Norm Architects Zen House

Last week when reading Norm’s blog at Bo Bedre I saw some great pictures from their latest project that I wanted to share with you, so I emailed Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, one of the architects and also the photographer behind their photos.


He sent me the pictures and many more, so many in fact that I had a very hard time choosing which ones to show here. To be able to show you as many as possible without making this post into a huge picture bomb I decided to make small collages of some photos and show some of the others in full size. Do you like this format?

The house looks like a normal Copenhagen house from the outside, but once inside a whole new world opens up. Extremely minimalistic and very zen. I’m drawn to the calm and tranquil atmosphere, but I’m not sure I could live like this myself. How about you?




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  • Amazing photos, I fully understand that you has a hard time choosing which ones to show.

    Take care!

  • Way to much crispy white for my taste…
    Yes, it’s a nice format for the images.

  • Stillren blogg kram!

  • Anonym

    So lovely! So perfect!

  • I find this too blank a canvas.
    If it were just me, I’d need some more texture. And more pictures on the walls.

  • I can never get enough of black and white!

  • cez

    just perfect !!!! 😉

  • Vicki

    Up until the past couple of years, it would have been too white for me. Not any longer. It is so pure and so serene. I would love to live in it.

  • O M G ! Jag vill se allt – ge mig en inläggsbomb!! 😉

  • Haha, jag visste väl att du skulle gilla det! 🙂 Jag kan skicka alla bilderna till dig, men du måste fråga Jonas först innan du bloggar dem, ok?

  • NORM are a firm favourite of mine and this house does not disappoint. It beautifully represent their visionary style.

  • Yes, they are my favorites too. I love to see every new project they present, because although they have a distinct style, all projects are very different and you never know which direction they will choose.

  • Yes, that’s mostly what I would need as well if I were to live there. But I love looking at the pictures!

  • For et fantastisk hjem..takk for at du alltid deler så herlig inspirasjon:)

  • Anonym

    Beautiful, but hard to keep that clean look when you have 2 boys, 4 dogs & 7 cats! Ha ha!

  • I think this house may actually be in my neighborhood. Now I really need to go for a walk and peek into a few windows! 🙂 It really is lovely!

  • Wow, great pictures! And I think the format works pretty good.

  • Thanks!
    I just checked out your blog, I like your style, and your blog design is great!

  • Mmm fint! Men jag håller med dig, jag skulle aldrig kunna bo sådär själv (skulle stöka och skita ner direkt)! Gillar skarpt de fina pendlarna över matbordet. Vid första anblick såg de lite ut som Ogle-lamporna av Form us with love.

  • Hallo, så fin blogg du har 😉

  • Pure inspiration!

  • norm definitely produce some sublime interiors.. wonderful.

  • Du har en helt fantastiskt fin blogg. Bra jobbat! 🙂

  • Det perfekt köket!

  • Väldigt bra och still ren blogg 🙂

  • Great photography work! I love the layout. Just pure white!

  • Hej Emma!
    Först vill jag gratulera dig till boken. Vad fin den ser ut.
    När kommer den att kunna köpas, måste ju bara ha den så fort den kommer ut!!!

    Älskar bilderna du visar i dag, men skulle aldrig kunna bo så – är alldeles för prylgalen och ändå inspireras jag av den här sortens hem… 😉

  • M.V.

    I just love the newton print!
    its so perfect with all the white, any idea where to buy it, can’t seem to find anywhere online ??

    had some troubles commenting yesterday, hope it works today (:

  • Suzanne Caplan

    Ideally I would love to live this minimally, but it is just not how my life is. I do love the pictures and day dream about living in spaces like this. I just have too much stuff.

  • Skit snyggt! Älskar att det är så stilrent!

  • Hej Susanne! Tack för grattis! Vi siktar på att boken släpps 18 mars i Europa. 🙂

  • My

    Galet snyggt!

  • Jätte fin blogg! 🙂
    Älskar den.
    Gå gärna in på min och lämna en kommentaer, KRAM!

  • Så fint:)
    Trevlig dag önskar jag dig!
    Kram från Victoria på http://www.victoriasprovkö

  • I love everything about this.

  • Fantastic! I love the white/black contrast.

  • Love the photos! But I would prefer a more old interior that fits better with the house 🙂

  • Nydelig kjøkken og fantastiske bilder 🙂

  • Kyle

    Love the Topan pendant lights! …And is that a T12 table by Hay?