Photographer Marjon Hoogervorst

If you have been following blogs for a while, I’m sure you have heard of Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst. She works a lot with interior stylist Anouk B, but also shoots for Bloesem and Est magazine, and of course for print magazines.


Marjon just published a newsletter with pictures from her features for sale, so if you are a magazine looking for content, just check it out here. What you perhaps didn’t know is that she recently opened a  webshop, selling her own graphic prints. I think they are fab!

Below is a selection of images from the newsletter, the first and last are styled by Anouk B, and the others are home visits. What I love about all of these pictures is the relaxed feel, a little imperfection teamed with simplicity and honest materials really does it for me. How about you?



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    Qué buen trabajo!

  • Nice

  • Her work is great and very stylish. Both ladies have a great style. Love the colours and use of materials.

  • Love her style. If I don’t mistake I see a beautiful cushion of HAY Design on the first image

  • I think a little imperfection goes a long way!

  • what i love about these is the unexpectedness of them. I would never have expected a supermarket trolley, or the most crumpled bed linen… really quirky, and as you say relaxed. just fabulous! Jane

  • Åh love!
    Jag trodde helt klart att i alla fall en del av bilderna från ikea var 3D, skumt.

  • I love the simplicity of the first image and the colors of the last one.

  • I am a big fan of Marjon’s work, it’s always beautiful and often has a lovely unexpected twist. Thank you for sharing these images.

  • Love it!!

  • Absolutely love this style. I have made a interior design wish list here ( – what do you guys think?

  • LOVE!

  • åååååh. orgasm!

  • Snyggt! Rent och rustikt 🙂

  • Så galet snyggt!
    kram Susanne

  • Beautiful!

  • Udda, men snyggt! 🙂

  • All photos are very stylish. The second one is the best.

  • Very, very godd!

  • I love the colour grey. I’ve changed the interior of my room a week ago! New wallpapers, they make my room really pretty now, with all my silver decorations 🙂

  • Riktigt fint inrett på bilderna, det är en färgskala jag gillar 🙂

  • Alltid inspirerande att besöka din blogg 🙂 !

  • Wa wa wee wa … love it!!

  • mysig blogg!

  • Jättefint!

  • gud så mysigt! Älskar det milda gråa. Åh.

  • Jag fick faktiskt fundera länge innan jag såg att den sista bilden INTE var svartvit.. Mindfuck 🙂

  • We love Marjon’s work and are so proud to have her and Anouk contributing to Est Magazine. Their Trend Reports are to-die-for! Thank you for profiling their work Emma x x Lynda