Shopping News for the Selective Minded

This week brought lots of great news if you are looking for new items for your home, a great coffee table book, some cool yoga gear or perhaps even a new home. And I know you will wonder if I picked them all because of the greige color…


But no, I did not, it’s a lucky coincidence. Or perhaps the trendiest hue of this autumn. Who can tell.

Let’s start with the first one, the opening of interior designer and decorator Oliver Gustav’s online shop. If you had your eyes open for the last year, you will have seen Oliver’s name pop up in every travel guide on Copenhagen, and also as the designer of Yvonne Koné’s new shop. His brick and mortar shop is a mandatory stop for any design interested Copenhagen visitor, and I am sure the online boutique was anticipated by many. It carries a curated selection of Mad et Len fragrances, objects by Michaël Verheyden, as well as a few carefully chosen decorative items.
Lotta Agaton and Pia Ulin’s book finally launched, and is available in Lotta’s webshop with four different covers!
Le Yoga Shop Paris, where you will find what in my mind is the world’s most stylish lounge wear (I haven’t jumped on the yoga train yet), launched their A/W 2014 collection, and a new issue of their magazine. Created by the Naddermier couple, Kia being a fashion photographer and Magnus a Creative Director, you can expect style out of the ordinary, but also a deep knowledge in yoga as they have both been practising for more then 20 years, and Kia is the founder of Mysore Yoga Paris – one of Paris’ most authentic and well respected yoga studios. They collaborate with some amazing creatives to develop the brand, like Filippa K, Hope, Burfitt and OFR.
And lastly, if you are looking for a new home, or perhaps just want to look at the pictures for some great decorating inspiration, Pella is selling her house!


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