Basics from H&M Home

I am very into basic, anonymous design in my own home. I like surrounding myself with timeless things that no one can point out and say where they are from or how much they cost. Flashy things that just shout ”designer piece” or ”super expensive” aren’t my thing, even if I appreciate good design.


But I believe that good design can be found anywhere and in any price range. To me, good design is sustainable, both in terms of materials and appearance. My eyes never grow tired of simple lines, and natural materials always age with grace. That is why I like these pictures from H&M Home, showing parts of their Basic range; products that are always in the collections. Timeless pieces in linen, metal, glass and cotton.



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  • Uzma mir

    I couldnt agree with you more. I hate the snobbery assoc with owning just designer goods. My belief is always in the design and quality of a product. Desginer doesn’t always mean quality and inexpensive doesnt mean sacrificing style

  • Sandra

    I agree too. My biggest pet hate is expensive pebbles,shells or worst of all designer tree trunks used for stools costing hundreds of $’s. For me these things need to be foraged or found…..they loose all their natural beauty when sold in designer shops.

  • Me too, money can’t always buy style, there is always an affordable, more sustainable option. Well done H&M. Nikki

  • Håller helt med dig! Stressen av att hela tiden ha de rätta designsakerna är ju absurd! Nej, vackra, enkla bas-saker är mer min melodi. Men det kanske har att göra med att jag inte har råd med designprylarna… =)

  • Anonym

    Yeah right? Because you cant afford it? I remember your kitchen… Marbodal contest? Perhaps why you never show anything from your own home?! Hrm…

  • Tree

    Well said.

  • Vad fint!

  • Anonym


  • Precis, satsar hellre på saker som ögonen inte tröttnar på så fort, och som kanske inte syns i vartenda magasin/blogg man kollar i. 🙂

  • I actually don’t mind getting more expensive stuff too, it doesn’t have to be affordable. But expensive doesn’t always equal good design…

  • Haha, the one from my ex’s old house? That was absolutely horrible, I totally agree! 😀 And no, I didn’t want to put any money into a house that wasn’t mine. I live alone now though, and my home looks quite different…
    I don’t always buy inexpensive things though, that is not was I was trying to say with this blog post. I just don’t like "statement pieces". There is some great simple, minimalist design out there that I love, and sometimes I invest in pieces like that. Other times, I find affordable things that I like, and that works just as well as the more expensive things, and then I get those instead, because what is the point on spending money just for the sake of it? I’m not out to impress anyone with my home decor, I just want to make it feel comfortable for myself. If you look at my Instagram account you can have a peek at what it looks like. 🙂

  • Exactly!