Giveaway: Tokyo Print by Studio Esinam

Giveaway time! This week three lucky winners will get a Tokyo art print by recently launched Studio Esinam, value €105/each. It’s limited edition and the size is 100×65 cm, and as you can see the motif consists of five elevation drawings of modern Japanese architecture.


Tokyo is the second print in the series, the first one was Paris.

To have a chance to win, just answer the following question:
Which city would you like to see in the print series Elevations, and why?
The competition is open for one week, until May 2, and the winners will be contacted directly. Good luck!
Styling: Sarah Widman
Styling assistant: Elin Kickén
Photography: Patrik Hagborg


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  • London – for its diversity 🙂

  • Erik

    I Think Brasilia would be a nice choice, for the next print, because of their Epic Buildings, and its history.

  • Christina Wonsbeck

    As ordinary as it is, I would like too see NYC in the print series, as it is my all time favorite city. It gives me a wild energy and I’m sure some of that would show in a poster in my wall 🙂

  • Stellis

    Istanbul! The most beautiful, soft, raw, mixed, cool and craziest city in the world.

  • Caroline

    Hi! I would like to see Stockholm on the series because i think it’s a beautiful and exciting city.

    Hope I win! 🙂

  • Hanna

    I’d love to see Copenhagen, because of it’s laidback cool athmospehre combined with Scandinavian coziness.
    Barcelona would be nice too, because of its architectural gems.

  • Brussels!
    Because it’s the city where I live and as it is not as famous as Paris or London, expats mostly love it!

  • Viivi

    Helsinki, bacause it is nordic, beautiful, small and exotic city.

  • Carolina

    I’d love to see Milan – great architecture and tasteful coffee 😉

  • Juka

    Rome – old and romantic city 🙂

  • Oh those prints! Love at first sight :). My city of choice would be Oulu, there’s no better town than my hometown (of course) but I also think they should continue the series with not-so-known ones and go with the surprise factor also 🙂

  • Sinem Mecik

    So out of this universe

  • alvar

    Barcelona! beautiful city with great architecture.

  • Monica

    I would like to see one of my favorite cities Paris on the series. During midnight in Paris, it feels like anything can happen, the city lights are magical, the architecture is beyond beautiful, the language melts on the tongue, and the croissants are to die for. I often go to Paris alone, just to soak in the city. I don’t have to plan anything, I just let the city take me wherever it wants to. Sounds super cliché, but really, that’s how it feels.

  • Tiffany

    I would love to see Toronto or NYC from north america; stockholm from Europe!

  • Agnes Sipos

    Istanbul..Because it’s beauty and soul actually made me cry

  • Agnes Sipos

    Istanbul..because its beauty and soul actually made me cry

  • Gary

    Sydney off course!

  • Laura Martin

    Barcelona with the beautiful work of Gaudi.

  • U.K.

    Berlin. Because it’s Berlin.

  • Barcelona because if it’s architecture inspires by nature.

  • Daniela

    A lot of old and new great architecture.
    And a very lovely city!
    But it´s small and seems to be still an insiders´tip ….

  • Stockholm or Copenhagen…, these cities are so beautiful…..

  • Monika

    I’d love to see Tallinn, that is best known for its idyllic old town 🙂

  • Barcelona, because it’s beautiful, unique and diverse.

    agnes szucs

  • Manuely

    I would like to see Athens, because it combines ancient and modern architecture 🙂

  • Sarah

    Nürnberg- my home city is still underestimated!

  • Darina

    Hong Kong. The modern skyscraper skyline would be a great counterpoint in the series!

  • Marta

    Madrid, because it’s MAD.

  • Lisboa – because it’s authentic and inspiring!

  • Oli

    Montreal, innovative&romantic!

  • Marie L-m

    Visby, because this old town is so special, surrounded by the old city wall!

  • Nathalie

    Rotterdam! Great architecture!!

  • Bruges, lots of lovely bridges en cute houses

  • Bruges, lots of lovely bridges en cute houses

  • Bruges, lots of lovely bridges en cute houses

  • eli

    Cairo. Because the pyramids are still a miracle …

  • ika

    Singapore – a small yet dynamic city with many architectural gems.

  • ika

    Singapore – a small yet dynamic city with many architectural gems.

  • I would love to see Florence – it has so much character!

  • ruta bagdze

    Reykjavík – when you see it you get in love instantly!

  • Kristin Cassle

    Copenhagen, because of its thoughts on architectural evolution.

  • Dustin

    Tel Aviv – history, diversity, conflicts, attraction, under- and overdesigned, old & new!

  • Natalie

    I would love to see Amsterdam because it’s a beautiful artistic city with amazing architecture and atmosphere…

  • Morgan

    I second Berlin.

  • Tijana

    Dubrovnik. Very different, simple and, well, medieval 🙂

  • tiana

    Dubrovnik. Very different, simple and, well, medieval 🙂

  • Jutta

    I would like to see Helsinki or Turku. The best cities in Finland! 🙂

  • Helsinki, because there is beautiful architecture.

  • Paper

    Düsseldorf – Because it is my hometown!

  • Kasia

    I vote for Poland! Warsaw for example, because its diverse architecture and great contrasts!

  • Heidi

    Stockholm my favourite city! Beautiful and easy going. Close.

  • Monica

    New York! Since that’s my hometown.

  • Unni

    OOOOHHH; Copenhagen. It`s soooo lovely and
    I love Danish design

  • Axel

    Auckland, because it has the best architecture in the world, no doubt!
    Auckland will fit these prints excellent!

  • Karin

    Dublin – for the friendly and happy habitants and beautiful buildings like Trinity College!

  • How about berlin? Could work nicely with that neat style!

  • Kati Laapio

    Berlin…because it’s Berlin 😉

  • Janne

    Berlin! The post war architecture would make a great graphic impact on a poster!

  • Maria

    Dubai… And why? I can’t tell, maybe just because It’s Dubai… Dosen’t that tell it all why 🙂

  • I would love to see New Orleans with its adjacent bayous.

  • Kelly

    New York. Well, because it’s New York. Need I say more?

  • Becky kemps

    New Zealand because i have been to ends of the earth and nothing compares to coning home to the natural beauty of our little land.

  • Mia

    Helsinki,because it is the cozy capital of Finland

  • Mus

    London…because of the beautiful skyline, mix of contemporary and old architecture, and buzzing, multicultural atmosphere!

  • Mus

    London…for its beautiful skyline, mix of contemporary and old architecture, and buzzing multicultural atmosphere!

  • Sanna Tarssanen

    Barcelona for citys unique vibe full of celebration of diversity of life, beauty and happiness, and Gaudi.

    Or since the future is at the Arctic, Rovaniemi, the exotique, small, yeat well known Arctic hub, with Alvar Aalto city plan – and Santa.

  • de du

    du är ful!!!

  • Tim

    The city has so much energy. Breathtaking.

  • Zuzana

    Banská Štiavnica (Slovakia)…because it’s the most beautiful city with very nice architecture, history and dreamy woods around 🙂

  • Oslo! Yes, it’s my home town. Not the prettiest city in the world but we actually have some new and old architectural pearls here and there that needs more recognition:)

  • Tina

    New York because I’ve just been there and I think it’s a beautiful city!

  • Maria

    I would love to see Berlin. It’s one of my favourite cities and has beautiful textures.

  • Jerusalem – It is diverse, beautiful, historical, multicultural and many layers 🙂

  • Nathalie

    Sydney – because I have some wonderful memories from this city 🙂

  • Nathalie

    Sydney – because I have some wonderful memories from this city 🙂

  • Nathalie

    Sydney – because I have some wonderful memories from this city 🙂

  • Lindsey K

    Austin, Tx!!! I’m a native and would LOVE to have a print made of my hometown 🙂

  • Lene

    Berlin – it’s just amazing.

  • Hilary

    Toronto! Because I’m a sucker for my home town 🙂

  • Anna

    Barcelona- because of the nice architecture + interesting cityplanning

  • Bogota – because of It’s beautifil scenery.

  • Stockholm 🙂

  • F


  • Barcelona would be great, it’s very diverse.

  • Claire Byrom-Jones

    Auckland – city of sails. Beautiful shapes to translate to this format

  • Nti Papu

    Wow, we just came from Tokyo!
    How about Copenhagen or Helsinki 🙂

  • Joyce Lau

    New York would be so amazing! It’s modern but historical and such a beautiful city!

  • Cape town – featuring table mountain and a mixture of brutalist, victorian and cape Dutch buildings!

  • Karin

    BERLIN BERLIN BERLIN … because it’s my hometown.
    Btw: I love your blog!

  • Anna

    Thessaloniki, Greece. It would be something different.

  • dorota

    Elevations? Rotterdam. Ain’t that obvious?

  • yael

    Tel Aviv for its Bauhaus

  • Kate

    Berlin, because of all that variety!

  • Samuel Blomberg

    London is one of the world’s most significant cities in terms of its social, cultural, economic and historical value, and thats why i want London to be included in the series.

  • Liz Koo

    Seoul or Shanghai – amazing skylines!

  • Liz Koo

    Seoul or Shanghai – amazing skylines!

  • Verena

    Dortmund, because you’ll never find it in prints.

  • Hey Emma,
    I’d love to see London – because of the skyline, or Copenhagen – because it’s wonderful. Fingers XXX

  • Marita

    New York, fordi byen er et av verdens viktigste kulturelle knutepunkter. Byen som aldri sover:)

  • mias

    I would love to see Torshavn in faroe islands. Beautiful city!
    Love the picture!

  • Kajsa

    Hong Kong! The worlds most amazing skyline and a city full of contrast between modern architecture and old chines walk up buildings.

  • Anja

    I would LOVE to see Cape Town!

    It’s such a different, beautiful, vibrant city, with a great atmosphere. The same goes for the city’s architecture 🙂
    I miss the place so much, and I would love to have a poster to remind me of it.

  • Anja

    Cape Town!

    It is simply beautiful. And unique.

  • I would love to see OSLO(VE) in the series, because it`s my city and because its beautyful in a strange way 🙂

    Mrs. Monday

  • Santiago!! where I live.

  • Amaia

    Melbourne – because then I’d be able to "visit" it through your art.

  • Chicago, because it is my home town and it has a rich history of architecture!

  • I would love to see NYC 🙂

  • Leanne

    chicago! the past and the present. so much goodness.

  • London. Europe has allso some big and architecturally chalenging buildings and enviroment.

  • Pernilla Walkhamre


    Love the mix of trendy high fashion and amazing historic architecture.

  • Gunilla

    Kiruna, snart finns ju inte den gamla staden utan en helt ny

  • BERLIN. for the biggest scandinavian community abroad (-:

  • Barcelona. Beautiful city, great architecture, unique vibe.

  • Nora

    I would like to see Copenhagen- Because it’s just an amazing city!

  • steve

    City of surrealism(artist rene Magritte)

  • Venice, so old and unmissable!

  • marcee

    Helsinki. My home town. It would be nice to see how someone else sees this beautiful city.

  • Oh la la Tokyo is fantastic, I love it!!

    Stockholm – The water, the bridges and the beautiful buildings would de an awersome poster!

  • Nonna

    London, many beautiful landmarks

  • Emese

    Budapest as it is my city (:

  • JANN

    Vienna would be great with elevations as Secession Hall (J.M. Olbrich), Looshaus (Goldman & Salatsch), Stephansdom, Karlskirche church, Vienna Burg Theatre, Wiener Gasometer or Haas House.

  • Jann

    Vienna would be great with elevations as Secession Hall (J.M. Olbrich), Looshaus (Goldman & Salatsch), Stephansdom, Karlskirche church, Vienna Burg Theatre, Wiener Gasometer or Haas House.

  • Sophie

    Amsterdam because the city combines beautiful old buildings and one of the greatest contemporary architecture in the world!

  • triin


  • Agnes Sipos

    Istanbul – it’s beauty literally made me cry

  • Barcelona-
    The city have everything!

  • Nuno

    Lisboa – with its seven beautiful hills! 🙂

  • Robin

    Copenhagen or Stockholm… love the old and new architecture.

  • Sarah M

    Istanbul. I would love to see the clashes of arts and culture. So beautiful and intertwined

  • Tine

    Frankfurt (am Main).
    Nobody knows how awesome it is. … and it really is!

  • Shiow Wei

    Johannesburg, because it is a city reinventing itself

  • Shiow Wei

    Johannesburg, because it is a city reinventing itself.

  • Shiow Wei

    Johannesburg, because it is a city reinventing itself.

  • Ronnie Bäckman

    City of Waxholm. Because of the history and special character.

  • Elisabeth

    It would be great to see Dubai. The city has so many spectacular buildings and among them, the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world.

  • kathy

    Either Chicago or Stockholm 🙂

  • Kicki

    Lima, Perú. My favourite city in the world! The climate and that it´s just by the Pacific ocean with beaches, the citystreets, the foodvariety, the atmosphere. I never wanna leave!