Functionalism for sale, light and style included

Today I’m loving the styling and interiors of this home for sale by Fantastic Frank.



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  • fint!

  • white color and simplicity are the most beautiful 🙂

  • Jamen helt klockrent!

  • så stilrent och fint!

  • Så himla fint!

  • Så fint! 🙂

  • Anonym

    enkelt men skitsnyggt!

  • Ooh, that plant! Love.

  • I love that little seating nook! Such a nice touch with the gorgeous blanket too.

  • Tamara González
  • Mainteriors

    Such a great big flower in the kitchen.Like it!

  • Hej! Snyggt och enkelt! 😀

  • Alltid så stilrent. Jag har nyligen startat min blogg, in och skriv vad ni tycker. Puss!

  • It’s so bright and airy

  • Gud så fint! 🙂

  • JvH

    Funny, I was looking at this appartment earlier on Hemnet as I am moving soon from Amsterdam to Stockholm. I loved the styling of the place. I love your blog too! All the luck for 2013!

  • Q

    Anyone know where I can find the fantastic chairs? Or what they are called?

  • Q: I’m no expert on 50’s chairs, but to me this looks like a bad replica of Wegner’s Elbow chair, with all the nice details missing. I could be wrong though, maybe it’s something completely different?

  • ylva

    helt perfekt !

  • Interesting kitchen cabinetry

  • Sophie


  • jädrar va snyggt!

  • Stina

    So nice!
    Did you see this cool and more colorful Retro-apprtement in Stockholm? Love it!—Slipgatan-14/

  • Niklas Larsén

    Thanks for all the positive comments, I’m the architect behind this apartment and the one selling it! Feel welcome to contact me fore any questions regarding the apartment or anything else for that matter! [email protected]

  • AHC

    Där vill jag bo!

  • Hej Niklas! Vad kul att du hittade hit! Väldigt snyggt jobbat, lägenheten är superfin! Har du mer jobb du vill visa upp får du gärna maila mig. 🙂

  • Anonym

    I love the blanket? Can you say me where can I find it?
    So nice!!

  • Would love that blanket and the large plant. I also like the way the kitchen doors add another dimension.

  • It’s a Pia Wallén blanket, you can google it to find an online store that can ship it to you.

  • Hej! Älskar din blogg! Verkligen inspirerande! Hälsningar från Kroatien! 🙂