New Ikea 365+ collection, good news or bad?

IKEA_365+_glas ems designblogg

In the post I made about my personal kitchen essentials the other day, I included a most beloved item, the Ikea 365+ plate. I’ve had mine for 10 years or so, and I also have the dessert plates, bowls and deep dishes from this series.


To me, these are perfect, but I need to refill my cabinets as they are starting to diminish in numbers after a few clumsy events… However, today I got the news that Ikea are making a new 365+ collection, which means my favorites are taken out of production! The new collection looks great for sure, it still has a very simple and timeless design, but what about me? I want to keep using my old things, and I want to get more of them. I guess I’ll just have to run to the big warehouse and hope they still have some pieces left on the shelves!

I am still excited about this new collection though, and here I am showing some of the things that might make it onto my next list of kitchen favorites. The knives and short tumblers might just have to move in with me…

IKEA_365+_porslin ems designblogg

IKEA_365+_knivar knives ems designblogg

IKEA_365+_tallrikar plates ems designblogg



DELA (180)



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  • oolah

    Where to buy online? 😀

  • Welcome to the other side where I have resided for a few years now. I stocked my cabinets with the Rondo dinnerware as this was the plates I used to eat off at my best friend’s house as a child. Now I search high and low at yard sales and thiftshops.

  • love that water carafe!

  • Nini Tjäder

    They used to have small oval plates perfect for cakes and such in the 365+ series. I still have 2 of those. Went out of production already a couple of years I found when wanting to add some. Had to buy the ones Granit has instead to get the right size. But the new models look really nice. Particularly the plates, the water-carafe and the low wine-glasses which are similar to the ones they have in the restaurant in Kungens Kurva. Always wanted ones like those.

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