Extreme Monochrome in Copenhagen

I challenge you to find even the tiniest brightly colored detail in this home! There are no other colors outside the neutral white, gray and black scheme, at least not that I can spot. To me, this is very relaxing and easy on the eyes, and the warm white and gray hues keeps it from becoming sterile.


Also, the vintage and antiques really ups the warmth, without them this would have looked extremely boring!

The apartment is located in Copenhagen and belongs to stylist Ingeborg Wolf and her partner Claus Larsen. They took lots of inspiration from the raw and minimalist but super exclusive style of Rick Owens, built some furniture themselves, and added a few dividing walls and industrial indoor windows to create the look they wanted.
As a stylist myself I can totally relate to her choice to create a neutral home where one gets an opportunity to rest from all the impressions from work and the outside world. Sometimes this awareness of your environments, and the need to take in and also produce so many products, patterns, scenes, colors and spaces every day gets overwhelming, and all you really want when you come home is a blank empty space…



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  • Wow, soffbordet i plåt! Give me.

  • Wow, soffbordet i plåt!

  • Sååå snygga bilder! Stilrent och prydligt, I like it!

  • Jag gillar det! Men det skulle verkligen vara svårt att hålla det så, hemma hos oss…
    Ha det bra.

  • LOVE IT!! so beautiful!

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    So serene, it’s beautiful.

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    den där blå boken på bild 6! färg!

  • Haha, jaa faktiskt! Inte så stark kanske, men ändå. 🙂

  • Beautiful. & inspiring