Happy 8th Birthday!

Today marks 8 years since this blog was born. I started it back in 2005 out of pure necessity, I needed somewhere to store all the info on new products and designers that I was given every day in my work as a styling assistant.


I never imagined the blog would one day become the most read design blog in Sweden! (If I had, I would probably have tried to think of a cooler name.) The last eight years have been a wonderful journey where I have learned a great deal, met lots of nice and inspiring people and had some truly amazing experiences.

While thinking back on what this blog has meant to me and my life, I came to realize that I am still treating it like a hobby, even though it is now my full time job. What I mean by that is that I had let it take over my life, spending all my time working on it, and not giving myself any free time for other hobbies or activities. I had no set work hours and would often sit until 2 am surfing the web for inspiration or blogging material, checking my email at the playground, approving ads while watching a movie, and generally spending every waking hour thinking about blog realated things. I had no routines whatsoever, and would often work from my bed, or best case scenario; from my kitchen table. And while most ”big” blogs today are run by teams of editors, ad sellers, designers, assistants and writers, I am still trying to juggle everything from advertising and accounting to research and blog design all by myself. This is neither easy or efficient, and that is why it has to change. Now.
I’ve been spending my summer break learning about productivity, outsourcing, how to become a better blogger and generally how to organize and optimize your life when running your own company. (I’m sharing a short list of links to my favorite resources at the bottom of this post.) So come Monday, when my vacation is officially over, I will be running this blog (and my life) in a completely different way. There will be a new set of routines, and an ongoing plan with the goal of making this blog better for both you and me. As a first step I have, for the first time, set up an editorial schedule, so the blog will be updated more often and on a regular schedule. The rest of the coming changes might be more behind-the-scenes, but I believe you will notice the difference…
With all that said, I want to shout a big THANK YOU to all of you reading this blog! Emmas Designblogg would be nothing without you, and I am so very grateful to see you all coming back here day after day. Your comments light up my days, and just the thought that there are hundreds of thousands of you out there sharing the same taste and interest in design and interiors warms my heart!
List of resources on productivity and blogging:


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