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I am a true magazine junkie, and while the piles of (often unread) magazines are getting higher around here I am always on the hunt for new and fresh things to read and add to my collection. Today I found a brand new fashion magazine called Connected, produced and published as a graduation project by Pontus Samuel and Nani Lim.


I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but their aestethics and philosophy really appeals to me, so I look forward to reading it asap! Below is a short intro text from their site:


”We have gathered everything we dedicate our lives to in this issue. In this magazine you will not find ”the latest trends” or ”the best beauty products”. You will on the other hand find, for example, a discursive article about the phenomenon ”sportswear mixed with high fashion” and a photo editorial about the benefits of wearing black clothes.

The reader will be guided through the content with a simple structure and a clean layout. As the magazine is more informative and non-commercial it approaches the sense of reading a book rather than a magazine. We want you to think about what fashion means to you and what function it holds in your life – and we truly hope that our magazine conveys this message truthfully.”



You can follow Connected through their journal, Pinterest or Instagram. Buy the first issue here.


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  • Så snyggt och stilrent!

  • WOW! Tusen tack för ditt blogginlägg! Vi är stora fans av din blogg och det är nästan overkligt att se sitt verk här! Vi skulle verkligen vilja skicka tidningen till dig så om du kunde maila oss din adress så skickar vi gärna ett exemplar till dig!

    Tusen tack igen!

    Bästa Hälsningar,
    Connected Magazine

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  • Fint!

  • Hej! Vad kul att höra att ni gillar bloggen! Älskar verkligen stilen på ert magasin och ser fram emot att få läsa det.