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As I wrote in my previous post about The New Craftsmen, I wanted to tell you more about a couple of the makers that we met during our dinner there, and a new project of theirs. It’s called Mindful Living, and in short, The New Craftsmen asked designer


Gareth Neal to present a set of 10 objects that ”can fulfil his needs both mentally & physically – pieces that engender satisfaction by virtue of their functional, emotional & aesthetic appeal.” It’s a bit like that game where you name three things to bring to a desert island, only with more thought behind it. Gareth’s Mindful Living interpretation consists of new work designed and made by Gareth as well  as collaborations, and work selected from among the makers of The New Craftsmen.


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The items will be presented in a ”bothy” (traditionally a basic shelter found in mountainous areas of The British Isles), which Gareth teamed up with The Bothy Project to design. Only this bothy will be built inside The New Craftsmen shop. Normally they are placed in remote areas without electricity or wifi and are used as retreats for artists and other creatives, who blog about their experiences here.


”Taking a close look at how the objects we surround ourselves with can affect our mood & well-being,
from March 24 to April 18 2015 The New Craftsmen presents Mindful Living, in collaboration with furniture designer-maker Gareth Neal.”


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Our events at The New Craftsmen were part of the Design Bloggers United London tour, and arranged for us by at{mine}, an online community for home and design lovers, where members do the sharing. The site is currently in Beta version but if you are curious to check it out, follow the link and get an invite! Meanwhile we will keep you updated when the new site goes live! Also, you can read an interview with the founders of The New Craftsmen here.



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