Sågverket, Sweden’s most stylish hostel, up for sale

Many of the post in the upcoming weeks will be about stylish places to stay when traveling both inside and outside of Sweden. One place I’ve been wanting to visit is Sågverket, Sweden’s most stylish hostel.


I was actually there a few years ago, before it was bought and renovated by the current owners. Although it was quite nice even back then, there were lots of things that needed improvement… Looking at the pics here I can see that they have all been taken care of, everything looks just perfect now! The place is up for sale again, so if you, like me, have been wanting to visit, I believe now is the time to go, because who knows what will happen when it switches owners again…



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  • Vackert 🙂

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    fin inredning

  • Så himla snyggt! 🙂 Kram

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  • Beautiful..places with white walls and wooden accessories are always so mindcalming..

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    noen som vet hvor den svarte ovnen (spisen) er fra?

  • Man kan också besöka Sveriges kanske minsta och nyöppnade design vandrarhem!

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    Verkligen jättefint!

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