look very relaxed, and they come off as personal and very stylish. It’s just simple things, nothing extravagant, and most of them are easy to copy for your own home if you’d like. While finding a shark jaw like this might be hard, filling whisky bottles with homemade schnaps, putting them on a shelf and attaching some stamped paper tags (in this case seed sachets), or ripping stylish pics out of magazines, is very doable.
Styling: Rebecca Facey



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