Giveaway: Twist a Twill plaid from Foldoys

This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Gosia, please contact me with your address so we can send the blanket to you!
For all of you who weren’t lucky enough to win something in the Advent Calendar before Christmas, I thought I’d give you a new chance to win something nice for your home! This time you have a chance to make your home a little nicer with this bio dynamic merino wool plaid by Tina Ratzer, worth €100, sponsored by


Foldoys, an international webshop for Scandinavian design.

To have a chance to get your hands on a dark gray Twist a Twill plaid, just do these two things:
1. Like Foldoys on Facebook. Or if you don’t have a Facebook account, subscribe to their newsletter.
2. Tell me in the comments below how you would use this blanket or where you would put it!
The competition will be open until Friday January 18. Good luck!


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  • Kyli

    Our dog chewed through a wool camp blanket my husband’s great-grandmother brought back from Iceland. We’d love to have a new one in its place to keep us warm this winter.

  • Ben

    You know how mediterranean climates are supposed to be warm and lovely all year, even in the winter? Well, my unheated Los Angeles apartment would very much beg to differ, and my graduate-student income makes new blankets a surprising luxury. I could certainly put this one to good use.

  • My fav. colors and design (apart from stripes 😉 Use it? Wrap it around me, on chilly summer nights. Yes, summer nights in Sweden, do get chilly. SO – I desperately need this beauty!!!!

  • Abby

    It’s freezing in my lovely converted warehouse flat in London… the six of us have put all our money, time and love into putting up plaster walls, building ‘closets’ out of pine, and salvaging old furniture to turn this into our home (it’s taken 3 years!). We only have the budget for Poundshop fleeces on our sofa, which don’t last very long. As London is chilly year round, we’d love to snuggle under a REAL blanket!

  • Anonym

    Liked the page on fb as priscilla.phitsanoukane ~
    I would put it on my couch 🙂 and warm up with it during movies.

  • Liked the page on fb as priscilla.phitsanoukane ~
    I would put it on my couch 🙂 and warm up with it during movies.
    (forgot my information up there, sorry!)

  • Appreciate you offering an alternative to FB! 🙂 So I’ve subscribed to their news letter.

    I’ve been in need of something snugly for sleeping with the colder nights, so I’d plop this onto my bed! 🙂


  • Corinne F

    I will put it around my shoulders while in my sofa and then at my feet in bed, because weather is pretty cold here, in Québec.

  • Lily W

    For a cozy night at home I would use it to keep me warm while sipping on hot cocoa and reading a book. I’m from Canada so it’ll definitely be useful during these cold winter months! My couch is the pefect spot to put it because the colour matches.

  • Anonym

    My family moved from Norway a generation ago to Canada – we have little left from Scandinavia and I never met my grandparents. I would love to have something that represents that part of my family history – albeit in a small way:) I would use this blanket every night on my bed in my small Toronto apartment – it will definitely be the highlight of my place!

  • This blanket is absolutely gorgeous! I love the geometric pattern.
    This would easily become the blanket I carry all over the house and occasionally to use for picnics at the park or to keep me warm while I star gaze.

  • Gregg

    I’d use it to cuddle with my cats Fergus and Ellsworth.

  • Julie Longtin

    I would use this beautiful blanket to keep me warm and pass through our long Quebec winter, because it’s cold in Montreal! And because I LOVE scandinavian design! This coverage and a good hot tea will help me wait for spring!

  • Caitlin Perry

    I would cuddle up on the couch with my little puppie Wolfgang – Although not until the Australian heat wave has well and truly passed!

  • Kat

    Love the design!
    This is a blanket that will fit perfect in my livingroom, and will be perfect (almost) all year for keeping me warm.

  • Jannie Uhrenfeldt

    I would put it my couch – it’s like a sculpture!

  • Anonym

    I would have in my living room and wrap it around my son and I on those chilly evenings!

  • Beth

    I’d wrap myself up with my 14 year old dog, my 21 year old cat, my 6 month old kitten, and my crazy husband!

  • cindy

    With still 3 more months of winter in Canada, I would cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea and dream of spring.

  • Anne

    I would use is as a curtain!

  • Claire

    As a grad student studying architecture, I spend all day dealing with beautiful design, but very rarely get to actually take any of it home with me – what an exception this would be!

  • Aneliya

    I would put it on my couch and wrap my boyfriend and myself with it when reading in front of the big window,
    or watching the snow fall, or just chatting

  • I would cuddle this blanket so hard.

  • Elina K.

    Woolen socks, twist a twill plaid and a cup of hot chocolate in the corner of our sofa <3

  • Johanne

    I would put it on my bed to keep extra warm at night.

  • RC

    This blanket would be the crowning glory on the sofa in our newly done living room. It’s the first room in our farmhouseto be transformed and I’ve been waiting years for it so it means a lot. The style is Scandinavian inspired – I’m English and live in New York State but adore anything that is Scandinavian design.

  • Olivia

    Oh, Emma! I’ve been coveting exactly this Scandinavian blanket for the last two months! My baby is due to be born around 24th of January, and I prepared a little cosy corner in our bedroom to breastfeed him: a comfy old armchair and a little side table. Especially at night it can get chilly (we live on the Northern Sea coast), and at the beginning it needs to be fed every couple of hours. This cuddly blanket would be a perfect companion for these night feeding sessions…

  • Maria

    It goes so well with the new grey pattern on the Borås Arne Jacobsen wallpaper I’m dreaming of. If I win I must have it!

  • I guess my daughter will rap it around herself every day, she looooves plaids:))
    And her mom will just lay it nice on the sofa and smile, hihi:))

    Have a nice day!

  • Hanna Classon

    Jag skulle lägga filten på min säng tillsammans med krispiga grå linnelakan och renfällen som nu ligger där!

  • Pekka82

    Perfect friend with my sofa. Like it.

  • Julie

    Et tæppe så lækkert som dette fra Foldoys vil jeg bruge året rundt! Om sommeren til de lidt køligere aftener, som jeg vil tilbringe udenfor på terrassen med venner og familie. Jeg vil bruge det på sensommer aftenerne, når solen så småt begynder at gå ned. Når myggene slår til, kan jeg forsøge at forhindre deres stik med det varme tæppe.
    Når efteråret og vinteren skrider frem vil tæppet have sin plads ved min sofa, som jeg hver aften efter en hård dag sætter mig i. Tæppet vil jeg derfor bruge når jeg drikker min the og snakker med min familie om hvordan deres dag har været.

    Kh. Julie

  • I just realised, that I don’t have blanket at all.
    Perhaps that’s the reason why I feel so cold in the winter.
    I would use the blanket in freezing winter Sundays,
    when you don’t need to go out, you can stay inside, make hot chocolate and read good books.

  • Riikka

    I would give this beauty to my parent’s as a gift. They have been building a new house and a little luxury would do them good.

  • I would put it in the end.
    I think it will be pergect!
    in the night I will use on to have extra warm.

  • Emma Kritzberg

    It’s such a nice plaid and a big plus that it is made out of bio dynamic wool. I would put it in our deep window for the cats to lie on during day and on my lap in the evening when I read.

  • Marlous

    How easy can happiness be? The program of my evenings are very simple these days: with my beautiful newborn daugther and husband on the couch underneath the ikea plaid. Warm and cosy! Still we really would like to upgrade our Scandinavian design with the lovely graphical patterns of Tina Ratzers.

  • So hard to pick just one color. I really like the grey… But the yellow is very pretty too! I used to have a wool blanket I threw over my bed for cold nights, lost it somewhere when moving. I would love a new blanket to go over my bed covers!

  • the blanket would be on the couch to warm me when I watch tv, ‘cause at the moment I’m using my roommates blanket for that and I think she wants it back..

  • Anita

    Absolutely perfect for my new white sofa in the attic!

  • Petra

    The first thought that pops into my mind is how lovely it would be to wrap this beauty around the shoulders in the early chilly days of spring, out on the terrace. Would love that!

  • swasti

    With the amount of money i’m making, i could never afford a pretty 100 dollars throw/shawl like this. If i had it, it would be a pitty to just let it sit at home as a bed or a couch cover. So, i would probably take it with me anywhere when i have to travel for work. Working in the cold mountain with "cold" environment prone to violence like in the Indonesian Papua highland will surely feel less depressing if i’m wrapped in such warm fabric.

  • Gillar sidan på Facebook 🙂
    Pläden hade jag placerat i vardagsrummet och soffan/korgen. Våra filtar har många år på nacken och behöver bytas ut, håller just nu på att leta med ljus och lykta efter de perfekta plädarna och så dyker den upp här 🙂 Håller tummarna för att den får flytta in hos oss, hade passat perfekt!

  • KarenL

    Oohh, my heart skips a beat! Recently I discovered these twist a twill plaids on foldoys, I think they’re gorgeous! I wanted to buy one, but unfortunately the shipping costs and taxes to Europe were a little too high. I realy like natural fabrics like this wool. Our sofa gets a new upholstery right now and this plaid will totally fit the new sofa. I cross my fingers! Good luck to everyone.

  • i’ll put it on my beautiful chair in the office, but i’ll also use it in the couch! Happy friday.

  • Nina

    What a great idea! As we will get our first baby beginning of next months, I would love to use this beautiful blanket for our little girl and us cuddling on our new grey sofa… Can’t await this family moments 🙂

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  • I think this would have to double as a blanket when I’m writing essays at home questioning why I’m at uni, as a large scarf (secretly still a blanket) in the library still questioning my education route annnd as a big snuggly comfort blanket in bed when I’m on my own! Such a lovely design!

  • Aafke

    Dear black&white blanket,
    Wintry woolly warm,
    Snug and soft,
    Making me feel toasty but perhaps also tickly?
    Never mind, you’re also stylish and sophisticated,
    Yet plain pretty and practical.
    How I wish to be wrapped up inside your welcoming warmth!

    A big Belgian euh… hug.


  • I’m going to live on my own for the first time, two weeks ago I got the keys to my new apartment. It’s not finished yet, it needs a lot of work. But I already know exactly how I’m going to decorate it! My bedroom will get a grayish floor, dark grey curtains and a light gray wall and bed (already ordered it all!). This beautiful plaid would be the perfect bedspread to top it all of! I subscribed to Foldoys newsletter 🙂

  • Stephanie Pumberger

    For my sister, rolling her up in this blanked and sitting her next to the oven would help her getting her ice-feet warm 🙂

  • Erica

    Åh så fin filt!! Jag kan riktigt se hur varm och gosig den är 🙂 Jag är i desperat behov av mer värme, här i Oslo är det ju konstant kallt, så om jag vinner kommer den bli min konstanta följeslagare från morgon till kväll. Den är ju så fin så den kan funka som en stor sjal på jobbet också.

  • I would have it placed on my side of the sofa, ready for an evening of snuggling with my puppy Eggs Benedict and a cup of tea. I have a severe blanket addiction, this would be the perfect addition.

  • Would use the blanket to keep super warm while watching re-runs of Homeland in chilly Edinburgh…

  • Eva

    My tiny studio apartment is really drafty, so I need several blankets to keep me warm in winter. I have a b&w striped one on my daybed with heather grey throw pillows, so this gray plaid would be the perfect addition (love the pattern!). 100 % merino wool just sounds extremely luxurious…

  • I’d wrap the blanket around me, curl up in my arm chair and read ridiculously good books all day all night.

  • Luisa

    I would recover from months of thesis writing in this blanket 😉

  • Ivona

    Would go perfect with our new grey sofa, will warm me up while surfing the net, but i think that my cat would adore it!!

  • margot

    i’d use the blanket to sit out on the terrace even when its cold!

  • I will keep it in my couch, and I will put it over me when I am watching movies with pop-corn or a warm cup of tea, depending if is a thriller or a romantic comedy.
    But the one that will like it the most will be my cat, that will hump on it or hide any time I will leave it unattended!

  • Gili Spiegel

    this will be great for our new home to throw on the sofa. this is exactly the touch of color i am missing 🙂

  • Tamara González

    Great giveaway! It would have a perfect place in my sofa and I would use it for my naps and my nights while I’m watching TV in good company 🙂

  • begum ozpinar

    I’ve subscribed to their news letter. and i want to have cozy naps with my kittens. and also Santa wasn’t generous enough this year =/

  • Valentina

    It will be perfect on my bed!
    Me, my boyfriend and our two cats have been living together for almost two years now. We’re young and poor, but I’m a designer, so we’re creating our love nest buiding furniture from old pallets and crates painted white and recreating the atmosphere we see in your blog… but still, we only have the cheapest acrylic duvets instead of warm wool plaids… we’d love to cuddle under such a cool plaid! Not to mention that I’m totally crazy about the geometric pattern!!!

  • Fran

    Now, where it began to snow again, I would sit on my couch with the warm blanket together with a cup of black tea and pore over my law books ♥

  • Stina

    I absolutely adore this blanket and it would go perfect with my grey daybed and otherwise colorful home. Grey is SO not grey!
    Of course I would use it on a daily basis to keep me warm hence living i Stockholm.
    Fingers crossed..

  • Emanuele

    When it’s cold outside I immediately turn into the laziest person in the World… don’t I deserve a warm plaid to spend my time wrapped in on cold winter days? 🙂

    Love your blog!

  • Johanna

    I min och min pojkväns lilla studentetta på 23 kvadrat skulle denna fantastiska filt få byta ut den luggslitna gamla pläden jag fått i jobbpresent. Jag skulle se till att vi satt invirade i den så ofta som möjligt så att den tog åt sig av min fina pojkes underbara lukt. Sen när han åker ifrån mig för sitt år utomlands skulle jag lika ofta sitta invirad i den, lukta och drömma om när vi satt där båda två, så längtan inte blev så överjävlig.

  • Naomi

    Last summer I went on a trip to Copenhagen. In a little shop there I found my perfect blanket – not too dissimilar to this. I convinced my husband to let my buy it, and quashed his protests about only having hand luggage by agreeing to wear all my clothes and stuff it in the tiny suitcase. Needless to say, the budget airline flying us home lost our luggage and I was left, waddling out of the airport blanket-less. So winning this beaut would be such a treat!

  • carolina

    I put the blanket on my bed, where I play with my two little girls!

  • Emma

    Jag och min pojkvän har precis flyttat ihop. Vi är båda studerande, och med CSN som budget blir inredandet extra utmanande. Vi har dock lyckats fynda en hel massa fantastiska loppisfynd som fått nytt liv med lite färg eller nytt tyg. Vår lägenhet är nu en mix av hans, mitt och loppis – och med massa inspiration ifrån din blogg har vi fått ihop det hela!
    Det hade dock känts kul med något nytt och lyxigt bland allt gammalt och slitet. Pläden hade fått pryda vår säng, vilket ville passa perfekt till sovrummets alla fina grå toner!

  • Julia

    I would use it on one of these days when it’s dark and cold outside and all you want to do is sitting on your sofa and cuddle up in a warm and nice blanket. Besides it would match my new sofa perfectly!

  • I would love to use this blanket for the chill hours in our allotment… it would be perfect:)

  • Mathilde

    I would love the blanket for my bedroom! It fits perfectly with my grey wall and the blanket would be perfect to warm me in the winter times when I have been riding home from school in ten degrees of frost!
    Me + the blanket + cup of tea = Perfect combination!

  • since i first saw tina ratzer’s blanket i thought this is just perfect for lisbon! the gray and white pattern recalls the beautiful portuguese pavement that is so characteristic for this city .
    and while it doesn’t get as cold here as in other parts of europe, winter in an unheated lisbon flat makes you crave for anything cozy to keep you warm and comfy…

  • I would like to see it at my bedroom. Just to use it as I read on bed…or breakfast in weekend mornings…

  • Kato

    I would use it on the sofa. Perfect for cozy winter times (reading, knitting, …) and in the summer I would take it with us when we go camping (Iceland). Who says that you can’t camp in style 🙂

  • ina

    my boyfriend is always complaining that his plaid is too short. But find a pretty AND comfortable one. This one would look just perfect on him. (o:

  • Kate

    This looks so cozy! I’d love to use this blanket snuggled up to my old radiator on a sleepy day in my New England college town. That and hot chai tea…mmmm…

  • Living in Wisconsin means cold frigid temps. This would help with those cold nights + i love the design.

  • emma this blanket is so lovely! all of our throws + blankets still have holes from when our dog was a tiny puppy (a.k.a. jerk) + still chewing. luckily that phase is over but we haven’t really been able to replace the damaged goods yet. i have a feeling that this blanket would be one of those that follows me all around the house…from upstairs in bed to downstairs with a book!

  • This blanket is stunning! I would keep in draped over my living room sofa and use it to cozy up during the cold Canadian winter months!

  • Anne

    Cute one (and great colors!)! This blanket would fit perfectly to our sofa. Hopefully I’ll win this one 🙂

  • Kristine

    Love everything about this blanket…. and the design fits my livingroom perfectly!!

  • Sofie Jensen

    I would use it in my white Ikea couch newt to my By Nord wolf pillow – reading a book and keeping warm with a cup of tea and this lovely blanket.

  • eva

    Lovely blanket! I’d use it to keep warm on cold nights of course! x

  • Frank

    I’d wrap up and sit on the roof with it and my car blanket to watch the snow fall on the pond nearby.

  • Fidelio, like all Devon Rex, does not have thick fur, but a hairless belly. In winter, he’s colder than other cats. This blanket is perfectly matched to her dress.

  • Ina Zapata

    I just love it!
    I’d curl under the blanket while sipping my honeybush-vanilla evening tea… ^^

  • we just moved into a new apartment and our couch is arriving next week! this blanket would be perfect on our couch!

  • Wauuuuw! What a nice blanket! That would look so great on my sofa! I am studying for graphic designer, and I really love the pattern in the blanket! I would use it to warm me up on cold nights when I’m watching TV and drinking tea! (:

  • What a beautiful blanket! I would use it as a foot of the bed spread, and then cozy up in it to read a good book while drinking hot tea!

  • I would put it in my beadroom. I am always frezzing at night, and would love a beautiful blanket on top of my bedsheet! Then i can be warm and my bedroom can stay stylish:-)

  • Shannon

    We just had a baby girl in October (an accidental homebirth the night of a full moon and storm!) It’s been lovely to have a warm, snuggly baby during the winter months…this blanket would make it even cozier!

  • I love everything from Foldoys, particularly this gorgeous blanket. It goes perfect with my decor, so anywhere in my pad will look amazingly cozy.

  • Louise

    I recently pinned that same blanket to my Products board because I’m looking for one in those colours to add at the end of the bed. I want to change my bedding to white and charcoal, after I had the bedroom painted in the fall.

  • oh! it’s beautiful! I would put it in our 3 sons’ room – the youngest one has his crib in the corner of the room where there’s plenty of light but really cold on winter days. (Beautiful) form meets function, right?;) And who said boys’ rooms need to be blue??

  • Louise

    I recently pinned that same blanket because I want to add something similar at the end of the bed. After having the bedroom painted in the fall, I want to change the bedding to white and charcoal and wanted to add a blanket like this one.

  • Louise

    I recently pinned that same blanket because I want to add something similar at the end of the bed. After having the bedroom painted in the fall, I want to change the bedding to white and charcoal and wanted to add a blanket like this one.

  • It would have pride of place as a throw on the sofa in the lounge and would no doubt provide comfort for the occasional hangover.

  • janja

    I will place it randomly over my sofa, after hours and hours of strategic folding and positioning it carefully 😉 and then I would just look at it, not allowing my boyfriends dirty socks or cookie crumbs or anything near it! I live a very propped life.
    No, in reality, I would wrap myself in it like a human sushi and stay in there till winter’s over 😉

  • this is simple, because it goes perfectly with our new karlsfors leather couch from ikea and is exactly what I need for a cosy evening.

  • Lyndie

    I love this blankey so much! I would put it on my couch for a splash of pattern and use it to be super cozy!

  • I would put this blanket on my bed in our new house! The colors are perfect and it’s a great combination of cozy and chic.

  • hanuma

    I would snuggle under this blanket next to the fireplace sourounded by pillows with my husband and my two dogs.

  • This blanket is gorgeous! I’d drape it over our purple living room couch for the winter 🙂

  • Pea

    Lovely. We would use it every evening for story/family snuggle time.

  • myf

    it would be a cover for our sofa in the playroom then of course for the kids to make a stylish den with ; )

  • Wendy

    I’ve been looking for the perfect throw for my sofa. Hard to find something nice in this country but this is IT! It matches my monochromatic living space and perfect for Canadian winters to warm up and suggle with my boyfriend while watching movies – triple duty.

  • Tine

    I have an old rocking chair where it would be perfect. Imagine sitting in a rocking chair wrapped in the plaid and with a good book 🙂

  • Line Reedtz

    I would wrap myself in it and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a good book on the couch.

  • I’ve been wanting an oversize, soft blanket to wrap up in to read + knit. Love the simple, elegant design.

  • magda

    well as blankets are my steady companions being at a cold home, i hope this makes it to be my new best buddy to keep me warm.

  • Meka

    This would be PERFECT for the back of our vintage couch in our living room which is always just a little too far from the fireplace.

  • Sari Koivisto

    I would give it as a "office-warming-present" to my boyfriend. His agency got a really cool new office space, but it lacks a central heating system. I think he could use a stylish warm blanket! 🙂

  • Tracy

    I would cosy up to this gorgeous blanket to the cold scottish weather away.

  • When I was visiting Copenhagen I almost bought this blanket, but than realised that it wouldn’t fit in my small suitcase. When I arrived home I checked if shops in the Netherland also sold this blanket, but unfortunatly there were not maney. So yes please :)!

  • I would give this as a gift to my wife. She loves curling up on the sofa with a pillow, blanket and good movie – and the heater in our place is currently out of commision…

  • Anita

    I noticed the term bio dynamic, which makes this blanket desirable in itself, a part from the lovely grey pattern. I think the production method is important and organic and bio dynamic is more gentle to the animals that provide the materials to keep us warm during winter. I would use it in the long winter nights in my lounge sofa in front of the telly og MAC and on the terrace spring and autumn!

  • All around me and my little daughter Marilou on our grey felt couch!

  • Helle Rick

    For a cozy night at home. I would use it to keep me warm while watching TV. The colour match my style and the colors used in my living room. It will get it’s special place on my couch 🙂

  • Helena

    If I win the lovely plaid I will use it in my bedroom. I willt put it on top of my bed during the day and have it around me during the night.

  • Maura

    When my children wake up early in the am, they like to snuggle under a blanket on the couch, then later, after school, they will use it to build a blanket fort, and later, when we read stories they will pull it over our legs. With 3 kids we now need more blankets than ever!

  • It would live over the arm of our reading leather couch, waiting to cuddle in winter with a nice book!

  • Heather

    I’m pretty sure I would carry this blanket with me from place to place and whisper sweet nothings in its ear.

  • Cailin McDermott

    I’ve already begun collecting things to design my new apartment with, one of which being a large roll of gray and silver printed wrapping paper to cover the walls in. This blanket would look wonderful with the makeshift wallpaper I’ve collected, along with all of my other furniture and trinkets and it would be nice to have a little cozy mixed in with all that college-esque stuff.
    crmcder @ ilstu . edu

  • Anne

    Winter is coming back in Germany – until now we were quite lucky… the best way to survive this whole drama – snuggling up in a nice and cozy blanket! It would be used on my couch and while I’m writing on my masters thesis – because I aaalways get cold while sitting and writting!

  • I would use it to snuggle up with my two ginger cats. And it would look awesome in any apartment, it’s a lovely piece of blanket!

  • Yvonne Cornell

    This is my favorite blanket, both in design and feel. I bought my husband one last year in green and our dog, Phineas, usurped it as his favorite sleeping throw on our bed. If I win this matching twin in grey (calming color), I’d wrap it around my husband’s shoulders and never let him go. Or the blanket! 🙂

  • This blanket is exactly what I need to put on me when sitting on the sofa and breastfidding our new baby boy!

  • Arybaczyk

    Its cold in Poland so that would be another argument for my wife to get her back from England

  • Mi manta de sofá no va con mi actual decoración y tengo que esconderla siempre…
    Y aunque en España no hace tanto frío como en los paises de otros comentarios, yo soy muy friolera y la quiero, la necesitooo…
    La cuidaré muy bien :0) Lo prometo

  • Maria

    I’m a student, preparing to get a place of my own. I’d like to design things from scratch over there, meaning that I won’t have much stuff at first. I’ve been following this blog for a little while, as I am a full-time Scandophile, also my studies are closely related to Scandinavia. I can imagine how this plaid, straight from the North, could be the centre of my new empty microcosmos, how it could be the symbol of hygge, the perfect nest for reading those Mobergs and Kierkegaards — as I’m not sure I’d have a place like that otherwise.

  • madeleine Snow

    I’d put this beautiful blanket in the Legion Hall in Port Maitland, Nova Scotia. It can be quite chilly there so close to the Atlantic and a number of the veterans (of World War II) find it cold when they come for their weekly game of pool. This blanket would help to warm them!

  • Michele

    I would wrap this blanket just around my legs when I´m sitting on the couch.

  • Diana

    This warm, cosy blanket would stay in the car! I live in the north of Scotland and never know when the weather might change. It could keep save me freezing when stuck in a snow drift, or warm my grandchildren when I collect them from the airport. Then there a picnics in the summer. Indispensable!

  • Amy

    I’m in the process of finding a new apartment and have even staying on friends sofas for five months. After feeling lost and homeless for months I would love to curl up with this blanket in my new place. I’m thinking my new home is going to be graphic and this plaid matches my style perfectly, aswell as giving warmth on cold danish nights. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Fra

    I love it…an my little dog will love it too!

  • MariaRegina

    Den här fantastiska filten skulle passa precis var som helst i det gamla hus som jag och min kärlek just köpt. Med massor av renovering framför oss kan vi behöva något varmt och snyggt att vila under ibland. Samtidigt som vi ser oss omkring och ser vårt drömhem växa fram.

  • Tetyana

    In the evening: curling up on the sofa it will cover us nicely during cold Canadian winters as we watch our favourite films and drink hot tea
    At night: layered on top of our blanket because our bedroom is quite cccccooold
    In the morning: wrapped around our shoulders as we organize the house and prepare breakfast
    During the day: folded neatly on our living room sofa waiting for us to return home from the outside or sharing it with friends as we sit on the terrace on a chilly day 🙂

  • Monica, could you take that again, in English?

  • vvgoes

    We love this blanket! I would wrap my little daughter and me in it and read her stories before bed. and then the blanket can wait on the rocking chair until the next day story!

  • Väldigt fin men jag vågar inte tävla för min sambo skulle bli tokig om jag "drog" hem en pläd till 😉

  • Anonym

    1. Done!

    2. How beautiful! It would be my special nap blanket that I’ve longed for a long time. It would stay neetly folded in the corner of our sofa waiting for the tired me to come home from university. I bet the daydreams under this blanket would be beautiful without exception. It would take good care of me and I very good care of it.

  • Julia

    1. Done!

    2. How beautiful! It would be my special nap blanket that I’ve longed for a long time. It would stay neetly folded in the corner of our sofa waiting for the tired me to come home from university. I bet the daydreams under this blanket would be beautiful without exception. It would take good care of me and I very good care of it.

  • Sophie

    Love it!

    I’d use it on the sofa…etc.

  • linda

    I would like to give it to my mom as a gift. I was looking long time for something she would like and this is definitely IT! She lives in a beautiful small house in a small village, looking after my grandmother. This plaid will perfectly fit around her arms when she sit on the bench outside, looking at her nice garden.

  • -27 outside today. Do I need to say more?

  • Jenni

    My dog dug a hole in my favourite snuggle blanket and I have been having my eye on this one for a while. If I was to get this, I would not let my dog near it (except maybe when we are snuggling together)…

  • Pablo

    I’m moving to my first own apartment next month and the place will need a lot of work to make it look like a home. I think this blanket will help me set the tone I’d like to achieve for my place and remind me of your amazing postings and pictures that are always so inspiring.

  • Wow! Thats a great plaid… Really wants to win this. It will fit perfect in our new bedroom… Good for the cold days to come and summerstyling. I subscribed for the newsletter and want to make a change 🙂 have a good weekend Emma!

  • Moving away from Sweden to the UK one would have hoped for a warmer winter. Sadly, me and my boyfriends room are now freezing cold instead!

    With a move ahead of us, it would be absolutely lovely to have a new woolen blanket to cuddle up in with a hot cup of tea in our hands while looking around for ideas to style our new home (that is how we found your blog in the beginning).

    From a chilly London with Love xx

  • i would like to cover my girlfriend with that plaid. she is always cold and she often uses a plaid. i called her "kobieta-koc" then. it’s a little word play, because "kobieta-koc" is very similar to "kobieta-kot", which is "cat woman" in polish:)

  • Hahaha, jag förstår vad du menar! 🙂

  • Guro

    I would sit under the plaid on cold nights – and our house is not very well isolated… – while drinking hot chocolate and having a chat with my roomie 🙂

  • Elaine

    Enjoy a day off wrapped in the blanket with a pot of tea and a good book or some nice interior magazines or blogs, this one included of course.

  • Kaela


    I am a student from NYC spending a term in Stockholm this Fall. This would be my blankie abroad!

  • The summer here in Australia has been so hot that when winter comes around I know it will feel that much colder in comparison (I live in Melbourne so it does get cold)… This beautiful blanket looks just right for snuggling up on the couch with a cup of tea, some yummy biscuits and a good book with the wind howling outside… Bliss!

  • Nancy

    Give my two 13 year old sons a book each, wrap them in this lovely warm blanket in front of a cosy fire. We have no other heat! Brrrr.

  • Amber SJ

    I would give it to my sister who is having her first child in March. She is an art teacher to disabled kids and it would be really nice to give something back to her for this special occasion !

  • Hunter

    this pattern would be the perfect addition to the foot of my bed : D

  • Evan

    I would leave it on my bed as an indication to my housemates that no action but sleeping would be going on in bed tonight the rest of the time it would hang on gate leg clothes airer

  • patrycja

    I’d use this lovely to build forts with my two boys.

  • Victoria

    I would name it Derek and make it my winter boyfriend.

  • I would Take it with me on the sofa, to bed, in the car to keep my little one warm…. For a picnic, maybe to the cinema…. Neapels everywhere I guess!

  • Therese

    Jeg ville brukt dette pleddet på soverommet til mine to gutter. Det hadde vært kjempefint å bygge telt med, samtidig som det ville pyntet opp på sengen dems! 🙂

  • Thanks for the great tip!!

  • A good book, a bar of chocolate (it has to be Galaxy) a hot water bottle, a comfy settee, solitude and peace, all wrapped up with me in this beautiful blanket is my idea of heaven! x

  • MonikaM

    I would put it on my retro armchair where i spend all my time when i am at home. It would look absolutely stunning there.

  • Su

    I love it! I would use it to create a small grey and white paradise on my bed to get me through the cold winter!

  • inge

    Absolutely Love to wrap myself and keep warm this winter in this gorgeous plaid awaiting the return of my boyfriend from Australia to Belgium!

  • Flavia

    I would like the fireplace.
    I would like chestnuts crackling.
    I would like a hot soup of pumpkin and peas.
    I wish it was snowing. Right now. A lot. To curl up under the Tina Ratzer’s merino wool plaid, reading a wonderful book that you have near the bed and dreaming…

    *-* Flavia

  • 1. Gillat!

    2. I min kamp mot leukemin som jag har drabbats av skulle det vara helt underbart att kunna krypa ner i soffan och dra en sån härlig filt över sig när man har en tung dag med feber eller då orken tryter.


  • Natasha

    There are few things as wonderful as wrapping yourself up in a blanket on a wintry morning and sipping a cuppa. One can never own to many blankets, only too few.
    This blanket will be on the ottoman next to my couch.

  • Kerli

    I would put it to my new home (will be renovated in a few months) on the big livingroom sofa, in front of the fireplace!

  • I commented a couple of days ago but it doesn’t seem to have worked. It was almost 3AM and I was wearing all the jumpers I own trying to finish an unnecessarily long essay on the religions of Angkor Wat. Today I have finished that essay and am onto the next one, about Korea. This is the fifth and final one that I have written over the Christmas period and so have spent pretty much a month perpetually tired and cold. This blanket seems like just the right reward for still being upright and vaguely sane and would come in mighty useful for the next batch of essays. Nothing like wrapping yourself in beautiful warm monochrome gorgeousness to raise morale into the night. I’m crossing my fingers very hard!!

  • Hanoola

    hi everyone,
    this lovely blanket seems to be very waaaarm 🙂 I could give it to my mother in law because she feels cold very often , specially that right now – we’ve got serious winter here (in Poland). Greetings

  • Klara Shelton

    My boyfriend and I are both moving away from our mothers’ cozy huts into a new little apartment in Copenhagen in a month. We are students and have absolutely nothing but beds and toothbrushes. I simply can’t stand beautiful elements in a home (like the Foloyds blanket!), but do not have the money to fancy up a totally new place very much. Therefore I would use the blanket to brighten up our new place with a fashionable twist – by folding it only once or twice and putting it over a couch (which I hope we will get soon!). And to scrunch up under with my boyfriend in the dark and cold night with only a candle or two lit, before we have put up our light. This blanket would be a great contribution to a new and empty apartment on a student’s budget!

  • Niovi

    It will look great on my new grey bed!

  • Madelyn Dransfield

    I would drape it over my black J16 rocking chair and wrap my daughter an I in it when we read stories together.

  • Mary

    Soon I will be starting graduate school in a very cold and cloudy city that will be new to me. This blanket will bring me warmth and comfort to keep on studying! Although I live in America, I have studied abroad in Scandinavia before — I fell in love with Scandinavian design and hope to have a reminder of my fleeting and exciting summer in Denmark and Sweden!

  • maija

    i just got home and it’s -12°C outside at the moment. if i had the blanket, i’d wrap it around me and my boyfriend every night that it gets this cold.
    greetings from tallinn, estonia.

  • I woul keep it in my livingroom and use it for chilly nights. And early mornings with my 2 kids – they wake up way to early!:)

  • Such a divine Giveaway:) I am currently freezing as the cold has returned to Denmark, so this would be a lifesaver. I’d use it everywhere, on the sofa, in bed and when I sit in front of the computer (like now:) Amazing. Fingers xx and following already

  • satu

    A merino wool blanket would be just the thing for nursing on the sofa on the coldest winter days.

  • disntegratingMe

    I would put this gorgeous black/grey/white throw to good use in our newly purchased house from 1937 with its not-up-to-standard insulation..and in 13 Cs below they are a necessity!

  • anita

    Min man kan få det. han älskar filtar och jag älskar honom.

  • S

    I would put a fire in our tile stove and wrap myself under the blanket in our arm chair in front of the fire with a good book ..

  • chmh

    i am going to be home all winter for the first time in my adult life. my husband and I have a new baby boy and I can see us cuddling up in this blanket with our little schnecke (snail) here in germany as the snow falls outside. I think it’s a very important job for everyone – to make babies feel cosy. So really, it’s my job to do the warming up and comforting; but that lovely blanket will really make us look cute and stylish while we rub noses with our dumpling.

  • Oh this blanket would fit perfectly on my bed in my freshly painted bedroom. I’ve finally found the time to redecorate my bedroom. It’s crispy white now and I would like to add some grey and black. The blanket would be perfect for that (and it would keep my feet warm..yay )

  • Radmila Ustych

    hi love your blog!
    we are thinking of buying our own aparmtent, and i like the scandinavian interior design ideas. Would have to coordinate the design with my husband though, but i am sure we will both love this blanket!
    Thanks, Radmila, [email protected]

  • I’ve signed up for the newsletter!
    Me and my boyfriend have finally, after sleeping in a very small bed (120cm) for several years, bought a new one. A big bed in a soft, black texture. I think this plaid would fit perfectly on our new bed and it would definitely make the whole room look so much better.
    Thanks for a lovely competition!

  • Maria B

    I would put the blanket on my ottoman. My boyfriend is always cold on his feet <3

  • I love this blanket! snow is on its way lo London, UK , and me and the family could use it for the coming winter nights. Hot cocoa, a good movie and a nice blanket. cheers.

  • nikki w.

    A beautiful pattern and material. This blanket would certainly bring some warmth to my new apartment in Baltimore. I can see it now: a late night, warm cup of cocoa resting on the side table, book in hand, dog sleeping at my feet, and the blanket to quietly nestle down into. Perfect.

  • alexa invrea

    i would like to use it as a warm and cozy ‘nest’ in the hanging hammock of my baby

  • Laurie Schut

    I would throw this over the couch and cosy up in it.

  • Rosie

    I would use hang it over my sofa in the living room or on my bed. This blanket is beautiful!

  • Sara

    I would probably just wear it around my cold apartment in the winter. I also need a replacement for my current throw, which is looking a little too post-collegiate…

  • Jules G.

    I would use it to take the edge off the large, blatantly red sofa I’ve just inherited and that will soon be in my tiny apartment living room. While I’m grateful to now have a sofa, my living room is going to need all the help it can get.

  • I Liked them on FB.

    I would put it on the little love seat I have in my bedroom for those cold nights that all you want to do is get cozy and read a book.

  • Kerstin

    I would put it on our big sofa in the livingroom. my son and I are always fighting (not that hard) for the only existing blanket when we sit there in the evening reading our books.

  • Marjo

    Ah, I’ve been dreaming about this blanket for the whole winter. It would make my afternoon nap perfect, because I’m always freezing under our thin Ikea blanket.

  • Emily B

    I would reserve a space for it in my basket near the fireplace… since the fireplace doesn’t work yet, it would be great to keep me warm in the evenings!

  • ae

    I’d put it on my bed where I have a blanket for those moments when I read a book on my bed. Now there is a black & white H&M blanket, but it’s too thin for cold winter weather.

  • Charlie stjernberg

    Jag skulle ha filten över benen medan elden i kaminen tar fyr och börjar sprida värme. Men sedan skulle den nog ha sin fasta plats på Pernillans fotpall i vardagsrummet – där den skulle gå ton i ton med det grå fårskinnet.

  • Gianpietro

    Here in Turin, North Italy, the winter is very strong so I’ll use everytime during the day, a new Linus plaid ! 😉

  • Dzign

    This blanket would be a perfect supplement to my reading corner with its linen coated armchair, owl pillow and modern kilim ottoman.

  • Rachel Holt

    A pale green and cream check Scottish mohair rug that I inherited from my maternal grandmother has just succumbed to the ravages of age and small children so I would love this divine rug as a worthy replacement…And i LOVE grey!

  • In a few month my Son’s and me will be reading the books or playing flute in our hammock and will use this blanket for additional warmth and cozy.

  • Jonas VM

    My girlfriend loves plaids and scandinavian design, she would adore this plaid. I’ve been thinking of a special manner to propose her. If I win this plaid, I will hide a proposal-message inside to surprise her!

  • Linda

    I would use it for my creamywhite sofa, and cuddle with it on a cold winter evening and think about skandinavian design and this would make me so happy and relaxed. It would be the eyecatcher in my simple and clean appartment and would say come in and feel like you are at home toy guests.

  • After endless internet searching for a merino blanket for my brother’s birthday, I went to check your site for a little break. And here it is! The perfect plaid for my bachelor brother 😉

  • Linda

    I would use it for my creamywhite sofa, and cuddle with it on a cold winter evening and think about skandinavian design and this would make me so happy and relaxed. It would be the eyecatcher in my simple and clean appartment and would say come in and feel like you are at home toy guests.

  • Laura

    I am moving my home, my workplace, my university, to another home, workplace, university, CONTINENT, in the coming weeks and need something special to make this new one a home.

    It would go at the foot of my bed so that when I came home after a long winter day I could enjoy it with a cup of tea and a novel. (I’ll need it: I’m moving north after a long Australian summer)

  • Cain Barstow

    I would wrap around my legs , I’m sitting in a hotel in Barcelona looking out of the window on a rainy day thinking about not wanting to go back to Manchester

  • Michelle

    I would share it with my kittens, who like me are always seeking the cosiest, warmest place to lie and contemplate life. I am a warm blooded Australian and every European winter I suffer. This lovely blanket would be a symbol of the warmth to come.


    Dear Emma,
    Maybe the best place for this beautiful plaid will be a small house in a small village Międzyrzecze – Poland, where live happy family: Karina, Łukasz, their son Bruno, Melkor (dog) and Moment (cat). Greetings from fantastic Poland.

  • Hi Emma! Thank you so much for this giveaway! This plaid is fabulous, I would like to win it for my Mom, we would put it on her grey tweedy sofa, I’m sure it would be just great for her DVD nights with my Dad and the dog 🙂

    xx from Barcelona!

  • hege

    Lovely blanket! And it would be perfect on my sofa! Its very cold here in Norway in january. Love your blog 🙂

  • Hi Emma. Hope all is well. Really excited to see this giveaway as I am in need of a wool blanket to keep me warm during the humid winter months here in Malta. I am also soon to move into my new home where this quilt would fit perfectly 🙂

  • Reidunn

    The blanket will make it even more cosy in front of the fireplace now that it’s winter. And the living room will look beautiful in summertime.

  • Paula van Burik

    Hello Emma,

    Me and my mate like this wyber plaid.

  • Caroline

    1. Done!

    2. I would use it as protection against my boyfriends icy cold feet by wrapping my own feet in the blanket so he can’t get to them. If he’s nice he might get a snippet of the blanket to wrap his feet in as well.

  • Stine

    It’s so beautiful ! My boyfriend will be out of town for the next 3 months, so it would be perfect company to keep me warm on the long lonely nights at the couch.

  • I would use it in our studio. It get’s super cold there (6 months of winter :D), so we’re all working burrito style. Either wearing 2 sweaters, or I throw a blanket over me, so only my hands are peaking out.

    I’d love to have a new blanket 🙂

    Best regards!

  • sonja barrett

    Ah man, I fell in love with this blanket the moment I saw it. I would put it in our bedroom which we’re redecorating in a Scandinavian style. Thank you!

  • Jada

    I am from Minnesota so the cold months are in my bones for life, which requires lots of layers during the winter. And with these sensitive eyes I have, I am quite particular about things that surround me, this lovely patterned blanket with definitely bring ease to my eyes and bones.

  • Jeg er med! 😀

  • Hanna

    Wow so pretty! Love the geometric pattern.
    I would use this winter, studying for my exams sipping hot cocoa. Or in summer, lying outside in a the sun for extra warmth.

  • Omg! What a lovley blanket! 🙂

  • Leanne

    Canadian winter, it will keep me warm!

  • adi manor

    hi. I need a wool blanket to keep me warm during the winter here in Israel 🙂 and it will be grate on my vintage sofa.

  • Marianne Lilja


    Next week my husband will start working in another country, so I would use the blanket to wrap me and my two children in it during the night. It will keep us warm, and hopefully they want miss their daddy too much.


  • ruusiili

    I would curl up under it with my dogs in the corner of my sofa!

  • Felicia Holmstroem

    Jag skulle använt den till min sons barnvagn. Det är så kallt nu i Oslo, jag skulle behöva den över åkpåsen. Har kollat in en liknande på designtorget här. Men den är allt för dyr. Håller tummen för vinst av denna fin fina ullpläd. Älskar bloggen din♡

  • Flavia

    Hi! I would give to my 4 years old son, who loves cuddling under a blanket, but always steals mine.
    Although, there is a chance I would then steal his, because it is so beautiful…
    For mummy then, I promise I will share it with my son!

  • lily

    i’d wrap it around myself, turn down the heat and watch the cool brooklyn winter air and try to conquer me and the heat company try to conquer my bank account (I win)

  • Jessica

    I would keep this on my couch, so I could cozy up with the cats and a good book. Although, the cats might not let me use the blanket…

  • Adelle

    I would use it to wrap up my gorgeous little nephew, Tommy! 🙂

  • I love the pattern and actually I think it doesn’t really fit to my flat which doesn’t even have sofa but I just love it and I’m seeing myself in it watching some movie, drinking tea…it looks like it could bring warmth to the cold Finnish weather

  • looks cozy! i would wrap myself in it and hibernate through the rest of winter.

  • i would put it on my livingroom couch as this blanket has such beautiful and calm colors. tack så mycket, have a cozy winter!

  • My home’s color theme is grey and this throw would be perfect in the family room. Just the thing to keep handy in front of the fireplace.

  • I would wrap the beautifully made plaid around me 😉 And when it gets to comfy, it wouldlook great in my sofa, around great friends like place de bleu, by nord and HAY. Great design belongs together 🙂

  • Nadine Hansson

    Maybe on the wall in a frame.. many white walls to fill and been thinking one of them should hold fabric in a frame. Maybe next to my fishbone graphic plaid in black and white. Maybe in our bed to give some long overdue beauty in that area. Probably around my daughter in the sofa on very cold winter days. Hmm, I think it would be another "move around" item in this house. Just the way I like transformation in the home to happen. 🙂

  • Amee

    Where would I put it? After I let it warm up near the wood stove, I would wrap it around one of my children as I send them off to bed. I have five children and they know all about taking turns!

  • philip

    Our cat will only snuggle up with us if we lay a blanket next to us. So in short, we will use it to bribe snuggle time/love from our cat.

  • Jenny B

    I bought an inexpensive Ikea throw that has not agreed with my cats’ claws. So… Y’know… Need a new one.

  • Agnès

    Around me on my sofa or in front of the fireplace with my husband , watching carrefully our 3 cats who love all what is sweet and could certainly attempt to steal it !!! And would do so as always …..:-( Miaoooouh

  • Andrea

    Love this blanket. I would put it on my black leather Togo from Ligne Roset and snuggle under it on those cold winter days.

  • Deanna

    I would use this cozy blanket to "coodaka" with my husbandand kids by the fire. This term is what I was taught when I was little to mean "cuddle". I believe it is a made up word that my parents came up with or since they do speak Spamish, it could be Spanish?!

  • Joy

    We have just moved to Portland, US. We are in desperate need of having some nice designerly goods in our house. Nice designed stuff is hard to find in the US. The blanket is so pretty, I will wear it everywhere I go.

  • 1. Newsletter, don’t have a Facebook account.
    2. I would place the plaid in our bedroom, as we live in a cold, kind of drafty house and as the cold, nordic winds whine through the boards we could warm us with this cozy blanket.

  • I think I’ll use this plaid after work, drinking a cup of tea on my couch and looking at the snow outside. Mmm !

  • Dear Emma, please, just check my moodboard in the link below! xx



  • hej, jag heter claes-göran olofsson och jag söker jobb, undrar om du har något att erbjuda mig, din sida verkar det gå bra för.. jag skickar en länk till min hemsida, där finns mitt cv bland annat plus att du får en bild av mig som person jag kan göra en reklamfilm åt dig till din blogg om du vill..
    jag ser fram emot att höra av dig mvh Claes-Göran Olofsson

  • Priscilla

    Dear Emma,

    Within a month, for the first time, I will have my very own appartment and I’m so proud to have been able to achieve it!

    This plaid would be the first new item of my cocoon that – I hope – will be as beautiful!

  • Nicoletta

    Hi Emma! I would put this wonderful blanket om my sofa so that every member of my family could wrap it around himself/herself in these freezing days!!!

  • Such a beautiful blanket! I would use the blanket to cosy under with my two little girls while reading an astrid lingren bedtime story while the snow falls outside. Thank you for a wonderful give-away and good luck to everyone 🙂

  • I will make a little tent out of it and play with my baby niece!

  • elisa

    Hello Emma! I’m Elisa, I’m from Italy (milan) and I love your blog so much! I adore scandinavian design and my new house seems to be somewhere near you! My new sofa is really in love with this blancket, so I’d like to win, in the name of true love!

  • Valdis

    I would keep this wonderful blanket on my couch so my big family of 6 could use it every evening during the winter here in Iceland 😉

  • Well, I have never been lucky enough to win any gift like this : ) I will be thrilled to bits if this gorgeous Twist a Twill Plaid arrives at my doorstep one day (fingers crossed). Since, in Mumbai winter is non-existent, I am going to put it up on the wall behind my white bed…Whenever I will look at the wall, I will thank Emmas design blog and Foldoys and my love for all things Scandinavian will only increase : )

  • Jill van Dam

    I would use the blanket to keep my two newborn boys warm, they were born at 33 weeks on the 30th of December and are currently still in the hospital. Next week I’ll get to take them home but they will definitely need something to keep them nice and cosy.

  • Birgit Steinhage

    I wish to put it in my bedroom…..for the cold nights.

  • Emma Haché

    Perfect for wrapping my baby girl and I so we can wish good morning to the ocean every day on our windy island in Canada

  • I would drape it over my new Barcelona chaise longue and wrap up with it on the chilly nights – but that doesnt beat the new born twins above 🙂

  • Ewelina

    I would love to have it in my rather cold bedroom! oh…

  • Laura Pihlajamäki

    I’m moving so this planket would bright up my new rental apartment 🙂

  • Aanie

    What to addnto all these arguments? I just love your style and ideas and need a new grey blanket, never had a Scandinavian one! Maybe this is the occasion! You can come to Belgium to admire the blanket here!

  • Heidi

    Building a house and outfitting it in Scandinavian style – but we won’t have any money for heat after it’s done so I’d love this beautiful blanket to keep me alive this winter!!

  • Hey Emma! The design is lovely and would fit very nicely on the armrest of my rattan chair. Kram!

  • Mia-Linh

    I would snuggle up with my boyfriend under the blanket, and dream about all the wonderful decorating projects our new appartment brings 🙂

  • dru

    It is a high of 6 F today, so I think I would wrap it around me as I wander around the house.

  • This would look loveliest on my blog! Where all my favourite things snuggle up together.

  • Charlie

    My boyfriend is 6 ft 5 and doesn’t fit in my single bed… I’d give it to him to keep him warm sleeping on the floor with the spiders, poor guy.

  • That GORGEOUS throw simply *belongs* on our ancient leather sofa in the living room of our equally ancient New York City apartment. My husband and I always share a little wool blanket when on the couch and as so many things in our lives are changing, it would be a perfect symbol of evolution to upgrade to that Twist a Twill blanket!

  • Pedro Nunes

    i’ll use it to keep me and my fiancée very warm in this frozen winter

  • I would use it in every room – !

  • Sherry Hardwick Thomas

    I had 2 heart attacks the 1st week in December. I am surrounding myself with things and people I love, in order to heal and renew my spirit. This lovely throw would keep me warm as I sit with my cat, looking out at the icy snow. It would remind me of all the amazing people around this glorious globe, who find solace and joy in beautiful things. My warm wishes accompany this throw as it makes its way to a special person.

  • Wow! I should be extremely lucky to win this beautiful plaid. So many comments! But I give it a chance 🙂 Fingers crossed 🙂 I would put it on our couch in the living room, to keep me warm and simple to admire!

  • Have liked their Fb Page – thanks for introducing this store! Now this blanket is AMAZING – My room is grey and white with skinny laminx yellow chairs – so it would fit so well with the graphic look and feel… COVET! xxThanks for another great competition!!!

  • I am planing to Use this lovely blanket to decorate our new house, which we are working on – will be a wooden and stony old tile srub and I started to buy all the stuff for living long time ago, I is our dream house, which is now comming true=)
    Love the decent decor, all the shades of gray, black, white and brown.
    Have a nice day, Michaela.

  • Emmanuelle

    Hello Emma,
    i am absolutely crazy about your blog. Scandinavian design is the most beautiful there is. The plaid is so gorgeous!!! I love plaids, I use them everywhere, anytime. While studying, watching television or reading on the couch or even as an extra blanket on my bed. I adore the color and fabric of this plaid. The beautiful grey fits in every home, no wonder there are so many comments. It would be amazing to win. I have been a student for several years, but this year i’m living back at home. Our house has been renovated and even though the house has become really nice, I feel it is more the house of my parents then my own. I would love to be able to put some nice things of my own in, so that it feels more comfy and warm to me too. Since the couch is white leather and we have black and white giorgetti chairs, the plaid would make it look sensationally!!! Big hug and thank you so much for you inspirational blog!!

  • gosia

    I need that plaid as I need something stylish to begin my apartaments rearrangement with!

    And also my husband claims I got cold, so maybe the blanket could help?


  • not sure if this contest is open to the US, but we have some very chilly days and nights here in new england, and this would be oh-so-great to cuddle up with for me and my pup, who also is super cold-natured and loves a cozy place to snuggle 🙂

  • Elisabeth

    Hi Emma,
    my boyfriend changed his job and spends nowadays every second month on the other side of the world. And I sit on our couch in our appartment and am cold. For this reason I’ve been looking for a nice plaid for the last five months… and I really felt in love with it because the colours fit perfectly in our livingroom.

  • It would go in my bedroom on my leather chair. It doesn’t feel like a reading corner without a blanket!

  • Jess

    I have been trying to add more layers to my bed-thats where it would go…towards the bed layering effort.

  • Oh how lovely! My little reading nook would really appreciate a cozy blanket to keep it warm when I’m not there to make a fire in the fire place.
    Thanks so much for doing a giveaway!
    Visit for another giveaway!

  • marica

    this woderfull blanket would be not just a stylish piece to my bedroom, but also it would keeping me warm at these cold evenings;)

  • Mollie

    I love this blanket..
    I love the cold and the snow…
    I love my three cats…
    I love to relax with them on my sofa..
    I know for sure i love to relax and get warm with my three cats and this beautiful blanket!

  • Hi Emma! This blanket would be perfect for those quiet winter evenings when I snuggle up on our leather couch with my 1,5 year old daughter Berta and our dog Ruzenka and we watch cartoons till Berta’s bed time… And it would be the best birthday present for me, as I turn 33 on Friday the 18th 🙂 I’m normally a loser at winning, but maybe this could be my lucky day!

  • linda

    Hej Emma!

    I think I will give the blanket to my sister for her new cat called Paulchen. The Owner of the tomcat died a few weeks ago – he was very old. So the cat was allone and came to my sister. I think Paulchen needs a stylish cosy blanket to feel at home – brrrh and it is so cold here. Cats and dogs always get the old ugly blankets – why?

  • KRH

    This would be perfect on those days when its not too cold to sit outside at my favorite cafe for brunch, sipping a mimosa, my favorite magazine and watching people go by on those sunny not-so-chilly days on the weekend!

  • Tina LeBlanc

    In these short days of winter, my two little boys wake up before the rays of the sun have a chance to warm our house…I love those sleepy mornings, taking our time to wake up, cuddled together to watch some quiet t.v with a warm drink in one hand and the boys tucked under the other. What better addition to our morning routine, than this beautiful blanket?

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  • Snuggle up with this blanket while indulging my guilty pleasure, watching terrible TV! My little pup would be right next to me 🙂

  • Sure, it’s open for everyone!

  • Hi !
    will use it during raining sundays, when i prefer to stay home for drawing…
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  • Linnea

    mycket fin! som nyinflyttad hos min pojkvän har jag börjat fasa ut vissa av hans grejer i smyg och ta in andra som uppenbarligen är mycket finare… en vit fleecefilt (ser ut att självantända när som helst) ligger högt upp på denna utfasningslista. Jag skulle alltså använda denna fantastiska till att byta ut fleeceskrället med.

  • Vivienne

    My children (10 & 11) are both off sick today. I would wrap them up in this ‘blanky’ as it looks soft as a cloud. When they are better – we could all use it on Friday night film night, cuddled on the sofa. It’s really chilly today in London.

  • Alina

    I would use it on our new couch, which has the same colour- dark grey. it would fit perfectly. and as i’m from austria, we need plankets nearly the whole year long…

  • Mmmie

    On the verge of purchasing our dreamhouse I think this Scandinavian design blanket would work so well with the old wooden floors, the grand white walls and light-filled rooms in our new humble abode. Add a loving ginger cat, a retro couch, handsome fiancé and mugs of steaming tea to this gorgeous and luxurious blanket and any working girl will gasp over the sight of such an idyllic scene!

  • Sabine

    Wow, maybe it helps that I’m number 300!
    I would use this blanket for the crib of my baby – planning this adventure 2013 😉

  • Francesca

    I live with my boyfriend only a few months and still have not found the perfect blanket for our small flat.
    I feel that our new sofa would want a blanket like this. 🙂
    It’s amazing!
    Probably my boyfriend would be happy to haven’t to warm my frozen feet nevermore 🙂
    This blanket will become part of our lives!

  • this would be perfect draped over the arm of my black leather sofa. the strong geometric pattern contrasted with the soft texture is just what i need in my living room.

    plus, on a cool winter’s evening you know it will end up around my shoulders.

  • the strong geometric pattern contrasted with the softness of the fabric makes this a natural for almost any room in my house. however, this would live draped over the arm of my black leather sofa during the day and over my lap on cool winter evenings. thank you.

  • 1. Done!

    2. I would use this gorgeous grey plaid as a substitute for my own Mr Gray, who sadly now lives 400 miles away!

  • Kimberly M

    This matches my living room/couch perfectly, and is much more beautiful than the throw blanket we have in there now. It would be great to have one that is as great-looking as it is comfortable.

  • Sarah Anne

    I think I could bring this with me to the office, where I would drape it over my chair or use it to wrap my shoulders when I’m cold – it would also be so nice to see something so pretty and cosy everyday when I come in.

  • Julia Lu

    A hot tea, chocolate and this plaid around my shoulder.
    Outside it is snowing and could!
    What a wonderful thing to relax after a long long day of work!

  • Julia Lu

    A hot tea, chocolate and this plaid around my shoulders. Outside it’s snowing and cold!
    What a wonderful thing to relax after a long long day of work!

  • I would use this blanket while reading my two year old daughter her books before bedtime, apparently the one we currently use is not nice – so she tells me! x

  • Ina

    We need it for our weekend house. When we arrive in the friday evening its about 4 grad celsius in the house. Our three kids need every nice blanket we could find.

  • Ina

    We need it for our weekend house. when I arrive with our three kids it is really cold. we need every nice blanket we can find. our fire place is still not in use!

  • If I had the Twist a Twill plaid,
    It sure would heat up my pad,
    Made of dynamic merino wool,
    I’d give it a pull,
    Oh how I want it like mad!

  • Marijke

    I will wrap my 4 months old baby girl in this soft and warm plaid.
    I can imagine this cosy cocooning moment, together with my daughter on the couch.
    You can’t start early enough introducing nice things…

  • kathy

    i would snuggle up with it on the couch and drink some lavender earl grey tea

  • Cussot

    Artist Marie Watt is creating an installation called "Blanket Stories" for the National Gallery of Canada and the public is being asked to give a blanket and tell its story. I plan to participate by passing on a blanket. And I’d love to begin a new story with this Twist a Twill plaid blanket.

  • andrea

    this blanket will look fab in my colorless livingroom and will be oh so cozy!

  • Anna

    Whenever I get nice blankets they always seem to be claimed by our cat. I would be sure to keep this one out of her way!

  • I’d take the blanket anywhere I’m cold. Most probably on the couch and on the floor playing with my son.

  • Hi,
    – 4 °c in the south of France for the moment !
    That will be perfect on my leather sofa to warm it up!

  • darthvader

    I feel vulnerable and can’t sleep unless I have a blanket covering my entire body, including my face. I would also use it as a fashionable throw to hide a permanent stain on my sofa.

    p.s.1:I was told that if I won I would finally be able to cover that unsightly thing. I don’t think that the person who said this was referring to the stain >-(
    p.s.2:I find the grey one to be the prettiest of them all!

  • Anastasia

    For me, there is nothing better than to snuggle under a good blanket for a cozy night in. This is perfect to my white slipcover sofa.

  • kylie annan

    that piece of lovely would come with me to work to sit on my lap while i’m at the computer to warm and brighten my day.

  • Ruta Berga

    I’d love to cosy up in it on cold winter days. I always have a warm blanket around me while I’m working on my computer. I’d also take it with me when going out of the city.

  • Mel

    Great colors and excellent design! This blanket would be ideal for those cold nights. Me, my unborn child (still in the belly!) and my sweet tiny dog would feel very cozy with this blanket around us!

  • Chris Watkins

    I would cover my two little girls while we watch movies.

  • Minna

    I’d wrap it around myself and have a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Sarah

    It’s my Mamas Birthday really really soon and this Amazing Beauty will fit Perfectly with the Sofa + my Mama is always cold and it’s still snowing outside. Perfect Cuddle-with-your-daughter-a-new-blanket-and-a-good-book-Weather.

  • wilhelmina

    Oh oh oooh! I wanted to buy e-x-ac-t-l-y the same one as a xmas present to myself from finnish design shop, but they ran out of them! It’s just perfect!

  • dana alon

    We need a new blanket because our baby pee on the old one, and that piece is soooo beutiful

  • My tropical bones need lots of help surviving this European winter! So I’ll keep it on the couch, for watching movies, cuddling with my hubby (and soon-to-come baby girl) or just looking out the window at the Amsterdam canals… which are supposed to freeze very soon!

  • Ikuus

    What a lovely blanket! I would put it on our bedroom 🙂

  • Andrea Funck

    I just like it to use this blanket while reading emmas design blogg on my sofa

  • Me and my husband have just finished making a long working table/desk for us and our 2 kids in the livingroom. And because I painted it with a very strong paint, we have to keep the window open. And with -15C in Norway these days, all of us have to sleep in the same bed at night, not to freeze to much. The blanket will be on top of us all to keep us warm!

  • Hai

    I would give it as a present to my girlfriend. I know she would love it. I’m really bad at buying her presents, but this one would be perfect. Just like her.

  • Sarah

    It is a beautiful blanket! I would put it in my spare room, I’ve just started studying whilst working full time, and being able to keep cosy under this blanket would made studying in the evenings much nicer. My cat would be very appreciative too I’m sure!

  • Elva

    Hi Emma, I would love to invite the blanket to my sofa :o)
    Feel free to join me on my birthday in February!

  • Christina

    I would put it on my couch for all my sleepover-guests who visit me in my new apartment in Berlin. 🙂

  • Ann Martin

    Our bedroom is painted grey and I’m trying out the layered grey look in it, different fabrics and materials on and off the bed in grey, this would look so nice on the wicker love seat we have in this room, it will cover me while reading a good book on it!

  • Helene Braüner Bisgaard

    Oh, so lovely!! I would put the wonderful Twist a Twill plaid in my beautiful black wire basket from Ferm Living that I got for my birthday in November! It is placed in our livingroom. I will love to enjoy Twist a Twill every day – it’s lovely patterns and softness! I would use it when I take a break from nursing our 10 months old son! Just 15-20 minutes on the couch with Twist and Twill – that would twist my day for the better!! 😀
    Greetings – Helene

  • ‘twill help to revive my memories of Sweden and Iceland i’m still to recall in print! We were so lucky to have been on an amazing European adventure last year. I blogged to share our memories with our family, and keep them forever for us. But alas, I have three weeks of the blog left to write, from Sweden and Iceland! I coveted this very blanket seeing it in so many shops in Copenhagen and again in Reykjavik, but the holiday budget did not allow me one in my luggage! I would snuggle with this blanket at night, memories buoyed by the stylish softness of this blanket and finish documenting our precious memories.

  • Livvy Palomaki

    This mummy needs a cosy, sophisticated bed to retreat to after busy days with our small children. Mums deserve a thousand gorgeous throws so please throw it my way! x

  • Alexander

    I would use it in the best way possible! I am gonna use it for my yoga exercise in early morning and late evening … – just relax, close your eyes, starting breathing strongly yet carefully … – and now image some stretching on that lovely blanket! Wouldn’t that be heaven ?! … – Hell, yeah – I would love to use that blanket for those precious moments!

  • Robin

    This lovely blanket would displayed on the back of my sofa. I would wrap myself (or someone else) in its warmth during this cold Minnesota winter. Thanks!

  • Robin

    This lovely blanket would BE displayed on the back of my sofa. I would wrap myself (or someone else) in its warmth during this cold Minnesota winter. Oops… typo! Thanks!

  • Pia Hansen

    whauuuu where it is a beautiful plaid, I will be able to enjoy all year round, in winter in my bed where I can enjoy fling me into a warm blanket can warm my always cold body and in the summer on my balcony at night so I can sit out there until late and enjoy the starry sky, take it to the beach when I lie down and enjoy the beautiful sunshine – there are no limits to how much I could use it, it’s only your imagination sets the limits 🙂

  • Rikke Bisgård Sørensen

    This would look good in our livingroom 🙂

  • Adele

    We would use this throw to keep us warm in our bedroom or draped over our white replica barcelona chair – we’re students & live with five other people so our room is our little hideaway & ive tried my hardest to make it stylish & minimilistic but a students salary can only go so far!!! 🙁

  • Christa Bakker

    I live just next to small lake in Broek in Waterland, The Netherlands. We are waiting a few more days before people can ice skate on the lake. I will use the plaid to get friends and family warm after skating. Looking forward to prepare soup, hot chocolate and have them all around here.

  • Kenza

    I would use it to warm my frozen feet.Ironically , i live in Dubai but can’t control the AC in my appartment, it’s so cold. i am sure it will look so nice on my grey sofa

  • This striking shades of grey geometric biodynamic merino wool winter warmer, (sharp intake of breath) would be fashioned around my non-heat-generating body, toga style, and secured with a heavy belt. The merino wool would allow my body to breathe and it would match my ghastly but highly efficient merino wool hat. I would finally be able to leave my sole blanket on my bed instead of dragging it around this old apartment that has silly night storage heaters (but I do love it’s lofty, drafty walls, sigh). Shouldn’t have chosen old architecture over cosy warmth. x

  • oops, realised it sounded like I was saying this gorgeous, very desirable Danish delight by Tina matched my ‘ghastly’ hat, which it only matches because it is made from the same wool. In case that needed a little clarification. L x

  • Terry

    I would use this in the car, on the couch, on the stairs,
    on a plane, watching cranes, wrapped in warmth, on the
    porch…..wooly triangles anywhere.

    Thank you Emma, for all you do.

  • Our windows are leaking, so my boyfriend and I need something to keep us warm (besides each other). Would love to wrap it around the both of us when reading the newspaper in the mornings, drinking coffee. It would have a great life in our nice little living room.

  • A

    I en ljust turkos soffa som snart står i mitt vardagsrum.
    För varmare bokläsande, soffasittarkvällar, extratäcke vid behov

  • Lydia Sonnabend

    Since I love books and reading, I love blankets, because books and blankets belong together.

  • Grace

    I liked Foldoys on Facebook.

  • Grace

    I would put it on my bed and use it as a blanket.

  • Gosh!
    The light grey tone in the perfect pattern matches the homemade couch in our living-room, where I’m currently trying to keep myself warm. My cabinetmaker of a boyfriend makes and designs some beauti- and useful furniture for us, but we can’t have a plaid made of wood. :O So this might be the perfect plaid for me. I’m a cold Copenhagen-fox and I need something wrapped around me. It will look good next to my fox-pillow, with me holding my nice fox-cup with lovely tea. And on a cool evening during the summer it will warm me whilst I’m having "koldskål"….
    Oh I wish.

  • Emilie

    I would love to snuggle up under that blanket on my couch or in my bed for that matter!

  • Therese Jensen

    DONE! I would looove to own this, it should be on my sofa, keeping me warm on cold days. 🙂