Pizza With No Name in Reykjavík, Iceland

While hanging out in Reykjavík during DesignMarch, I heard from several people that there was this new pizza place in town that should not be missed. Pizza, I thought, why would I eat that in the land of super fresh wild salmon and grass fed lamb? Well, this wasn’t your regular old pizza, I was told.


It’s run by the same people as KEX and Dill, which I knew to be awesome from my previous trips, so we gave it a shot. And trust me, this was no regular old pizza! Definitely on my top three list of the best pizzas I’ve had. Thin and crispy crust with fresh and unusual toppings like baked swedes, smoked cream cheese and pickled cabbage. And for starters, we had fried pigs ears. Strange, but delicious. Quite similar to how I would describe the interiors actually. Stepping into this place felt like entering a mix between a setting in Twin Peaks and a feature in Kinfolk magazine. Most of the details and furniture are vintage finds from the US, so I guess that makes some sense, but I believe the photos will do a better job of describing what I mean. If you are interested to hear the thoughts of the designer behind these slightly weird interiors, here is an interview.

Oh, the name of the place? It doesn’t seem to have one, it’s just known as ”pizza with no name”. And there are no signs outside either, but I’ll give you the address so you will have at least a chance of finding it! It’s at Hverfisgata 12 in downtown Reykjavík, up the stairs in the house on the corner. Good luck!
Photography: Mikael Axelsson


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  • waugh looking scary inviting 😉 Hope to have dinner with you some day in this weird place… without the pig ears of course!

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  • HÄFTIGA BILDER! bilderna var inte för dystra och inte för ljus… bilderna utstrålar VÄRME samtidigt en aning mörker. Det hade varit en underbar inspelningsmiljö för film eller musikvideo.

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