Staying in a Photo Studio in Berlin

photo studio cherie berlin airbnb

For as long as I can remember, I have nurtured a dream of living in an industrial loft style apartment, with huge windows and concrete floors big enough to ride a skateboard on. Not much else, just the bare necessities.


So when a space like this came up as I browsed Airbnb while planning a trip to Berlin this summer, my heart skipped a beat and I threw myself on the ”book it” button! This is exactly what I love about airbnb, it gives you the opportunity to try a different life for a few days, pretending you are one of the locals staying in a unique space like a loft, a houseboat, windmill or any of the other crazy alternatives that they offer. Or just a gigantic turn of the century apartment in Paris. Or a beach house in Chile. Or whatever tickles your fancy.

photo studio cherie berlin sleeping airbnb

photo studio cherie berlin kitchen airbnb

photo studio cherie berlin dining airbnb

Studio Cherie, as it’s called, is actually two similar photo studios located on the floors on top of each other in an old industrial building in Kreuz-Köln (on the border between Neuköln and Kreuzberg), Berlin, on a quiet little street close to the canal. Both studios come with fully equipped kitchens, big bathrooms with more of those dreamy huge windows, and everything else you need to be comfortable, but still keep a nice minimalist style. Below is a mix of photos from both studios.

And yes, it was amazing. I never wanted to leave, and the urge to live this way got even stronger. Unfortunately, there are no buildings like this in Stockholm, they have all been either torn down or renovated to death. I guess I’ll just have to move to Berlin.

photo studio backdrop cherie berlin airbnb

photo studio cherie berlin bathroom airbnb


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  • Anna Malmberg

    Vilken dröm, helt galet!

  • These are incredibly gorgeous! I found one very similar in Paris…It’s been my dream as well to live in something like this.

    I guess we’ll both have to move to Berlin!


  • Bénédicte Lechrist

    Can I move to Berlin with you too? Well, no I’m too far off in Hawaii but if you ever live in such a place then we can do a home exchange : you come to Hawaii I go to Berlin 🙂 Photos & videos are my passion, living in a photo studio…woooooaaaaa!